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Joe Crivello-Sorensen
Founder, Top Click Joe & SEO Pillar Master
Joe Crivello-Sorensen Content At Scale

Julia, your CRAFT training is how I trained my first two writers. I now have four writers total, and my best writer taught the other two. I pay my Filipino writers $10 per blog post, who create at least 80 blogs per month each. The AIO takes about two hours for each blog post, so my employees make about $5 per hour. I give a $200 bonus at the end of the month if they do 80 blogs. The blogs need to be well written for the bonus. I wanted to say because of Content at Scale; my company increased by $10,200 per month due to Content at Scale blog writing for our existing clients. I have only talked to 15 out of 237 clients to get the extra $10,200 monthly. I’m getting my current writers into a system before I contact my other clients. Thank you for bringing so much talent to this industry!

Sarah Greenberg
Early Content at Scale User
Sarah recommends Content At Scale

Content at Scale makes it so much easier to write longform content for my own business and for my clients. The team who built this tool truly understands the needs of content strategists and provides just about everything we need to do stellar work–strong copy, metadata, and SEO guidance. All I do is edit and continue to learn how to optimize the tool even better.

Chiara Brancato
Product Owner
Chiara recommends Content At Scale

CaS is so great for creating SEO-friendly blog posts! It does all the groundwork for me – from topic research to writing the very first draft of an article (table of contents included!). It creates the blog title and metadata based on my chosen topic, and guides me through the best practices to optimize the post for search engines – that’s impressive and a real time-saver.

Adam Weiler
Early Content at Scale User
Adam recommends Content At Scale

You hear it all the time- you need content. But as a founder with a million things to do, where do you start? @ContentAtScale is like a marketing cheat code, it feels like there’s an AI me pumping out quality stuff, and unlike other AI tools this is actually usable.

David Adler
Early Content at Scale User
David recommends Content At Scale

If anyone is in the content creation biz, make sure check out what @ContentAtScale is bringing to the table. It’s a game-changer that can help you grow exponentially for pennies on the dollar.

Richard Patey
Early Content at Scale User
Richard recommends Content At Scale

Hiring/managing writers to scale website acquisitions can be tough. With @ContentAtScale’s AI content automation platform, now you don’t have to… Enter a keyword, hit create, and out comes a fully formed post that’s on par with writers I’ve previously paid 10c per word for.

Build your content marketing package using Content at Scale’s Agency Plan

Here’s what Content at Scale plus your human AIO (AI optimizers) would cost, and a real gameplan as to what you could charge the client. Agencies have implemented this game plan plus our agency cost for real success and a lasting 70%+ profit margin on content services. Consider packaging your content services with keyword research, analytics, and reporting for even more added client value.

$115 – out of pocket cost to deliver the service

You charged
$3.5k for 8 posts

That’s $437.5
you make PER POST

You’re paying

That’s a 73%
profit margin!

$322.5 profit


100 posts per month,
$15 per post

est. $0.005/word (not charged per word) Replace 5 full-time or 10 freelance writers. $1500/mo
  • Content at Scale 2.0 Full Access
  • Unlimited Projects
  • One-off or Bulk Post Creation
  • Keyword, YouTube, Podcast, File to AI Output
  • NLP analysis
  • SEO checklist
  • Copyscape
  • AI Detection
  • WP Plugin
  • Team Management & Users
  • Automated Keyword Drip (coming soon)
  • Reporting
  • White Label for Your Subdomain
  • Bulk Volume Options

Resell for
18x ROI

Onboard 7 monthly clients
at $3,500 each

Your AIO writer pumps out content with Content at Scale

Cost is $15/post on
Agency plan

$40 for an hour
of strategy

$60/for the writer

The all-in-one SEO AI writer your agency needs

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Turn your agency into a 10x content producer with the best AI writer for blogging.

True Content at Scale 50+M words produced monthly

Generate 3,000+ words of high-quality blog content in 5 minutes

On-page SEO research for every article

High-quality writing for any niche, on-demand, anytime (doesn’t break)

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Content at Scale Exclusive Agency Referral Network

Partner with us, and we’ll funnel leads to you when you become certified agency partners!

Our Agency Plan includes:

Bulk post creation capabilities

Upload 100 or more keywords at once, queue them for writing. Get all your posts written within 30 minutes.

In-app features:

NLP analysis, SEO checklist, AI detector, Copyscape plagiarism check, WordPress plugin

Team management

See at-a-glance who’s doing what in your content production timeline, in the agency dashboard for your account.

Reporting features

Get reports on total work done by your team, total hours saved, total cost saved, words written, and how many pieces you have in different stages of work.


Custom dashboard that aggregates everything at-a-glance: total production in word count, time and cost savings, status of each post, and more.

White label on your subdomain

You get to pick which domain to host our app on. Only on the Agency plan. Enter your company subdomain where your clients can log into, and they’ll only see your website.

Save time and hassle.

Add a client-friendly touch with our White Label subdomain.

Don’t want to send your clients to the Content at Scale app, but want them to still have access to the content production timeline? We’ve got you. Our White Label subdomain allows you to set up our app with access to all the reporting features, ongoing projects and content – all on your own subdomain! Once you enter your subdomain in the White Label settings, this will be where you, your team, and your clients can log into the platform.

Making your agency’s expertise shine.

We’re built for:

Content marketing

Digital marketing


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