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Who We Are

Launched in September of 2022, Content at Scale is the world’s fastest-growing AI writing platform for SEO marketers.

What We Do

We help marketers, agencies, publishers, and content freelancers adapt to AI content without losing human touch; and we empower them to get 9x more profitable and productive at SEO content.

How We Do It

With one of the most advanced technology stacks ever built for AI SEO blogging, plus best-in-class training materials and educational resources taught by a talented team of experienced marketers, Content at Scale is a go-to resource for marketers, agencies, publishers, and content freelancers looking to step into the new world of AI with knowledge and integrity.

Our founder, Justin McGill, isn’t your VC funding kid in search of the hot next exit.

In fact, it set Justin back the cost of six full-time developers and a year of work to bring the revolutionary software behind Content at Scale to life.

When the first iteration launched, it was a disaster–it broke, customers wanted refunds, and nightmares ensued.

But Justin didn’t give up. And one day, it all came together.

The software worked. It wrote better sentences than any human writer could. In mere minutes, after just inputting a keyword and a sentence, it wrote 100% original content, with click to tweets, SEO schema, table of contents, FAQs, and everything you need for an article to rank in Google.

What used to take seven hours, now took three minutes.

Naturally, this got noticed. Experts, authors, and top bloggers found Content at Scale and began to incorporate it into their process.

Within six months, Content at Scale fueled the production of 40M SEO content words per month for users.

(For context: a typical human content agency averages 10M words/year, with ~90 writers on staff. That’s four years of content production in one month.)

So… how did we get here?

This is that story.

With -$6 in the bank, Justin ventured into building his own marketing agency. He learned, adapted, and remained transparent with clients, podcasting and creating content to document his journey. He grew the agency into a successful seven-figure business, and stepped away to serve as an advisor.
Justin built LeadFuze, and grew it into the #1 prospecting tool for business leads. Over 20,000 users signed up! In 2021, Justin delegated and stepped back from LeadFuze to dive into the world of AI.
In December, Justin, Kamran, and Josh and the help of some freelance writers launched Content at Scale. It was the first done-for-you content marketing agency openly using AI to provide the service. The tech is what would later become the focus.
In September, Justin threw a logo together in a few minutes and launched the official beta to the software. Internally, it was referred to as “The Machine”. Done-for-you clients were no longer the focus.
Six months later, Content at Scale picked up unbelievable recognition and speed. Justin couldn’t hire quickly enough. Josh Slone, present from the beginning, moved into COO; and the team took shape as Justin hired people that saw the vision of what Content at Scale could become, and got them together in March for a team retreat in Austin, Texas.
We’re working on creating the best in-class technology stacks ever built for AI SEO blogging, with Josh (COO) and Julia (President) overseeing the creation of industry-leading educational training to help marketers adapt to AIO, the new concept of humanly optimizing AI content instead of writing it all from scratch. We’re not just another AI software; we’re the only one actively equipping marketers, agencies, publishers, and content freelancers with the right knowledge as they step into the new frontier of AI.

“What Justin built at Content at Scale is like a marketing cheat code. It feels like there’s an AI me pumping out quality stuff, and unlike other AI tools–this one is actually usable.”

“Working with Justin for more than six years allowed me to learn new things every day and expand my horizons about the technological world. He is an inspiring team leader and player that pushed me to do better and achieve greater results with my graphic designs and content editing. Among the things I liked most about working with him was the freedom he gave me to express my ideas and experiment with exciting new approaches.”

“Justin is a visionary. He has the unique ability to see what people need and provide it to them, which is one of the things that makes working with him inspiring. I’m consistently impressed by his vision and outlook towards AI and how we can play a role in the broader picture. Before working with Justin I wanted him to mentor me, instead I’ve been able to work alongside him at Content at Scale and it’s been incredible.”

But, here’s the thing.

This page isn’t just about us.

It’s about YOU, and our promise of 9x’ing your time and profits (read: FREEDOM) when it comes to SEO content creation.

Till now, creating content for SEO has been an utter bear.

A task that feels like herding cats.

A responsibility that has you pulling out your hair at all hours of the night, wondering how on earth that client’s marketing deadline will happen…

Because till now, content itself has been the bottleneck.

Content marketing is a $600B industry by itself (marketing built on content)…

And the #1 outsourced activity?

Content creation.

Well, because of Content at Scale’s technology, we’re proud to say content creation for SEO just got way easier.

Our clients are living proof. (Some of them 25’xed their business’ savings and profits on content creation.) We’re delighted to share their stories.

Meet The Team

It takes a rockstar team to build a rockstar product and brand. And our team is nothing less. Meet the innovators actively building the innovation.

Justin McGill Founder & CEO

Justin has been an entrepreneur, innovator, and marketer since 2008. He’s believed in and practiced SEO marketing for more than 15 years. In the 2020s, Justin saw the future of AI, GPT, and how it would impact content creation. He jumped in AI head-first, and now, he’s built the dream tool he wished he had 15 years ago creating his first SEO blog: Content at Scale.

