About Us

Marketing. Inbound. Outbound. Copywriting. Traffic. Team Building. And now, AI.

These are all one-word descriptions that outline nearly 15 years of constant learning and development. All of this leads us to the last 15 months of literal development creating an AI writer unlike any other on the market.

More on that in a minute.

First, we’ll give you a bit more about our Team’s background, and then we’ll speak about the project we’re ridiculously excited about.

Who We Are

Justin McGill (Founder Content at Scale, LeadFuze) started a digital marketing agency in 2008 (just as the recession was kicking off). From 2008 -2014, the agency turned into a 7-figure business before he exited.

Almost immediately he founded LeadFuze, an outbound sales tool that ironically gets 100% of its traffic through SEO and inbound. Even live-blogged it back in 2014, too.

Through publishing hundreds of articles with a keen marketing strategy and building key partnerships, Justin has built one of the top sales resources in the world. (It’s headed for 350,000 sessions this year — all keyword-driven.)

Josh Slone (Chief of Staff | Content at Scale) is a former management-type turned freelancer, turned copywriter, turned agency owner, turned our Chief of Staff.

He’s ghost-written content for people you heard of, and a bunch you haven’t. Ranked keywords you probably have in your search history. And you may (or may not) have been persuaded by some of his words on the page. In his spare time, he runs his own portfolio of websites (many of which use our own AI).

Closer to a decade ago, Josh began freelance writing for LeadFuze and managed to work with Justin in one way or another ever since.

Our incredible team is made up of several fantastic people like Kamran, who literally helped Justin build the AI he envisioned, and Andie who runs our great team of writers for our own sites and Done-for-You Service.

The “Machine” is what we call our AI writing tool (aka the thing we’re ridiculously excited about).

Its story is in 3 parts; the dream, the nightmare, and the breakthrough.

The dream

During the summer of 2021, Justin set out to create “The Dream” — An AI writing tool that creates a full draft of content. You put in a keyword and it gives you a full article in a few minutes.

After using many of the top AI assistants, it just wasn’t what you’d think when you hear of AI content. Depending on how well you knew the topic, and your level of writing, many could write an article faster on their own (not to mention more engaging and unique).

Maybe you’ve had the same experience?

That’s because most AI tools are a single layer on top of a natural language tool (like GPT-3 or even it’s predecessors). You type in something, the AI takes over. It either comes up with a few usable sentences…or not.

After seeing this happen in AI tool after AI tool (new ones seemed to pop up daily) — Justin decided to set out to make his dream a reality.

And it was a nightmare

Sure, there was an AI. And it did pump out 1000+ words after inputting a keyword.

But it also had every problem you could have with an AI.

  • Directly copying sources (i.e. plagiarism)
  • Wrong topics (one time the AI wrote about Pokemon when it was supposed to talk about real estate)
  • Editing and grammar…atrocious

We had clients, our own sites, and a team of people reliant on an AI that wasn’t good.

Finally, a breakthrough

Over the summer of 2022 (one year after beginning) the entire team has gone from burnout to breakthrough.

Kamran and Justin worked nonstop to create a proprietary AI writing tool that’s unlike any other. All of the others have different features, templates, pricing, and so on.

But they all (100%) rely on one “Natural Langauge Processing” (NLP) algorithm. That means, their AI writer is a thinly-veiled version of a single AI.

To get the Machine, we use multiple NLP neural networks and a custom process that allows our AI to deeply learn about a topic —producing unique content instead of rewriting pages at the top of search results.

After this breakthrough, we reorganized the team and grew like lightning, acquiring our own clients who wanted quality content…at scale.

Then, Justin (a startup founder to the core) decided to build a user-friendly version of our Machine to help other marketers, agencies, and publishers who are serious about scaling their content.

And now it’s in beta :).

Sound like something for you? If so, you could become part of our story, too. Here’s where to find out more.

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