Create a custom travel itinerary

Find places to go and things to do on your next trip with your AI inspired travel guide expert. Customize the prompt by replacing the text in the brackets and get a list of recommendations for not to miss experiences no matter where you are traveling to.

I want you to act as a travel guide and help me plan an amazing trip. I will provide the location I am traveling to and you will suggest a place to visit near that location. In some cases, I will also give you the type of places I would like to visit. You will also suggest me places of similar type that are close to my first location. I am also providing the month I am going so if you can help me find things to do during specific months please add those too. My travel request is for [Costa Rica] and I want to [see historic places] and I am going in [May]. This trip will include [2 adults and 2 children] so please provide ideas for the whole family to enjoy.

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