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Paste or write your content below, and you’ll know within seconds using our AI content detector if any of it is written by AI. Our Chat GPT detector works at a deeper level than a generic AI classifier and detects robotic sounding content. Tip: You need at least 25 words for reliable results.

How Robotic is Your Content?

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Want Undetectable AI Content?

Our proprietary content platform uses a mix of 3 AI engines, NLP and semantic analysis algorithms, crawls Google, and parses all the top ranking content to put research-backed, long-form, SEO driven blog posts together.

This isn’t an AI writing assistant, this is a human level, long-form, blog post producing machine!

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What is an AI Detector?

ChatGPT and AI Text Tools are Here:
Time to Proof Your Content

An AI detector is a type of software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect patterns and forecast the most probable word choices that lead to a higher AI detection probability.

How Does the Content at Scale AI Detector Work?

Our AI detector at Content at Scale has been trained on billions of pages of data, and can accurately forecast the most probable word choices that lead to a higher AI detection probability.

Most free AI detectors and AI classifiers are outdated and scan for old language generators, but ours finds all versions of GPT, including GPT-4. Not us! Our proprietary content generator itself taps into multiple layers with three AI components, NLP, semantic analysis algorithms, and SERP parsing capabilities.

AI content tools are now in the mix of tons of writing–from articles to web pages to books and news articles and beyond. Ever since ChatGPT and GPT-3 came on the scene, AI-generated text has almost become a ‘new norm’ in our society.

That’s why we created our free AI checker, one of the only tools on the market deeply trained to accurately forecast word strings and text created by ChatGPT and other AI generators.

As AI-generated technology evolves, and ChatGPT gets better and better with the rollout of GPT4, we’re remaining ahead of the game. Created by an entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in SEO and content marketing Justin McGill, our AI writing tool helps marketers and agencies generate long-form, 2,500-word blogs in minutes and get 5-10x their time and money back, finally making the content creation process painless and easy.

Before we built our AI content tool or even our own AI detector, we were long-form writers; so we know how much work goes into this process.

Along this journey, it made sense for us to develop an AI content detector for our audience and clientele to use free of charge. Our AI checker tool rivals the best AI classifier, can analyze and find content generated by ChatGPT, or any AI text generator.

Who Should Use AI Content Detectors?

Content at Scale AI Checker is
Perfect For…

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SEO Content

The back-and-forth on whether or not an SEO can use AI content has been tremendous: finally landing on a potential outcome of AI watermarking as a way to identify AI-written content.

Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, came out in November 2022 saying: “We haven’t said AI content is bad. We’ve said…content written primarily for search engines rather than humans is the issue.” Since then, OpenAI has been on record stating AI watermarking is coming, with their researcher stating: “Whenever GPT generates some long text, we want there to be an otherwise unnoticeable secret signal in its choices of words, which you can use to prove later that, yes, this came from GPT.”

So, prove that your SEO content is humanly-optimized and written for humans with our AI content checker.

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Educational Content

If you’re creating content at scale to educate mass audiences on affiliate offers or adsense networks, you need a solid AI content detection tool to place in the middle of your processes.

Know if your writers, team, and creators are using AI instantly by checking their work with our free AI detection tool. In seconds, you’ll have a number that predicts the likelihood of your content placing high or low on our highly accurate AI content detection radar.

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Marketing Content

If your workflow includes creating high-quality content for your marketing calendar, it’s time to incorporate an AI detector so you can easily find out if ChatGPT is being used by your writers or team with little to no human work on top.

Verify and validate that you’re publishing content for humans, optimized by humans, with our Chat GPT detector – also capable of detecting if any AI tool has been used in the process.

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Academic Content

In January, the New York City’s Department of Education banned ChatGPT — blocking New York City students and teachers from accessing the AI generator. Many other schools are now following suit.

Know if your academic environment includes any parts of Chat GPT usage or AI content tools with our Chat GPT detector. Copy and paste entire essays in, starting with 25 words or more, and know in seconds if it is created by a robot or by a real human. The truth is in the data.

