Beginner’s Guide to AI Video Prompts: Tips and Tricks

If you’ve ever wondered how those amazing AI-generated videos pop up all over the internet, you’re about to uncover the secret sauce. 🌟

Welcome to the exciting world of AI video prompts.

AI video prompts are like magical seeds that sprout into fantastic video content. Think of it as giving an AI model a little nudge, and it’ll create captivating videos tailored to your desires. 

So, how does it work? 

In this beginners guide to AI video prompts, you will learn how to write that short piece of text or dialogue that provides instructions to the AI to get the job done. 

With the right prompt, the AI is able to weave its digital wizardry, generating impressive videos based on your direction. It’s like collaborating with a digital co-creator that never runs out of imaginative ideas. 🎩✨

Whether you’re a content creator eager to explore new possibilities or just a curious soul fascinated by the wonders of artificial intelligence, AI video prompts are the key to creating something thrilling for your YouTube audience.

Let’s embark on this incredible journey together and see what marvelous AI-generated videos we can cook up. Get ready to be amazed and inspired by the endless possibilities of AI video prompts in this beginner’s guide. 🚀🌌

Table of Contents:

Beginners Guide to AI Video Prompts

AI video prompts refer to directives or instructions given to an artificial intelligence system that guides it in creating content for videos. The system uses deep learning techniques and interprets these commands to generate relevant outputs.

Prompt engineering is a critical aspect of working with AI models, particularly those involved in natural language processing (NLP). It entails crafting effective prompts or input phrases that guide the AI model to generate desired responses. This technique can significantly impact the performance of your YouTube channel artificial intelligence output, helping it learn intricate language patterns and effectively process data.

Experts known as AI whisperers specialize in prompt engineering. They have a deep comprehension of how leading generative AI programs function, enabling them to craft prompts that maximize their performance.

How to Get Started with AI Video Prompts

Getting started with AI video prompts can be an exciting way to explore the capabilities of artificial intelligence and create engaging video content.

Let’s lay the groundwork.

Before we delve into the world of AI video prompts and how you can leverage them for your YouTube channel or any other platform, it’s crucial that we cover some basics.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Understand How AI Video Prompts Work

AI video prompts provide creative ideas, suggest dialogues, or even entire scripts for video production.

Here’s a basic overview of how AI video prompts work:

  • Input prompt: To generate an AI video, the user must provide a text-based prompt to the AI language model. This prompt can be a general request for video ideas or more specific instructions about the type of content desired.
  • Understanding the prompt: The AI language model processes the input prompt using its deep learning architecture. It analyzes the text, interprets the context, and identifies keywords and patterns in the request.
  • Generating the response: Once the language model understands the prompt, it generates a response in the form of creative video ideas, script snippets, character descriptions, or any other content that aligns with the input prompt.
  • Customization and iteration: The user may choose to customize or iterate on the generated prompt. This can involve refining the generated ideas, combining multiple suggestions, or adding their own creative elements.
  • Using the prompt for video creation: The user proceeds with the video creation process. They can develop the script, storyboard, and actual video content based on the ideas provided by the AI.
  • Feedback loop: Users can provide feedback to the AI language model based on the usefulness and relevance of the generated output. This feedback helps the AI system learn and improve its performance over time.

It’s important to note that AI video generators are not capable of creating complete videos themselves. They are tools that assist creators in brainstorming and developing content ideas. Human creativity and judgment are still crucial in the video production process to ensure the final product meets the desired objectives and resonates with the target audience.

2. Choose the Right Platform

To write creative AI video prompts, you’ll need to find a platform that offers an API or interface to interact with AI language models. AI-powered chatbots like ChatGPT is a popular choice for generating text-based prompts, but there might be other general AI options available as well.

3. Define Your Video Genre and Purpose

Before using AI to make a video, be clear about the type of content you want to create and the purpose behind them. Whether it’s educational content, storytelling, product promotion, or something else, defining the genre and purpose will help the AI generate relevant videos.

4. Write the Prompt

Write a clear and concise prompt that conveys your requirements for the AI model. The more specific and detailed your prompt is, the better the AI will understand your needs and provide relevant ideas.

