Content at Scale is the world’s fastest-
growing AI writing platform for
marketers, agencies, & publishers

Content at Scale is the world’s fastest-
growing AI writing platform for
marketers, agencies, & publishers
marketers, agencies, & publishers

We're on a mission to build the world's most human like, risk-free AI content production solution. Learn more about the journey and the people behind the magic.

Content at Scale by the numbers

Launched in September 2022 with one of the most advanced technology stacks ever built for AI content production, plus best-in-class training materials and educational resources taught by a talented team of experienced marketers, Content at Scale is a go-to resource for marketers, agencies, publishers, and content freelancers looking to step into the new world of AI content without risking their data or integrity of voice.









Our vision

We help you
generate humanlike content
with zero prompting.

Our vision

We help you
generate humanlike content
generate humanlike content
with zero prompting.

Join us as we craft the AI content supertool 
for every marketer, brand, and publisher.

Our Company

Created with heart by real content marketers, for real content marketers

The people

Who we are

Content at Scale was built by people who know what it takes to build marketing that works. We wanted an all-in-one AI content solution that would truly replace and mimic human writing. Most of our team have backgrounds in content, marketing, writing, SEO, or all four, and all of us are passionate about creating the best content.

The dream

What we do

We live to help you generate truly humanlike content with our own proprietary technology suites that make it ridiculously easy to scale content production without risking your reputation to AI-generated crap. We help you step into this brave new AI world the right way.

The process

How we do it

We’re not just actively building and improving our best-in-class AI writer; we’re also constantly testing, listening to our users, and adding real features to round out our SEO content platform and your experience using it. Add to that our constant production of educational content and videos around AI topics, and you’ve got one dedicated team.

Our founder

Our founder, Justin McGill, is about real results for real customers, not a fast run to a venture-capital-funded exit.

A ton of AI tools out there (over 1,000 were built in one month in 2023 alone!) are no better than a glorified clone of ChatGPT.

Not Content at Scale. In fact, it set Justin back the cost of six full-time developers and a year of work to bring the revolutionary software behind Content at Scale to life. When the first iteration launched, it was a disaster—it broke, customers wanted refunds, and nightmares ensued.

But Justin didn’t give up. And one day, it all came together. The software worked. It wrote like a human—sometimes better than a human. In mere minutes, after inputting a single keyword, it wrote a 100% original SEO article from start to finish. What used to take seven hours now took three minutes.

Naturally, this got noticed. Experts, authors, and top bloggers found Content at Scale and began to incorporate it into their processes. Within six months, Content at Scale fueled the production of 50M SEO content words per month for users.
Next step: Justin & team are taking over the world. AI Avengers, unite! :rocket:

Our story

Listening to customers, building the best product, and assembling a team of AI Avengers

It all started with SEO marketing


With -$6 in the bank, Justin ventured into building his own marketing agency. SEO was his technique of choice when clients asked for it. He learned, adapted, and remained transparent with clients, documenting his journey. He grew the agency into a successful seven-figure business, and stepped away to serve as an advisor.


Justin built LeadFuze, and grew it into the #1 prospecting tool for business leads. Over 20,000 users signed up! In 2021, Justin delegated and stepped back from LeadFuze to dive into the world of AI.


In December, Justin, Kamran, and Josh and the help of some freelance writers launched Content at Scale. It was the first done-for-you content marketing agency openly using AI to provide the service. The tech is what would later become the focus.


In September, Justin threw a logo together in a few minutes and launched the official beta to the software. Internally, it was referred to as “The Machine”. Done-for-you clients were no longer the focus.


We’re working on creating the best in-class technology stacks ever built for AI SEO blogging, with Josh (COO) and Julia (President) overseeing the creation of industry-leading educational training to help marketers adapt to AIO, the new concept of humanly optimizing AI content instead of writing it all from scratch. We’re not just another AI software; we’re the only one actively equipping marketers, agencies, publishers, and content freelancers with the right knowledge as they step into the new frontier of AI.

But... this AI dream isn’t just about us

It’s about YOU, and our promise of 9x’ing your time and profits (read: FREEDOM) when it comes to SEO content creation.

Until now, creating content for SEO has been an utter bear. A task that feels like herding cats. Because up to now, content itself has been the bottleneck. Content marketing is a $600B industry by itself. The #1 outsourced activity? Content creation.

But, because of Content at Scale’s technology, we’re proud to say content creation for SEO just got way easier. Our clients are living proof.