The Future of AI Detection Technology

AI detection technology has come a long way in just a few months. With Microsoft investing $10B in OpenAI, and ChatGPT amassing more than 1 million users within days in November of 2022, AI-assisted content production is here–and it’s here to stay. Through the development of AI content generators, and other NLP technologies, it is now possible to detect AI-written content with unprecedented accuracy and speed.

Predictions on where the industry is headed gear towards the lightning speed of everything. As AI detection technology continues to evolve at an accelerated rate, experts predict that AI-content assisted production as a whole will continue to grow exponentially over the next decade. Internally, we’re continuing to refine our own AI content detector, expecting to continue to build a sophisticated detector that can accurately score human versus robot-written content. The use of AI detectors will become commonplace as businesses, publishers, and even educational resource entities strive to verify the human level of their content.

FAQs in Relation to AI Detector

AI detection can tell you if your content is AI generated, or humanly-written. With OpenAI now releasing a way to watermark AI content, you should be aware before publishing if your content passes the bar of bot versus human. AI detection is becoming increasingly important as businesses look for ways to gain time and money savings by investing in AI-assisted content.

AI content, or AI text, is content generated entirely or in part by OpenAI ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-3.5, or a software or any similar text bot. AI-generated content has been appearing in blogs, web pages, and even books, but the human factor remains necessary to optimize for and maintain.

AI-generated content can be detected by looking for patterns in the text that indicate it was generated by a computer algorithm. The discovery of patterns for indicating AI-written text is sometimes called an AI classifier. The discovery of patterns for indicating AI-written text is sometimes called an AI classifier. These patterns include repetition of words, lack of natural flow or structure, and an overall generic tone. Additionally, AI-generated content often contains factual inaccuracies or errors that would not occur in human-written pieces. Finally, AI-generated content is typically shorter than human-written pieces due to its reliance on algorithms rather than creative thought processes.

We’ve built the only tool that doesn’t generate short fluff pieces, undetectable in our AI content checker. Our proprietary AI generator is built with a mix of three different AI engines, along with NLP and semantic analysis algorithms; has the ability to crawl Google, and parses all the top ranking content to write real, publish-ready long form SEO blog posts.

Yes, AI writing can be detected. It is possible to identify when a piece of content has been written by an artificial intelligence (AI) system. AI-generated content typically lacks the complexity and nuance that comes with human-written text. Additionally, it often contains errors in grammar or syntax which can indicate that it was not written by a person. Finally, certain words and phrases may appear more frequently than they would if the content had been created by a human writer. All these factors make it easier for readers to detect when something has been written using AI technology rather than manually crafted by a person.

With the launch of OpenAI’s AI classifier for indicating AI-written text, we now have accessibility to technology that discovers AI. Yes, Google can detect AI content. It uses sophisticated algorithms to identify patterns in text and other types of content that are indicative of artificial intelligence. For example, it can recognize when a piece of content has been generated by an algorithm rather than written by a human author. Additionally, Google is able to detect plagiarism and duplicate content which may be produced by AI-based tools. That’s why it’s important for marketers to make sure their AI-generated content meets Google’s standards and their own quality bar for content that should engage, build loyalty, and buy-in with their own human audience.

Writing content with AI tools isn’t necessarily bad, as long as you’re humanly optimizing the outcome. Cutting the fluff out of AI-generated content, checking factual accuracy, and adding personal stories are simple ways to take your AI content and optimize it so it passes AI detection tools. We talk about the AIO process at length over on the Content at Scale blog.

We’re officially living in the future. Why? Because you can now save 3-10x the time involved in the heavy-duty phases of content production, and do it at 1/3rd or less the going cost of content creation. Ours is one of the only AI content tools on the market that generates true long-form SEO content. Our tool completely eliminates the need to headhunt, find, hire and train an SEO writer, since our AI tool writes a 2,500w blog in mere minutes for you. You: simply review, optimize, refine and publish.

Check out Content at Scale today, and start saving huge chunks of time and money.

There's always a potential for false positives, but our AI detector is best-in-class for detecting AI content. Compare it to any AI detection service (paid or free) or even OpenAI's own AI Classifier and you will see our results speak for themselves. That said, this should be used as part of an overall evaluation. Ask yourself, "is the content providing value?" That's what matters. Educators should use this as one point of many when evaluating student papers.