Here GitMind illustrates what is a good prompt vs. a bad prompt:

5. Generate Video Ideas

Submit your prompt to the AI platform and let it generate video ideas for you. Review the generated clips and select the ones that align with your vision and goals. You might need to experiment with different prompts and iterations to find the best results.

6. Create Your Video

Once you have a list of AI-generated video ideas, start the video creation process. Use the ideas as a foundation and build your script, storyboard, and video content around them. Remember to add your creativity and personal touch to make the video unique.

7. Edit and Finalize

After composing your video content, edit and finalize the video according to your requirements. This step involves adding music, graphics, animations, or any other elements that enhance the overall production value.

8. Publish and Promote

Once your video is ready, publish it on relevant platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, or your website. Share it on social media and engage with your audience to maximize reach and impact.

Remember, AI video generators are tools to support your creativity, not a replacement for it. Embrace the technology and explore its possibilities while infusing your unique style and perspective into your videos.

What Are Some Easy AI Video Prompts for Beginners?

All right, let’s get into it.

If you’re just dipping your toes in the vast ocean of artificial intelligence and looking to create engaging video content about it, check out this beginners guide to AI video prompts.

Video Script Prompts

  • “Write a suspenseful thriller script involving a detective trying to solve a series of mysterious disappearances in a small town.”
  • “Develop a comedic web series script centered around a group of quirky roommates navigating the challenges of modern city life.”
  • “Craft an emotional monologue for a character reflecting on the importance of family and love during difficult times.”
  • “Write a sci-fi adventure script where a group of explorers encounters an ancient alien civilization on a distant planet.”
  • “Create a promotional script for a travel video highlighting the beauty and cultural richness of a specific destination.”

Video Series Prompts

  • “Start a weekly vlogging series where you share experiences and adventures as you learn a new skill each week.”
  • “Launch a documentary series exploring the history and evolution of various art forms across different cultures.”
  • “Create a ‘Mythbusters’-style series that debunks common misconceptions and myths about science and everyday life.”
  • “Develop an episodic animated series featuring a group of lovable characters on a quest to save their magical world.”
  • “Start a cooking series that celebrates diverse cuisines from around the world, introducing unique recipes to your audience.”

Concept Art Prompts

  • “Design an otherworldly landscape inhabited by mythical creatures and showcase the ecosystem they thrive in.”
  • “Illustrate a futuristic cityscape that blends advanced technology with sustainable environmental practices.”
  • “Create character concept art for a steampunk-inspired adventure story set in a post-apocalyptic world.”
  • “Design concept art for a magical forest filled with enchanted flora and fauna, perfect for an animated fantasy film.”
  • “Visualize a cyberpunk metropolis featuring towering skyscrapers, neon lights, and flying vehicles buzzing through the streets.”

Architecture Video Prompts

  • “Produce an architectural walkthrough video showcasing the innovative design and eco-friendly features of a sustainable housing project.”
  • “Create a time-lapse video documenting the construction process of an iconic landmark building from start to finish.”
  • “Present a virtual tour of a historic monument, offering insights into its architectural significance and cultural heritage.”
  • “Produce a series of interviews with renowned architects, discussing their vision and philosophy behind their iconic projects.”
  • “Develop a video exploring the use of innovative materials and cutting-edge techniques in modern architectural designs.”

Fashion Video Prompts

  • “Produce a glamorous fashion lookbook video featuring the latest haute couture designs inspired by art movements.”
  • “Create a behind-the-scenes video capturing the excitement and hard work that goes into preparing for a high-end fashion show.”
  • “Craft a short film showcasing a fashion designer’s journey from sketching ideas to the final runway presentation.”
  • “Develop a series of fashion tutorials, offering style tips and wardrobe hacks for different occasions and body types.”
  • “Produce a fashion documentary that explores the cultural influences and historical evolution of iconic fashion trends.”

Animated 3D Prompts

  • “Generate a 3D animation depicting an alien invasion scenario, with detailed spacecraft designs and thrilling action sequences.”
  • “Create a virtual 3D art gallery, showcasing a collection of AI-generated artworks with interactive elements for the audience.”
  • “Develop a 3D visualization of an underwater ecosystem, featuring colorful marine life and the beauty of coral reefs.”
  • “Produce a 3D model of a futuristic city skyline, complete with flying vehicles, holographic billboards, and advanced infrastructure.”
  • “Generate a 3D simulation of a fantasy battle scene, including mythical creatures, magical spells, and epic combat sequences.”

