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For as little as $0.005/word, you can add up to 100 keywords you want to rank for and get back 100 high-quality and SEO-optimized posts (2,667 words on average!) within just a few minutes – and they are all practically publish-ready out of the box!

Unlike other AI writing tools that are solely a layer on top of GPT-3, this uses 3 AI engines and natural language processing with semantic analysis algorithms to learn context for the keyword. It then delivers entire posts, start-to-finish, with no human intervention… and now the system produces such human-like content it’s the only AI solution in the world that bypasses AI detection!

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Is this safe?

100%. Due to extensive time being spent on quality and helpfulness, the content has withstood the Google Helpful Content update and actually led to better results. Why? Because it’s helpful. We add things like a Table of Contents, for example, that helps the reader understand what they’re going to read, and clicks / scrolls help show Google there is engagement.

Not only this, but we have developed the first AI content that is actually so human-like it passes AI content detection!

What is expected of me?

Simply upload a keyword and click “Add Content” and you’re good to go!

The built-in editor allows you to edit the content as you see fit, pull in more contextually relevant content based on what’s ranking or whatever you want to add to the content.

We recommend following the Hubspot model to get content published at scale, then track analytics and search console data to determine which posts to go back to and invest more time in 10x’ing those pieces.

Does it actually work?

Definitely! We have indexed thousands of pieces of content and have been working with clients on four figure monthly retainers while using this system to do the heavy lifting.

How this different from [insert AI writer tool]?

For a full comparison, you can read all about it here.

AI writing assistants require you handhold the content creation process. Additionally, all content produced by every other tool leaves traces of AI that is easily detectable. Content at Scale is the only platform that produces content so human-like that it bypasses AI content detection.

Additionally, we were founded by someone with 15 years of experience in SEO and content marketing. So you get so many more SEO benefits (internal linking, image sizes are crunched for page load times and alt tags are optimized for SEO, engaging sections of content to keep readers on-site longer, etc).

Can I have it create ad copy or landing page copy?

This is purpose-built for blog content and that is our sole focus. However, on our Agency plan we can custom build something for you that would achieve what you need when it comes to copy.

Is there a guarantee?

There is! If you aren’t happy with your first 5 posts (on our standard packages above), let us know and we’ll refund your money.

This IS a beta, so we would love to hear your feedback. We are literally making improvements to the platform every day.

Do unused credits rollover?

They sure do! For up to six months. They will expire though if your subscription ends.

What happens if we don’t like how the article turned out?

You can re-run it (and no this doesn’t use a credit)! I recommend giving the AI more context when you re-run it so that it will follow your instructions and therefore put together a post that is in line with your expectations. The cool thing is – the AI will generate a unique piece of content every time.

You can see samples here, here, and here.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We do! Go here to get registered and get your tracking link.

HOW can this be???

There is no other solution that allows you to get a quality piece of content by simply just providing a keyword. AI writer tools on the market require a lot of handholding and are simply a layer on top of gpt-3.

This combines several AI engines, natural language processing, and semantic analysis algorithms to understand context and deliver a quality piece of content out of the gate with no human intervention.

Can I use this for multiple websites?

Absolutely. There is no limit to the number of projects you create.

Are there images?

Images don’t come automatically (yet!), but you can choose feature images and upload images and our system will automatically crunch the file size down so that your page speed is optimized. It will also optimize it for SEO.

Can I do more posts above my plan?

Yep! You just need to upgrade or purchase additional post credits one-off. If you are on the Agency plan and want more than 100, just contact us to work out a custom plan with bulk rate discounts.

Can you custom build something just for me?

Yes! If you are on the Agency plan, we will be happy to work with you on creating a custom module for your installation that interfaces with our AI. Pricing is separate.

For example, someone wanted a module that would allow them to generate custom bio’s for their thousands of real estate agents.

What type of content works best?

Informational content is most ideal. How-to’s, tips, this vs that, what is, ideas, etc type posts work great!

What if I want less than 20 posts?

While studies show that folks who publish at least 20 blogs per month get 4x the inbound lead flow, we understand not everyone is ready to start cranking out content at that volume.

Once you see how easy it is with Content at Scale you will want to ramp up, but to make things easier to get started we have rolled out a lower volume tier:

4 Posts Per Month = $150/mo ($37.50/post). Get This Plan.

If you aren’t happy with your first two posts within your first 30 days, we will issue a full refund.

Can you just do it all for me?

Yep! We have a fully done-for-you service. We’ll handle everything from keyword research to editing, optimizing and scheduling the content right on your blog for daily publishing.

You will get 20 optimized posts per month for $2,000/mo. You can sign up for it here.

How come you charge for the beta?

Each piece of content costs us money. There’s a lot of juice going behind the scenes to pull this off. 
Again, it’s not just a layer on top of gpt-3 or something like that. It’s using a complex mix of 3 AI engines, natural language processing and semantic analysis algorithms in addition to crawling Google and parsing content that’s ranking… this is how it’s able to put it all together in a way so human-like that it bypasses AI content detection. With that all said, we are literally talking about $0.005 to $0.01/word type pricing so it’s incredibly affordable for what it does.