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Agencies vs Freelancers vs AI for Content Creation – Which is Best for Your Business?

Julia McCoy
Wednesday, 1st Mar 2023
Julia McCoy
5 min read · Jan 11 2022
agencies vs freelancers vs ai for content creation

Many businesses do not employ an in-house creative team and choose to outsource content creation instead.

If we’re comparing agencies vs freelancers vs AI for content creation, who would come out on top?

But first, let’s look at the content production landscape. While AI can help brands scale content generation, they still need to add a human touch to their content for it to stand out. Therefore, hiring human writers — whether it be a digital agency or freelancers — is still a good investment.

According to Semrush, human intervention is still needed in completing marketing tasks such as keyword research, creating visuals, responding to blog comments, and performing search intent analysis.

Today’s blog post will explore the pros and cons of using creative agencies vs freelancers vs AI for content creation. We’ll also provide tips on how to manage each type of content team effectively and ensure high-quality output from all sources involved in the project.

Agency vs Freelancer: Who Does It Better?

From research to editing, content creation can take up so much of your time. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Creative agencies, freelance writers, and AI solutions can all help you produce high-quality content for your online spaces.

Let’s see how marketing agencies and freelancers stack up against each other.

Pros and Cons of Working With an Agency

A marketing agency employs knowledgeable professionals who understand the ins and outs of the industry. Agencies often have a pool of writers and editors who specialize in certain topics or industries so they can quickly produce high-quality work on tight deadlines.

In addition to writing ad copy, agencies provide a variety of services like SEO, social media management, and analytics tracking.

Unfortunately, hiring a content marketing agency can be costly. Agencies tend to charge higher rates than freelancers since they have to cover overhead costs such as rent, office equipment, and payroll.

Another potential downside is the lack of flexibility. Since agencies usually require long-term contracts for larger projects, businesses may not have much control over the creative process if something changes mid-project or needs adjustments after launch.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Freelancer

Cost savings is the biggest advantage for companies that hire freelance writers.

These contractors also offer greater flexibility in terms of project scope since they are usually open to taking on smaller jobs.

And because freelance content writers do not need approval from multiple stakeholders, they can work with faster turnaround times.

Additionally, freelance writers often bring unique perspectives based on their personal experiences which could make your written pieces stand out from others in the same industry space.

One major drawback of working with individual freelancers is reliability. Since freelance content writers are not your employees, there’s no guarantee that they will deliver without proper oversight. This could result in poor quality and missed deadlines — leading to costly delays in production.

Building a content creation team requires careful consideration. Freelancers and agencies have their own benefits and drawbacks, yet automation could be the eventual future of content marketing — offering far more potential in speed and monetary savings.

For example, see in this YouTube video we have a full walkthrough of our client JourneyEngine seeing how Content at Scale could help them. They saved tremendous overhead by switching to our content automation tool – a whopping 25x on content costs!

Artificial Intelligence for Content Creation

AI and automation are increasingly becoming popular tools for content creation. AI can help marketers craft content that is more exact and tailored to their intended viewers. Automation tools can facilitate the entire content production process, expediting the creation of large amounts of material in a shorter period.

AI-based technology has made it feasible to produce top-notch content at incredible speeds. By leveraging natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, marketers can create personalized messages tailored to each customer’s individual needs.

AI-driven solutions can also identify trends in user behavior. This helps you stay ahead of competitors who are still not using AI.

With all these advantages, what’s stopping you from switching to AI now?

The biggest challenge of AI content creation is the potential to yield results that sound robotic and do not embody a brand’s voice.

There is also substantial data input required to train an AI system which could divert resources away from other tasks.

The good news is that Content at Scale has solved all these issues. As one of the more advanced AI writing tools, Content at Scale allows you to set the tone for your content so that it sounds like it was written by a human. And it writes articles at incredible speeds so you can upload keywords in bulk and get an almost publish-ready 2,000-word article within minutes.

All you have to do is optimize what the AI wrote — or what we call AIO — which is similar to the old SEO techniques. A few tweaks here and there and you’re ready to publish!

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Agencies vs Freelancers vs AI for Content Creation

Now let’s compare agencies vs freelancers vs AI for content creation in terms of speed, cost, and reliability.


AI writers like Content at Scale are significantly faster than human freelance writers, allowing you to quickly produce high-quality content for your website or blog.

