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Top AI Content Creation Free Tools

Julia McCoy
Tuesday, 9th May 2023
Julia McCoy
5 min read · Jan 11 2022
How to generate AI content for free or low cost

Companies pay their content creators close to $60K per year. Industry leaders Cisco, Meta, Netflix, Microsoft, and Google spend around $80K.

On freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, content writers charge around $26 per hour.

If you’re a small business working on a tight budget, how can you afford to pay so many people to keep up with a tight editorial schedule?

The answer is AI content creation free tools.

In this guide, I’ll share with you how you can reduce your marketing costs by combining AI content with the talents of your skilled human creators.

We’ll look at some of the best free AI content generator tools, their limitations, and how smart human oversight can save the day.

If you’re a marketing agency finding ways to cut costs without compromising quality, then AI content creation free tools could be a game-changer.

Let’s get started.

Table Of Contents:

What is AI Content Creation?

If you’ve ever wished for a magic wand to create content, AI content generation tools might be the closest thing you’ll find. We’re witnessing a transformation in content marketing processes, thanks to these innovative tools.

AI writers generate text using natural language processing (NLP) technology which allows machines to understand human language nuances.

To put it simply: You feed the machine an idea or topic, and it runs with it. Using vast databases of existing text as a reference point, these tools analyze patterns in language and structure to generate new pieces of writing that align with your initial prompt.

This isn’t random guesswork but rather sophisticated pattern recognition at play — making sure the output is coherent and contextually relevant.

The versatility of free AI content generators is impressive — from blog posts aiming for SEO gold to catchy tweets designed to engage followers on social media platforms, AI has got you covered.

Technical documents no longer have to drain hours from your day nor does crafting that perfect narrative for creative storytelling.

Real-World Applications of AI in Content Creation

AI is changing the game when it comes to creating content. It’s like having a supercharged assistant that helps us whip up stuff faster, all while adding that special human touch.

Blogging has taken a quantum leap forward with AI tools. AI writers help bloggers generate fresh ideas, create draft posts, or even polish final articles. This isn’t just about churning out content; it’s about enhancing quality while saving time.

Social media marketers are also using AI to craft engaging posts that resonate with their audience. By analyzing data on what works best, these tools can suggest content tweaks that significantly increase engagement rates.

In the realm of technical writing, where accuracy and clarity are paramount, AI jumps in to help get it right and keep it simple. It’s like having a buddy who makes sure your tech jargon makes sense without losing any of the necessary complexity.

Creative storytelling too hasn’t been left untouched. Writers now use AI to overcome writer’s block by generating story prompts or developing character arcs – essentially acting as a muse for the digital age.

Each application demonstrates how integrating artificial intelligence into content creation processes doesn’t just save time but also opens up new possibilities for creativity and connection with audiences across various platforms.

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Top AI Content Creation Free Tools

Diving straight into the world of free AI content creation tools, let’s explore some top picks that have been making waves.


ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, stands out as a versatile AI content creation tool. Its free version offers limited access to OpenAI’s powerful GPT models, which can generate text, code, and more.

One of its key features is the ability to engage in interactive dialogues, which help refine ideas into structured outcomes. This makes it ideal for Q&A formats or detailed explanations.

  • Free Version: ChatGPT’s core functionality is free to use via its web interface. You can engage in conversations, generate text, translate, write different creative content forms, and get answers to your questions in an informative way.
  • Pros: Powerful language model, versatile for various tasks, excellent conversational abilities. Offers a knowledge base that continues to grow, allowing for increasingly informative responses.
  • Cons: Can be prone to factual inaccuracies or biases, sometimes generates nonsensical text, and capacity limitations during peak hours can lead to unavailability.


Google Gemini (formerly Bard) is a free AI content creation tool that offers users the ability to generate various forms of creative writing, such as poetry and short stories. While it’s not as widely known as some other tools on this list, it provides a unique platform for users interested in creative expression.

With its free version, users can experiment with generating different styles of writing and explore their creativity.

