Truly Scalable Content Marketing Services

The first ever platform that was built to scale content marketing. Start publishing tens or even hundreds of blog posts each month for a fraction of the cost. We see what others are doing in your industry, gather all the relevant keywords, and then our AI generates entire freshly written blog posts based on what is already proven to rank. From there, our team optimizes the content for SEO, creates relevant images and illustrations, and edits it all a final time to ensure quality.

Now that we’ve made content marketing a channel that can be truly scalable for the first time, you’ll be able to rank for all the relevant keywords in your niche and dominate search results.

content marketing services

Own your niche with tons of highly optimized content each month!

We can deliver 10 or even hundreds of blog posts each and every month allowing you to target a lot more keywords and drive a lot more traffic. Since our AI handles the actual content writing based on what is already proven to rank, our team can focus on SEO, imagery, and the editing process.

Our AI takes what is already working based on what ranks currently, then writes completely fresh content modeled off of that. You no longer need to worry if a writer has experience in your industry, no need to pass down knowledge of your existing content to new writers, no more trying content platforms that lack quality, or AI writing tools that take up way too much time.

Long Form Content

A post might be 700 words, or 7,000 words. Our AI determines the length based on what is already proven to rank for the target keyword.

Optimized for SEO

The AI also tells our writing team what keywords to optimize for based on the keywords that existing relevant content ranks for.

Includes Images

To ensure that the content isn’t just a wall of text, we now offer images and illustrations as part of the package at no additional cost.

Published to WP

No copy paste needed. We sync directly to WordPress and our plugin will automatically interlink between content.

The challenges you’ve likely faced when trying to scale content

Challenge 1: Hiring Writers

The process of hiring writers can be a struggle.

You can kiss quite a few frogs before you finally find someone that really knows their stuff. But then there’s ramp up time for them to learn your business and industry, most will never take the time to learn all the content you’ve already published to know what to interlink.

Let’s assume you found someone full-time that can pump out 12 or so posts per month. They will eventually burn out and you’re back to step 1. It’s unlikely they will have all of the necessary skillsets to combine SEO expertise with strong copywriting skills as well. And even if you found that, chances are they are NOT a designer and so you’ll need someone else to add imagery. All the while, there’s a process and person you need to manage.

Challenge 2: Using a Content Service or Platform

Content platforms, typically lack in the quality department. Or they promise scale, but don’t actually deliver. The other challenge is often times YOU need to provide all of the topics and content direction. Unless you love spending your time in keyword data, this is probably not going to end up being a good use of time.

Additionally, they will rarely include relevant images or any sort of custom design work. They will also never interlink content that you’ve already published and you’ll typically end up with different writers each month that are assigned to your project.

Challenge 3: Using AI Writing Tools

AI writing tools have helped speed the content production flow up.

However, you still need to handhold the entire process. You need to do keyword research to know which keywords to focus on and put together the outline or content brief and perform research to know the key topics to cover. You have to go sentence by sentence as it will go off topic if you ask it to do more than that. You won’t be getting any images this way, so you’ll need to find or design the images you want to use. You’ll manually need to interlink content or find content to link out to.

Ultimately, it’s still a very laborious process.

Challenge 4: The cost of content marketing at scale traditionally would be cost prohibitive

How much do content marketing services cost at this scale, traditionally?

Well, you need a writer, a designer, and likely an SEO specialist to help with keyword research and optimization. You’ll need tools like Ahrefs and you’ll need an AI writing tool subscription to help the writer speed things up.

Even if you go the agency route, this can be anywhere from $0.10 to $0.15/word or more, rarely do they include images or handle all of the publishing directly. You’ll likely need to provide input / feedback. They won’t interlink the content either.

So not only will you end up spending more, you’ll be getting less, AND you’ll be doing more work.

The solution you’ve been needing…

Content at Scale is solving this problem. It’s the first platform + service of it’s kind to allow you to publish content in bulk that is fully optimized and high quality content.

By using AI to do the heavy lifting of creating the content, and modeling off of content that is already ranking and therefore proven, we take the bottleneck out of the process.

Our writers can now optimize 25 posts per day instead of per month. We have a backlog of writers that are going through our full training program to ensure we can always ramp up as needed as well.

So whether you are a large content agency serving hundreds or thousands of clients, or you’re a small business that is starting to find it’s wings – then we can help you scale your content all the while being completely hands off for you so that you can continue to focus on your business.