It only takes around a minute to generate an entire article via AI, whereas humans might need at least two hours. This means that if you need 10 articles written in one day, an AI writer can do it in less than 10 minutes while a human would take over 20 hours.

AI writers also don’t need to sleep or take breaks. They can work 24/7 and churn out more pieces of content on demand.

Additionally, AI writers don’t require any direction from you — all you have to do is enter some keywords into the software and let it do its job. You won’t need to spend time briefing the writer on what needs to be done or provide feedback after each draft.

Finally, because AI writers are powered by algorithms rather than humans, they never get tired or bored with writing tasks. Every article produced will always be up to standard regardless of how many times it has been generated before. This ensures consistency across all your content pieces which is essential for SEO purposes.


If you need to produce new content every week, the cost of hiring freelance writers can quickly add up. In comparison, AI writers offer flat monthly rate pricing that makes them more affordable in the long run.

If you hire freelance writers, you could pay for their services per project, per hour, or even per word. Rates range from $5 to $50 per project. While these rates may seem reasonable at first glance, they cannot compete with the affordability offered by AI writers.


When it comes to reliability, AI writers are usually more dependable than freelance writers. Artificial intelligence technology can produce consistent results and deliver on time without being affected by personal issues.

Additionally, errors in quality or relevancy are generally predictable and don’t prevent the delivery of the final product within the deadline. Even if an AI writer is unable to produce high-quality content about some topics, it will still consistently generate content that editors can improve upon.

On the other hand, medical issues or family emergencies can lead to work delays if you’re working with a freelance writer.

Another concern with freelancers is accountability. There is no guarantee that they will turn out excellent work and meet deadlines consistently.

While both types of writing services have their advantages and disadvantages, AI technology tends to come out ahead since its output is more consistent and dependable than human labor alone can provide — making it ideal for businesses that need reliable content delivered quickly and accurately every single time.

How to Choose the Right Content Team

When choosing between agencies vs freelancers vs AI for content creation, it is essential to evaluate the requirements of the project. Marketing agencies typically specialize in larger projects such as website design and development while freelancers may be better suited for smaller tasks like blog posts and social media updates. AI solutions are ideal for repetitive tasks such as data entry and keyword research.

Marketing agencies typically charge the highest rates due to their expertise in creating high-quality content on a large scale basis. Freelancers offer more affordable rates but may not have the same level of experience as marketing agencies do in producing professional-quality work quickly and efficiently at scale.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, automated systems using artificial intelligence technology can prove beneficial compared to hiring multiple freelancers or paying expensive agency fees. However, some upfront costs may be required for setting up such a system within your organization’s workflow.

Key Takeaway: Businesses should consider their budget and the type of content they need when choosing between agencies vs freelancers vs AI for content creation.

Quality Assurance in Content Creation

Whether you’re working with an agency, freelancer, or AI solution, it’s important to ensure that the final product meets your standards.

Here are three crucial steps in content QA.

  1. Set clear guidelines on what constitutes acceptable work before beginning a project so everyone understands their responsibilities.
  2. Schedule regular check-ins at different stages of the content production process to catch issues early.
  3. Delegate final QA duties to one team member who will be responsible for reviewing all output prior to publication to ensure accuracy and consistency across all content platforms.

Tips on How to Improve Content Quality

  • Establish brand guidelines that clearly define messaging objectives along with visual identity elements such as fonts, colors, and logos.
  • Develop detailed editorial style guides outlining specific rules around grammar, tone, and voice.
  • Regularly review progress reports from the content team.
  • Consider adopting automated tools such as spellcheckers or plagiarism scanners to quickly detect errors or inconsistencies in the text.
  • Provide feedback promptly so that corrections can be made right away.
  • Regularly audit existing materials while keeping track of new assets.


In most cases, AI writers can provide a great alternative to human writers. AI writers offer speed and cost advantages that far outweigh their weaknesses in factual accuracy, brand strategy, and opinion pieces. Content at Scale is an example of an AI writer that offers these benefits at a fraction of the cost and time investment compared to freelancers or agencies.

In addition to being faster and cheaper than human writers, AI technology has advanced enough that it can produce quality content with minimal editing required. This makes it ideal for businesses looking to quickly create high volumes of content without sacrificing quality standards.

When choosing between agencies vs freelancers vs AI for content creation, there may be certain situations where hiring a human is still necessary (e.g., highly specialized topics). By carefully evaluating each option based on its strengths and weaknesses, you can find the right team for your content strategy.

Written by Julia McCoy

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