  • Free version: Similar to ChatGPT, you can chat, generate various creative content types, and ask questions from Gemini. Its primary advantage over ChatGPT is that it’s part of the Google family and therefore has real-time access to the world’s biggest search engine. To know more about how Gemini stacks up to ChatGPT, check out our comparison guide on Bard vs. ChatGPT.
  • Pros: Based on current capabilities, Bard/Gemini has the potential to be powerful, versatile, comprehensive, factual, and unbiased.
  • Cons: As it’s under development, there’s limited information on the drawbacks of this new version.

With its basic free plan, offers users access to a range of content generation features. From ads to blog posts, can generate content for various purposes, making it a versatile tool. Its user-friendly interface and customizable options make it easy to create tailored content quickly.

However, the free plan comes with a capped number of credits per month. Users who require more extensive usage may find themselves needing to upgrade to a paid plan.

  • Free version: Grants 2,000 words per month and access to 90+ copywriting templates.
  • Pros: Excellent for generating marketing copy, product descriptions, and social media content. Provides a diverse selection of copywriting tools to choose from.
  • Cons: Limited monthly word count on the free plan, some tools may require fine-tuning or additional input to produce optimal results.


Rytr provides a user-friendly platform for content generation with its basic free plan. Users can access various content formats, including blog posts, social media content, and more. The tool’s intuitive interface makes it easy to use, even for those new to AI-powered writing tools.

However, the free plan comes with limited functionalities, and the quality of generated content may vary. For users looking for a simple yet effective content creation tool, Rytr’s free version offers a good starting point.

  • Free version: Allows the generation of up to 10,000 characters per month, access to 30+ use cases, 20+ tones, and support for 30+ languages.
  • Pros: Wide array of templates and use cases, intuitive interface, offers multiple writing tones to match your style, available as a browser extension for easy integration.
  • Cons: Limited character output on the free plan, quality of generated text can vary depending on the use case.


Writesonic provides AI-powered assistance for generating content across different platforms. Its free version offers limited access to basic features, but users can still create content such as ads and product descriptions. The tool’s AI-driven copywriting assistance helps users generate high-quality content quickly.

However, the free plan may have usage restrictions and access to advanced features, making it suitable for those with lighter content creation needs.

  • Free version: Includes 10 credits (equivalent to roughly 6,250 words), access to short-form content generators, and in-app tutorials.
  • Pros: Well-suited for creating blog posts, landing pages, and product descriptions. Offers SEO-optimized content generation.
  • Cons: Credit-based system on the free plan, potential need for editing and polishing the AI output.


Simplified streamlines the content creation process with its AI-powered tools for writing, editing, and more. Its free plan offers basic functionalities, including templates for various content types. The tool aims to simplify the content creation process for users, making it ideal for those seeking efficiency.

  • Free version: 3,000 words per month, various content generation tools, SEO insights, and a Chrome extension.
  • Pros: User-friendly interface, good for short-form content and social media posts. Includes features for graphic design in addition to AI content creation.
  • Cons: Content may lack depth compared to paid competitors and a focus on short-form writing limits its use for longer projects.

Paragraph AI

For those who need writing assistance on the go, Paragraph AI provides instant help through its mobile app. Quick emails or social media captions become effortless to draft. While this app shines in crafting brief messages, it’s your unique flair that will bring the necessary depth and allure to more extensive compositions.

  • Free version: Offers a free trial, details of the fully free plan are less readily available.
  • Pros: Specializes in long-form writing and rewriting existing content. Can aid in improving content flow and coherence.
  • Cons: The extent of the free version is unclear, some features may be gated behind a paid subscription.

Remember, free plans serve as a great starting point, but paid versions might offer better quality, features, and capacity. Check out our comparison guide on the best AI writing tools for premium users.

Whether you’re using a free or paid AI content generator, it’s crucial to always fact-check and edit AI-generated content before using it. Learn the difference between AI vs. human content and why AI can never replace human expertise and judgment.

Limitations of Free AI Content Generators

Free AI writing tools are like those one-size-fits-all T-shirts. They promise a lot but often fall short of delivering the perfect fit for everyone’s needs.

