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Want to plug into the world’s most humanlike AI writer?

You’re in luck – our API is officially out! Get limitless content potential by integrating the power of Content at Scale’s AI writing API into your platform. Request access today and start reselling original, high-quality, undetectable content to your subscribers.

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AI Products Accessible Through Content at Scale’s API

Long-Form Content Producer

The long-form Content Producer is the true magic of Content at Scale. At the tap of a button, your users will be able to generate content that is:

  • Undetectable, 100% original
  • Non-plagiarized (no duplicate content)
  • Anywhere from 500 to 3,000+ words long, fully formatted for SEO
  • Backed by real-time research and backlinks to support the content
  • Optimized with real-time SERP analysis and keyword research
  • Editable with in-app SEO scoring and keyword optimization

AI Detector

Our leading AI Detector was one of the first products we launched, over a year ago. Today, hundreds of thousands of people use it, and we support anywhere from 3 to ten million scans per month. You’ll get full access to our AI Detector with our API; it’s an ideal, complementary extension to any content, SEO, or research feature in your platform.

Undetectable Rewrites

Our API supports undetectable rewrites, which is the next natural step from a user wanting to check their content for AI detection. Paraphrasing, rewriting, and tone adjustment are all included in our undetectable rewrites.

Why Content at Scale’s API?

This is far more just an API call to ChatGPT. Content at Scale is a multi-stack of LLMs, custom-built with our own proprietary SEO intelligence suite (RankWell) capable of producing undetectable and original content every time. Our software performs real-time research every time you run a post. Not only is it looking at top-ranking content, but social content, news, events, and more available soon. Then, natural language processing algorithms take over to identify keyword opportunities with our proprietary keyword value and salience scores straight from Google, helping us determine where keywords should be placed throughout the article. With our custom-built, functional technology, the output you get from Content at Scale is much more robust and publish-ready than what a single LLM (like ChatGPT or Bard) produces.

Bonus: price savings. Since you’re directly tapping into our API and bypassing a lot of our platform features, you’ll be able to get access to our best pricing at a per-post level.

How our API Works

User-Friendly: We’ve documented our API in detail, ensuring a smooth integration into your platform with minimal learning curve for your clients. See our API documentation here. We recommend having a developer on hand to implement the API into your platform; ideally they have some prior experience integrating third party APIs.

Project Basis: First, you set up a project, which is exactly how it works now in our standalone app. This step ensures that all content created is tailored to your user’s specific needs and goals, on a per-project (website) basis.

Post Generation: From crafting engaging blog posts to running AI detection and undetectable rewrites, our API covers all bases, providing your users with a full suite of content creation tools. Your users will be able to set up specific custom tones of voice, choose from different post lengths, and set the AI to their specific language (100+ available languages). Every post is 100% original and undetectable, formatted for SEO ranking in Google.

Ready to go? Fill out the form today to tell us about your business and software use case for our API, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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