Josh Slone COO

Josh has more than 12 years experience in SEO, content marketing, copywriting, agency ownership, and team building experience. He’s also worked with Justin for more than half of that time on multiple projects. He was one of the first on board at Content at Scale, helping build the first content agency that embraced AI.

Julia McCoy President

Julia’s an 8x author, known for her expertise in content marketing and building a 100-person writing agency. She’s the creator behind Content Hacker, and has spoken virtually and in person over 200 times in the last 10 years. Finding ChatGPT unable to craft high-integrity long-form content, Julia reviewed over 10 AI tools and drilled their founders with no luck before she found and fell in love with Content at Scale in January of 2023. The rest is history.

Steven Harvey Partner Manager

Steve’s an ex-techie turned digital marketer with a British accent. Starting as an email newsletter writer, Steve quickly moved into social media and used his audience to launch his own software. Originally an affiliate for the platform, he became amazed by the potential and decided to jump in with both feet.Currently based in Bangkok, he’s now helping grow Content At Scale through strategic partnerships.

Kamran Y., Lead Developer

Kamran started working with Justin McGill back in his agency days in 2012. A versatile and intuitive developer, he developed a wide range of background experience building websites. Starting off with various HTML, PHP, and WordPress projects, then evolved into building actual software tools and SaaS projects. He eats, sleeps, and breathes development and is often working on weekends for “fun”. He enjoys the process of daily innovation alongside Justin to build the best long-form AI SEO writer on the web at Content at Scale.

John Pratt Customer Success Manager

John has worked in content for ten years. He’s grown audiences using TV, radio, YouTube, and podcasts. He then converted to inbound content marketing in 2017 and never looked back. Since becoming a mentee of Julia McCoy, he’s developed and optimized content strategies for hundreds of brands. He knows Content at Scale is a must-have, and helps users get the most out of our tool.

Jeff Joyce Senior Video Producer

Jeff has been working in Social Media since Tom invented Myspace. Starting out designing HTML layouts, Jeff worked with clients and quickly added skills to his offerings. After creating his own agency and seeing the explosion of AI, he tested every tool he could find in order to find the best tool out there. Ultimately landing on the best AI tool… Content at Scale. With over 1 Million views in the first couple months, he continues to produce videos to grow our audience in this new highly competitive space.

Alyssa Villeneuve Head of Content

Alyssa has nearly a decade of experience working as a content writer and has worn dozens of hats within that role: copywriter, ghostwriter, SEO writer, creative writer, editor, and more. It’s not an overstatement to say writing is her life. For eight of those years, she’s worked closely with Julia McCoy to write content that has helped build an engaged audience, earn top Google rankings, and bring direct sales. Today, she’s helping Content at Scale prove that humans who partner with AI the right way can produce magical results.

Andie Suggs Client Operations

Andie has over 12 years experience in the Customer Support field with almost 8 years of those in freelancing. She has been working with Justin since 2014 providing an array of services including customer service, billing and retention, sales and onboarding, and much more. With Content at Scale, Andie focuses on managing done-for-you projects ensuring projects are delivered to clients on time with impeccable quality. She also hires, onboards and trains new writers joining the the team. 

Chris Velasco AIO Writer

Chris has been a freelance content writer since 2008, working with marketers and small businesses in a variety of niches. In the past decade, Chris has seen the evolution of these “writing” tools – from the early days of article spinners that produced clunky sentences and nonsensical words straight out of a thesaurus. Nothing ever came close to the awesome quality of Content at Scale, which admittedly, writes better than most humans.

Chris Craig Head of Product

Chris Craig is an experienced product leader with a background in education, health & wellness, subscription (SaaS) products, and internal tools/infrastructure. In addition he has worked extensively at scale at Spotify serving 400+ million monthly active users and managing one of the largest compute infrastructures in the world. He has worked with large enterprise clients including Adidas, Intel, Netgear, T-Mobile, and Sky, educational institutions including Johns Hopkins University as well as small business owners and start-ups. Chris graduated from CSU Fresno where he attended on a full-ride academic scholarship. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and is actively involved in the Product Management community including mentoring multiple current and aspiring Product Managers.

Ben Harper Director of RevOps

Ben Harper is a revenue leader, speaker and successful entrepreneur, renowned for his insights into the crossroads of revenue growth, SaaS, data, AI, and growth hacking. Ben has two successful business exits under his belt, has led successful VC funding rounds, authored a book, and spoken at conferences across the UK, USA, and Europe. Today, he is focussed on our revenue growth at ContentatScale – driven to bring our innovative solution to as many customers as possible.

Gen Furukawa VP of Marketing

Gen has 12+ years experience as a digital marketer. Before joining Content at Scale, Gen co-founded and successfully sold Prehook, a quiz platform for Shopify merchants. Prior to Prehook, Gen lead the marketing as VP of Marketing at Jungle Scout, the leading software for Amazon sellers. You can find Gen biking around Austin with his wife and two kids, near a basketball court, or hosting a dinner party. Gen graduated from Brown University, and has an MBA from The Johnson School at Cornell University.