Troy Ericson tripled
his domain rating with our SEO AI tool


domain rating


writers replaced

Founder, The Marketing Closer

Mickey Anderson saved
$300 per blog post


Cost-savings per article

Top 1-3 rankings

RankWell ROI

Journey Engine

Journey Engine increased
content production by 25x


Time saved



Journey Engine
The people behind the AI magic

Meet the team

It takes a rockstar team to build a rockstar product and brand. And our team is nothing less. Meet the innovators actively building the innovation.

Justin has been an entrepreneur, innovator, and marketer since 2008. In the 2020s, Justin saw the future of AI and how it would impact content creation. He jumped in head-first, and now, he’s built the dream tool he wished he had 15 years ago creating his first SEO blog: Content at Scale.

Justin McGill
Founder & CEO

Julia McCoy is the President of Content at Scale and co-founder of Content Hacker, leading big initiatives for one of the fastest-growing humanlike AI content writers on the planet. She is a 9x author and a leading strategist around creating exceptional content and presence that lasts online. She built her own 100-person writing agency from scratch, exiting for 7 figures in 2021. Today, Julia is known as one of the top content marketers in the world and a leading voice in AI.

Julia McCoy

Ben is a revenue leader, speaker and successful entrepreneur, renowned for his insights into the crossroads of revenue growth, SaaS, data, AI, and growth hacking. Ben has two successful business exits under his belt, has led successful VC funding rounds, authored a book, and spoken at conferences across the UK, USA, and Europe.

Ben Harper
Chief Revenue Officer

Kamran started working with Justin McGill back in his agency days in 2012. A versatile and intuitive developer, he developed a wide range of background experience building various HTML, PHP, and WordPress projects, which then evolved into building actual software tools and SaaS projects. He eats, sleeps, and breathes development and is often working on weekends for “fun.”

Kamran Yaqoob
Lead Developer

Simon brings nearly a decade of UI experience to the team and is responsible for the vision of this very website, as well as multiple brand assets. He's now focused on maximizing the user experience for our app and other upcoming initiatives.

Simon Ogilvie-Lee
Director of UI/UX

I began my journey in tech with Justin McGill at Leadfuze in 2017, focusing initially on customer success before transitioning to affiliate marketing at Content at Scale. I'm passionate about leveraging AI to drive impactful partnerships and excited to explore the intersection of technology and marketing further in this role.

Kiersten Thompson
Affiliate Coordinator

Farnaz, the SEO Content Coordinator at Content at Scale, brings over a decade of experience to her role, formerly serving as the link building specialist for tech giants like Adobe. Now focusing on SEO, Farnaz specializes in all facets of the field, from on-page and off-page strategies to content and SEO strategy development. Her knack for crafting effective strategies has made her a trusted voice in the industry.

Farnaz Kia
SEO Content Coordinator

Jeff has been working in social media since Tom invented Myspace. Starting out designing HTML layouts, Jeff worked with clients and quickly added skills to his offerings. After creating his own agency and seeing the explosion of AI, he tested every tool he could find in order to find the best tool out there. Ultimately, he landed on the best AI tool… Content at Scale.

Jeff Joyce
Director of AI

Steve’s an ex-techie turned digital marketer with a British accent. Starting as an email newsletter writer, Steve quickly moved into social media and used his audience to launch his own software. Originally an affiliate for the platform, he became amazed by the potential and decided to jump in with both feet.

Steven Harvey
Partner Manager

John Pratt is the Chief Product Marketing Strategist at Content at Scale. With a decade of professional experience in content strategy and marketing, John has developed and optimized profitable content strategies for hundreds of brands. As a mentee of Julia McCoy, he leverages his diverse background in radio, TV, YouTube, podcasts, and blogs to drive impactful results.

John Pratt
Head of Success

My background encompasses a diverse range of roles, including sales and leading a marketing team specializing in content creation. I am passionate about assisting businesses in integrating Content at Scale solutions into their operational processes, and I take pride in witnessing the tangible benefits it brings to their operations. Outside of my professional endeavors, I am an avid traveler and music festival enthusiast.

Kamal Leadbitter
Sales Team Member

Hello! My name is Tom, I work on the sales team here at Content at Scale. Having worked in sales for 11 years, I enjoy educating my prospects in a consultative manor on solutions that solve problems and make their lives easier. Outside of work I have a beautiful wife, a little boy and I enjoy watching soccer and playing golf.

Tom Holland
Sales Team Member

Chris has been a freelance content writer since 2008, working with marketers and small businesses in a variety of niches, before joining the team as the world's first AIO writer in 2022. In the past decade, Chris has seen the evolution of these “writing” tools starting from the early days of article spinners. Nothing ever came close to the awesome quality of Content at Scale, which admittedly, writes better than most humans.

Chris Velasco
AIO Writer
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