Anime Prompts

  • “Craft an anime storyline that follows the journey of a group of heroes trying to save their kingdom from an ancient evil.”
  • “Design unique character profiles for an anime series set in a cyberpunk world, blending technology and human emotions.”
  • “Create an anime romance plot that explores the challenges of love between characters from rival magical academies.”
  • “Develop an action-packed anime centered around a group of gifted teenagers harnessing elemental powers to protect the world.”
  • “Write a slice-of-life anime that revolves around the daily adventures and friendships of a group of high school students.”

Video Games Prompts

  • “Design a fantasy RPG game where players embark on a quest to recover lost artifacts and save a realm from darkness.”
  • “Create a simulation game where players manage a futuristic space colony and make critical decisions to ensure its survival.”
  • “Develop an open-world adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by mutated creatures and factions vying for control.”
  • “Design a puzzle-solving game where players explore an ancient temple filled with intricate traps and hidden secrets.”
  • “Craft a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game featuring unique heroes with distinct abilities, battling for supremacy.”

Cinematic Prompts

  • “Generate a cinematic sequence of a thrilling car chase through the bustling streets of a futuristic metropolis.”
  • “Create a visually stunning cinematic shot of a majestic dragon soaring across a breathtaking landscape.”
  • “Produce a dramatic slow-motion sequence of a superhero using their powers to save innocent civilians from imminent danger.”
  • “Generate a suspenseful cinematic scene in a haunted mansion, with eerie lighting and mysterious supernatural occurrences.”
  • “Develop an emotionally charged cinematic moment of a soldier reuniting with their family after a long and arduous war.”

Educational Prompts

  • “Produce an educational animation explaining the scientific principles behind climate change and its impact on the planet.”
  • “Create an informative video series that explores the history and cultural significance of various traditional art forms.”
  • “Develop a documentary-style video on the history and evolution of human language and communication.”
  • “Craft an educational video for kids, teaching them about the solar system and the wonders of space exploration.”
  • “Produce an interactive tutorial that guides viewers through the process of learning a new language, with fun exercises and quizzes.”

Music Prompts

  • “Compose an AI-generated orchestral masterpiece that evokes a sense of wonder and exploration.”
  • “Produce an electronic dance track using AI-generated beats and synths, creating a dynamic and energetic atmosphere.”
  • “Craft a heartfelt AI-generated song with emotional lyrics, reflecting on love, loss, and personal growth.”
  • “Create a mesmerizing ambient music piece, combining AI-generated atmospheric sounds with organic instruments.”
  • “Generate a unique fusion of different musical genres, blending AI-generated melodies with traditional rhythms and harmonies.”

DIY Tutorial Prompts

  • “Develop a step-by-step DIY tutorial video on building a solar-powered phone charger using readily available materials.”
  • “Create a DIY home decor tutorial, guiding viewers on how to make personalized wall art using recycled materials.”
  • “Produce a DIY fashion tutorial, showing how to upcycle old clothing items into trendy and stylish outfits.”
  • “Craft a DIY tech project video, teaching viewers how to assemble and program a smart home automation system.”
  • “Generate a DIY gardening tutorial, sharing tips on creating a sustainable vertical garden for urban spaces.”

Coding Prompts

  • “Develop a coding tutorial for beginners, introducing them to the basics of Python programming and creating a simple game.”
  • “Produce an advanced coding tutorial, demonstrating how to build a web application with React.js and serverless architecture.”
  • “Create a coding challenge video, inviting viewers to solve a complex algorithm problem using Java or C++.”
  • “Generate a tutorial on machine learning, explaining the process of training a neural network using TensorFlow or PyTorch.”
  • “Craft a coding project walkthrough, building a mobile app from scratch using Swift for iOS or Kotlin for Android.”

