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How AIO Writing Now Allows You to Meet Google’s SEO Requirements Without Killing Your Team

In this post, we shared our vision for the AIO writer and what this means for the industry.

Check out this message from a customer who is a big-time content publisher. They were paying their content agency $7k-$8k/month on content. He just recently discovered what Content at Scale can do for him.

Insanity. 🤯

The model we’ve created features a great rate for SEO writers that become AIO writers ($40/hour); but the business owner is still saving tremendously by hiring an AIO vs. strictly SEO writer.

Produce High-Quality AIO Writing in Hours vs. Weeks

SEO long-form content, arguably some of the most time-intensive and difficult content to write, can now be done by machine.

(Ours .😉)

In a nutshell, with our platform, you just have to:

  1. Add keyword(s)
  2. Click create content
  3. Get full long-form blog articles (2,600+ words on average) so humanlike, they bypass AI detection – perfect for SEO
  4. Use an AIO writer to finesse – two hours tops!

Check out an example of content nearly #StraightOuttaAI.

We do recommend a human writer, but you’ll need to train them on AIO writing (we’re working on providing lots of resources for you, starting with this in-depth tutorial).

​Adapting to AIO writing is for people that don’t want to spend the time anymore hiring/preparing/managing multiple SEO writers and editors (or doing it all themselves), and need to produce content at scale while automating more of the SEO and content marketing process.

A single writer can go from writing 20 blog posts from scratch per month, to editing and optimizing 50 blog posts (10x the production!) in a week with Content at Scale.

How are Content at Scale AIO Written Sites Faring Post Google’s Updates?

The screenshot below is from one of my own sites. More than half of the content was generated using an early version of Content at Scale’s AI machine.

Want to know something cool?

This was during the rollout of Google’s helpful content update 🙂 (And things are still going in the right direction).

Here’s another from a client of ours with more than 100 pieces of content created by Content at Scale.

“My new [niche redacted] site went from 0 to 125 pages indexed!”

NOTE: Again, these results are during and after the recent “Helpful Content” update.

We’ve been iterating, developing, and using our own tool for in-house sites and agency clients for the past 16 months. Now, it’s time to share it with folks who see the power of AI and want to scale their content. But first we have to address common issues in our emerging industry (aka AI writing tools).

Don’t just take our word for it though, look at all the big names who have used Content at Scale and put together reviews (and this was based on our old AI!).

Why Aren’t Most AI Writers Helpful?

We did a whole comparison against the most popular AI writing assistant tool here, but there are a few main reasons.

#1: Involvement

These are AI writing assistants. Could you imagine hiring a freelance writer to give you a draft but they need you to sit beside them and start each sentence?

You type, “The best part about going on vacation is….”

Ok, freelancer, it’s your turn to write a few sentences.

Sounds horrible, but this is what AI writing tools do. And if they write long sections of text (most don’t), the repetitiveness is unmanageable.

#2: They take more than inspiration from their sources

Some have deemed entire AI engines “plagiarism tools.”

When using a single AI, sometimes it chooses to just copy/paste sections of text.

If you’re using another AI tool, highly recommend using a plagiarism checker. Not to mention, it’s all detectable as AI content when you use those writing assistants.

#3: Unoriginal ideas

Even if the words are unique, many times AI tools directly take ideas from other posts. This creates an echo chamber of similar-sounding and unoriginal content.

That’s unhelpful.

#4 Repetition

If you’ve used any AI writing tool, you know about the repetition. Just search a tool on a software review site and it’s the #1 complaint.

What is An Ideal AIO Writer?

You know the saying, “Two heads are better than one?”

Try an AI plus a human head as a writer. 🤖 👤


AI + AIO Writer.

Mark my words—it’ll be an industry standard here soon.

The old way used to be human content writer -> human editor -> publishing. This left room for a lot of error, required immense amounts of time, and work.

Now, you can replace the baseline of human content writing for SEO with a machine.

The “Machine,” as we call it at Content at Scale, uses three separate AI frameworks as well as a proprietary blend of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and semantic analysis algorithms, in addition to crawling all the top-ranking posts for a keyword to give it a deeper understanding of the topic.

Add a human that knows how to edit and optimize content properly from the AI itself, and you’ve got an unstoppable rocket ship for content at scale that saves you time and money.

With Content at Scale, all your AIO writer has to do is put in a keyword (or a whole list) and click “Add content.”

That’s literally it. And a few minutes later, you’ll have a complete draft article with:

  • Title + Meta Description + URL slug
  • An intro
  • Table of contents (when readers click this it shows engagement to Google)
  • H2 and H3 headings
  • Average post is 2,600+ words!
  • Bullet lists (like this)
  • Key takeaways
  • Click to Tweet callouts
  • An FAQ sections (relevant to your topic) now using Google’s QA schema
  • And a conclusion WITH a closing paragraph dedicated as a call-to-action for your website.
  • CTA’s

Best of all, our platform produces content so human-like that it’s all undetectable from AI detection methodologies.

Our built-in editor also includes helpful SEO-friendly metrics (all based on currently ranking results) like:

  • Ideal content length
  • Number of headings
  • Editable titles, metas, and URL slugs
  • Common keywords/phrases found in ranking content using natural language processing
  • Built-in plagiarism scanner (native Copyscape integration)
  • And a great on-page SEO content checklist

And again… this is in fewer than 5 minutes!

No sitting there handholding an AI writer tool, or waiting days for a real freelancer’s turnaround time, or suffering from sick days, your team going MIA, a writer completely ditching the project… you name the human-only problems.

In addition to adding elements that search engines see as useful, we’ve made it even more so for your site. Scaling and Agency plan users gain access to our WordPress plugin.

Once your AIO writer optimizes a post, schedule or even publish it right in the CAS dashboard. No need to login to your WordPress backend. You can even add this into the AIO writer’s workload, and you’re still paying 3x less than what you’d pay a human only.

AIO Writing is a Freelancer on Steroids

Where other tools try to assist in writing content—producing mediocre if not completely ugly long-form—our machine will actually do your long-form content justice, replacing the human-only baseline.

Content at Scale + an AIO writer will forever change the game.

Keith, agency owner, says:

I’m so excited for this, man. 28 minutes to write, edit, and publish. Normal cost for me: $320. Normal timeframe: 6 hours. With CAS: $13! Time savings: 5.5 hours!!!”

And, there are more…many more…

It’s a whole new ball game.

But if you want in, seriously consider it before the beta ends and the price goes up.

And don’t forget, there’s a money-back guarantee! If you aren’t happy with your first five articles – just let us know and we will refund your entire subscription.

Try Content at Scale out today and turn your SEOs into unstoppable AIO writers. >>

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