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Making Money With AI: 5 Affiliate Marketing Secrets Revealed

Julia McCoy
Friday, 1st Mar 2024

So, you’re into affiliate marketing. And maybe you’ve heard that AI is changing the game. It’s true. In a recent video, I interviewed Marcus Campbell, a.k.a. The Affiliate Marketing Dude, and he showed us how AI has turned his business into a revenue machine — with minimal human input!

Before he discovered Content at Scale, Marcus was spending over $100,000 on human writers to produce content for his affiliate sites. Now that he’s using AI, he only pays $15 per article while also shrinking his content production timeline from 1.5 months to only 4 days. 🤯

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you the secrets to killing it with AI. You’ll see firsthand the economic impact of replacing human-only content creation with AIO and learn about crafting high-quality content without breaking the bank.

We’ll also cover SEO strategies tailored for affiliate marketers like yourself so you can start seriously upping your game.

Secret #1: Reduce Content Creation Cost and Lead Time with AI

Marcus Campbell has spent a whopping $150,000 in content creation over the last three years. And it usually takes him 1.5 months to grow a website for a single client.

His process includes buying a domain, building a website, hiring writers, uploading content, and getting the site to rank.

It was a massive investment, but Marcus didn’t mind. As long as he secured lucrative domains and honed in on the right keywords, his content consistently ranked — and made money.

When he first heard about Content at Scale, Marcus was skeptical. Like most people fooled by media and Hollywood, his idea of AI is that of machines annihilating humankind. That didn’t sit well with him. 😬

But after giving it some thought, he eventually caved in and gave Content at Scale a shot.

Thanks to AI, Marcus is now only paying around $15 per 3,000-word article instead of $20 per 1,000-word article at or 8 cents per word at

With Content at Scale, not only is content production much cheaper but it’s way more efficient than ever before.

What used to take Marcus a month and a half now only takes four days. Yes, you read that right. Four days to deliver fully-fledged affiliate websites packed with content!

This comparison sheds light on an essential truth: while initial investments in AI might seem steep or daunting, the long-term savings are undeniable.

Secret #2: Go After Keywords with Commercial Intent

As an affiliate marketer, Marcus focuses on profit potential when choosing a niche. It doesn’t have to be a topic you’re passionate about. Choose keywords that have clear commercial intent but are still within the bounds of ethics.

By targeting low-competition keywords (KD of 1), you can potentially discover millions of untapped opportunities to write about and potentially generate income through affiliate marketing.

With a built-in keyword research tool, Content at Scale can help you unearth these gems and create comprehensive blog posts tailored to consumer needs, ultimately boosting your chances of success.

Selecting the right keywords isn’t just about volume or competition; it’s about intent — understanding why someone would search for this term helps tailor content that meets their needs precisely.

Marcus emphasizes creating every piece with the end-user in mind because ultimately, they’re who matter most.

Secret #3: Buy Expired Domains

Once you have a list of keywords, dig into expired domains. Expired domains might already carry some valuable backlinks and authority which can give you a head start in ranking efforts.

This strategy isn’t about taking shortcuts but leveraging existing assets to build something even more valuable. The real magic happens when this approach meets meticulous keyword research, pinpointing opportunities that competitors may have overlooked.

Secret #4: Generate High-Quality Content to Rank Well

Imagine this: You’re looking to boost your affiliate site’s content, but you want quality that sounds human and engaging. That’s where Content at Scale steps in.

This isn’t about churning out generic content. It’s about creating something valuable and insightful — exactly what search engines love. Marcus found that using AI didn’t mean he had to sacrifice the quality of his work; rather, it presented a chance to improve his content strategy without breaking the bank.

One of the first projects that Marcus did with Content at Scale was an SUV site called Here’s one of the articles that the AI wrote for this topic:

This website ranked for some highly competitive keywords in the SUV market:

And in just 2 days, it was already ranking:

All Marcus did was enter the keyword “worst SUVs to buy” into Content at Scale and the AI did the rest.

The app generated an entire blog post from start to finish — including the title, meta description, table of contents, H2-H4 headers, and intro and conclusion.

Marcus did ask a human optimizer to add SUV images to the blog post to make it more engaging.

Secret #5: Monetize Traffic with Expertise

Getting a website to rank fast is only part of the story. Marcus combined this quick success with deep monetization knowledge to turn increased traffic into revenue efficiently.

Utilizing affiliate links within well-crafted content allowed him not just to attract visitors but also to convert them at higher rates.

One of the most successful websites Marcus made a lot of money from is

After Marcus acquired the domain, began climbing the ranks with AI-generated content. His strategy involved leveraging the existing keywords the site ranked for and using Content at Scale to generate new, fresh content effortlessly.

Marcus currently has one writer on his team who can churn out 5 blog posts a day – a big jump from their usual goal of 2 articles a week. And get this, she’s putting out Content at Scale content with hardly any human touch-ups!

Now, has 20 articles which cost Marcus just $300. He used to spend $100 for human-written content that almost always falls short.

For many affiliate marketers, this is a tough act to follow, especially with traditional human labor. If you don’t hop on the AI train like Marcus Di, you might find yourself lagging behind your competitors.

The Future of Affiliate Marketing with AI

In the realm of affiliate marketing, AI’s role extends far beyond mere content generation. It offers a preview into an exciting future where efficiency meets creativity.

Imagine tools that not only write articles but also optimize them in real-time for SEO, predict trends before they become mainstream, and personalize content at scale to match user intent perfectly.

This vision isn’t as distant as it might seem. Already, platforms like Content at Scale are laying the groundwork by providing structured, high-quality articles that rival traditional methods. The progression suggests a future where the art of marketing shifts towards strategic thinking, liberating creators from the intricate details of crafting content.

But what truly sets this future apart is its accessibility. With reduced costs and faster turnaround times — as evidenced by Marcus Campbell’s experience — smaller players have the opportunity to compete alongside giants without compromising quality or agility.

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Turn Your Affiliate Sites Into Cash Machines with AI

Marcus Campbell has ditched the manual grind and hopped onto the AI content train, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer for his affiliate business. He’s scaling up big-time while slashing his spending on writers!

Get this, his target keywords are pulling in over 30,000 searches a month. Plus, his Content at Scale-generated content is snagging those coveted #1 spots with just a smidge of human tweaking, like 5% or so.

Affiliate marketing with AI is your ticket to revolutionizing the game. Through Marcus Campbell’s experience, we’ve learned that embracing AI not only cuts costs but also reduces lead time — getting those expired domains to climb back to the top in just a few days instead of weeks.

Remember, quality matters. Content at Scale proved you don’t have to compromise on depth or structure for efficiency.

And SEO? It’s still king in driving traffic and rankings, made even more powerful with AI’s help.

Remember, the golden rule is to blend AI innovation with a sharp focus on what users are searching for by choosing your keywords wisely and always prioritizing crafting top-notch content.

The future is now; make sure you’re part of it.

Written by Julia McCoy

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