Marketing Prompts

  • “Produce a persuasive video advertisement for a sustainable fashion brand, highlighting eco-friendly materials and ethical practices.”
  • “Create a social media marketing video showcasing the unique features and benefits of a new tech gadget or app.”
  • “Develop a case study video, illustrating how a particular company achieved significant growth through innovative marketing strategies.”
  • “Craft a product demonstration video, showcasing the functionalities and real-world applications of a cutting-edge technology.”
  • “Generate a tutorial-style marketing video, teaching small business owners effective SEO techniques to boost online visibility.”

Feel free to use these AI-generated prompts as inspiration for your video content or as a starting point to spark your own creative ideas!

Another example of a good prompt vs. bad prompt from Geekflare

AI Video Prompts for Beginners: Tips and Tricks

New to AI video prompts? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you generate beautiful AI images and videos.

  • Use a prompt generation tool: It’s not easy to get an AI tool to create the exact video you’re looking for. This is especially challenging if you are not adept at writing prompts. The solution is — you guessed it — AI! Prompt generation tools are great for beginners who are just starting to use AI video generators. Some of the popular prompt generators are ChatGPT, AI Text Prompt Generator,, ChatX, Coefficient, PromptPerfect, PromptStorm, PromptoMania, WebUtility, AI Art Prompt Generator, PromptHero, and PromptBase.
  • Start with specific prompts: When you’re new to AI video prompts, begin with specific prompts to get focused and relevant ideas. Specific prompts are easier for the AI model to understand, and they will likely produce more targeted suggestions.
  • Keep prompts concise and clear: Ensure your prompts are clear and concise. Avoid overly complex language or ambiguous requests, as they might lead to less relevant responses.
  • Combine multiple prompts: For more diverse and unique ideas, try combining multiple prompts or ask the AI to build upon its previous response. This can lead to interesting and unexpected video concepts.
  • Personalize your prompts: Inject your personality and preferences into the prompts. Tailor the requests to align with your interests and the type of videos you want to create.
  • Experiment with different prompts: Your initial attempts may not yield perfect results. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various prompts and iterate on them. The more you experiment, the better you’ll understand how to refine your requests and get the results you want. Review the results, identify what works best for you, and continue refining your approach to get better outcomes.
  • Embrace creativity: AI video prompts are there to spark your creativity, not limit it. Use the generated ideas as a starting point, and let your imagination take over to add your unique flair and perspective to the content.
  • Stay open-minded: The AI might provide ideas you hadn’t considered before. Be open-minded and willing to explore new concepts and genres you might not have thought of initially.
  • Seek inspiration from AI creatives: AI-generated content can inspire you in unexpected ways. Expose yourself to AI-generated art, music, or writing to see how others have harnessed AI creatively.
  • Combine AI with the human touch: While AI video prompts can be a great resource, remember to combine them with your unique perspective and storytelling abilities. Human creativity and emotions add depth and authenticity to the final product.
  • Data is key: An important aspect to note is that quality and quantity both matter when it comes to feeding the right kind of input data into AI systems to ensure the best possible outcomes. Strive to collect a diverse and rich dataset whenever possible.
  • Give feedback: If you’re using an AI platform with feedback loops, take the opportunity to provide feedback on the prompts. This helps the AI improve and better understand your preferences over time.


Ready to dive into the world of AI? Discover how generative AI can create stunning YouTube content with this beginners guide to AI video prompts.

AI video prompts can be an exciting and valuable tool to kickstart your creativity and generate fresh ideas for your video content. Don’t worry if you’re new to this; just dive in and have fun exploring the world of AI-generated inspiration.

Thanks to this beginners guide to AI video prompts, you now have a list of easy-to-use prompts in your arsenal, ready for action.

And those tips and tricks? They’ll be your secret weapon in creating engaging YouTube content like never before.

Remember, the key is to choose the right platform, keep your prompts clear and concise, and be open to experimenting with different ideas. Embrace your own unique style and perspective, and let the AI be your trusty sidekick in the creative process.

AI video prompts are there to support you, not limit you. So, mix in your creativity, sprinkle in your imagination, and add that human touch to create videos that truly resonate with your audience.

The world of AI is vast and exciting. It’s only just beginning to show its potential in transforming our digital lives.

Your exploration doesn’t have to end here though. With your newfound expertise, you’re primed to become an authority in this field!

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