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Julia McCoy, AI Content Marketing Expert

Meet Julia McCoy, a trailblazing entrepreneur and online content strategist who has dedicated her career to helping marketers and business owners scale their content for maximum revenue. As President at Content at Scale, she is now a leading voice in adapting AI content for innovators and leaders.

At just 19, Julia took a leap of faith, dropping out of college and investing her last $75 to establish a writing agency. Over the next decade, she built her business into a $5M success story, employing nearly 90 team members. By focusing on reader-centric, value-driven content marketing, Julia has launched seven brands, learning invaluable lessons from both triumphs and failures.

An accomplished author, Julia is the author of eight and counting books available on Amazon, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble, which have been purchased, read, and praised by thousands of readers worldwide.

Despite initial skepticism, Julia embraced AI content after discovering Content at Scale in January 2023, seeing it as the single AI tool that will revolutionize long-form inbound content creation forever. She developed a simple marketing plan for the founder in a weekend and was hired the next week, quickly rising through the ranks from VP of Marketing to President. Under her leadership, Content at Scale has continued to evolve for the better as it maintains a spot as one of the fastest-growing AI writing tools in the industry.

Julia is a firm believer in the power of AI-assisted content marketing for marketers and teams. With AI’s potential to save both time and cost, she is committed to helping others navigate the evolving world of marketing and leverage AI to their advantage.

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AI-assisted content marketing, writing, sustainable business-building and more

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Julia McCoy is the President at Content at Scale, leading big initiatives for one of the fastest-growing humanlike AI content writers on the planet. She’s an 8x author that used to run a 100-person writing agency and built one of the first human ecommerce writing shops. She sold it in 2021, and pivoted fully to AI in 2023 when she found a functional AI writing solution capable of changing the game for writers across the world. Julia is the author of one of the first books on AI content techniques, launched in February of this year – The Content Writer’s Handbook: Human and AI Content Writing Skills. 
Named one of the top 10 content marketers to follow in 2023, Julia is known for teaching powerful content strategies that bring real business revenue and growth; and now, how to use AI to 10x your blog and content authority, volume, and traffic.

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President at Content at Scale, author, creator of Content Hacker

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