Companies Doing Content Marketing and Wanting to Scale

Already seeing some results with your content marketing? Thinking of hiring a person to take on this responsibility or trying to piece-meal a content strategy? Let us take this over completely. It’s totally hands off and we can publish much more content than a writer can produce.

Agencies Wanting a Better Process and More Profit

Stop trying to hire writers or manage the process. No more keyword research needed, no briefs to put together, no writers to hire. Our AI allows for domain expertise in any niche and our team handles all the optimization. We do all the work and you get all the credit.

Startups That Raised Funds and Need to Hit the Ground Running

When you’ve raised your round, there’s little time to celebrate. Now you need results. With a high velocity content publishing schedule you can ramp up traffic sooner while reaping the rewards for longer since you’ll be ranking for tons of keywords.

Multi-Site Operators that Want Content For Multiple Sites

Have multiple businesses or content sites? Or maybe you run your own blog network for link building purposes? Get hundreds of posts and spread them across multiple sites to help each domain build authority and drive traffic.


Who is this NOT for?

This is not for people who are not currently doing content marketing. We don’t want to have to sell you on the value of content marketing. You should have already seen some results from your efforts and now you just want to take it to the next level.

It’s also not ideal for local merchants who can only serve a customer base within a single city.

Why do I need so much content?

It’s simple really, having more content allows you to rank for more keywords. You won’t just rank for keywords without having content… so if you want to scale up your website traffic, you need to scale up your content. A high velocity content publishing schedule is the best way to do that.

What is expected from me?

We literally just need Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and website access. It’s completely hands off after that!

What if I don’t have a WordPress site?

Right now we can publish directly to WordPress and use our plugin to automatically interlink content which gives some extra SEO value. We will integrate with other CMS platforms in the future, but if you do not have WordPress you can take the content and simply copy/paste it to your site. There would be an extra step for you, but this is how we keep costs down.

Will Google know if its AI content?

Google cares about content quality. They do not care how it is generated. Yes, the content is originally put together by our AI, but our team is fully optimizing, editing, and adding relevant images to make sure the content stands on its own. You won’t be able to distinguish the content, and since it’s modeled after proven/ranking content already, there is no issue with your content not ranking.

How do you know what to write if you don’t know my industry?

Simple, our AI does it and it’s based on target keywords and pages in your industry. We see what’s ranking and model the content based off of that. This means no domain expertise is needed and allows us to quickly ramp up your content across any niche.

Can I see samples?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to show you examples of content our system has produced. Additionally, we’ll be posting hundreds of pieces of content on our own blog here soon!

What is the pricing?

Pricing starts at $1,500 for 10 posts/mo. Next tier is $2,500/mo for 20 posts/mo or 50 posts for $5,000/mo. You can get hundreds or even thousands of articles a month and lower the cost down further. Making it a perfect solution for content agencies or those running multiple sites.

Quite simply, there’s no other solution that offers this level of volume at these prices while maintaining the quality we provide.

How does this differ from Jarvis or other AI writing tools?

AI writing tools are a big help for content writers. We’ve seen firsthand it can increase output by 33% to 50%. But it still requires a lot of handholding. You need to provide the keyword research, a content brief or outline, research the content, go sentence by sentence to put it together (as it gets completely off topic if you go more than that), source/design images, optimize for SEO, etc. Not to mention it will also still require the writer to have some level of understanding / expertise in a given niche.

Can I provide keyword research or topics?

While you can do this, it’s really not necessary. We are going to take a look at what is working in your industry by reviewing competitors and relevant keywords. We will then use various strategies to cull a list of targets together and feed our AI with this information. So it’s better to just let us do our thing. Ultimately, we want to target as many keywords as possible so everything will get covered anyway!

What about thought leadership or tone of voice?

The content is created with the idea that we want to drive traffic. This is our entire goal so our content is with SEO in mind and it’s modeled after what’s already ranking. What we recommend is you wait for those posts to start driving traffic and THEN you can update the popular posts with your thought leadership / tone of voice elements to help it stand out further. This way you’ll have an actual audience to consume that thought leadership material.

Will posts include images?

Yes, we will source images, design custom illustrations, and even create infographics for posts where it makes sense. Not only this, but our system takes any images and converts it to the size needed without losing image quality. This ensures your posts are as fast as possible.

Is the content unique?

100%. In fact, we just added a built-in plagiarism check as a part of the process before it gets scheduled.