The main issue? Quality inconsistency. Imagine baking cookies with an unpredictable oven; sometimes, they come out just right, and other times, well… not so much. This is what happens when you rely solely on free AI content generators. The output can range from surprisingly insightful to barely coherent, making it essential to have a human editor on standby.

The lack of creative imagination presents its own set of hurdles. Although these tools excel at replicating existing writing styles and structures, pushing them toward genuine creativity is like asking a fish to scale a tree — it’s simply not what they’re built for. When it comes to tasks demanding originality or an emotional connection, human input becomes indispensable.

Then there’s the need for human oversight which cannot be understated. Just as pilots remain ready even when the autopilot button is on, writers must stay vigilant when using AI tools. Even though automation can save time initially, without proper guidance and editing by humans familiar with the target audience and objectives, the outcome may miss its mark significantly.

All this isn’t to say that free AI writing tools aren’t useful — they certainly are — but recognizing their limitations helps set realistic expectations and ensures their most effective use within your content creation process.

Why Agencies Should Ditch Free AI Content Generators

While free AI writing tools can be a good entry point, marketing agencies often find several compelling reasons to opt for paid AI writing tools over their free counterparts.

Advanced Features

Paid AI writing tools often offer a more extensive range of features compared to free versions. These features may include access to more advanced AI models, additional content formats, enhanced customization options, and improved collaboration tools.

Paid plans may unlock unique features like plagiarism checkers, SEO optimization tools, and integration with other marketing platforms, streamlining the content creation workflow.

For marketing agencies looking to create diverse and high-quality content at scale, these advanced features are invaluable.

Better Quality Content

Premium subscriptions often come with access to AI models that produce higher-quality content with better accuracy and coherence. This is particularly important for marketing agencies that need to maintain a consistent brand voice and uphold professional standards in their content output.

The improved quality of content generated by paid tools can contribute to better engagement and conversion rates.

Increased Productivity

Paid AI writing tools typically offer faster processing speeds and the ability to generate larger volumes of content in less time. This can greatly boost productivity for marketing agencies, allowing them to meet tight deadlines and handle multiple projects simultaneously.

Time-saving features such as batch processing and content scheduling further streamline workflows, enabling teams to focus on strategy and creativity.

Higher Limits

Free plans often have character or word count limitations. Paid plans offer significantly higher capacity, allowing agencies to handle larger workloads and meet client deadlines more efficiently.

Customization and Integration

Premium AI content generators often provide more extensive customization options and integration capabilities compared to free versions. Advanced features like access to specific writing styles, tone of voice, and industry-specific templates allow agencies to tailor content to their clients’ unique needs and target audiences.

Customizable templates, API access, and integration with popular platforms like CRM and CMS systems enable greater flexibility and scalability.

Team Collaboration

Many paid tools offer team collaboration features, making it easier for agencies to manage projects and share content across teams, fostering a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

Priority Support

Premium subscribers often receive priority customer support, with access to dedicated support channels and faster response times. This level of support can be crucial for marketing agencies that rely heavily on AI writing tools for their content creation needs.

Timely assistance with technical issues or usage questions ensures minimal disruption to workflow and helps maximize the tool’s effectiveness.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

Paid AI writing tools may offer additional security measures and data protection features to safeguard sensitive information. This is particularly important for marketing agencies handling confidential client data or proprietary content.

Premium subscriptions often include advanced encryption protocols, secure cloud storage options, and compliance with industry regulations such as GDPR.

While free AI writing tools offer basic functionalities, marketing agencies stand to benefit significantly from investing in paid versions. Premium subscriptions like Content at Scale offer access to advanced features such as keyword research, topic reports, customized content briefs, content optimization audits, SEO and NLP scores, in-app plagiarism scanning and AI detection, and integration with WordPress and Shopify.

Want to boost your revenue with compelling AI content? Find tips on how to generate income with Content at Scale.

FAQs – AI Content Creation Free Tools

Is there any free AI content generator?

Yes, tools like ChatGPT and Rytr offer no-cost options to kick-start your AI-driven content creation journey.

How to create AI for free?

Dive into platforms like Simplified or use open-source libraries if you’re tech-savvy. Both paths let you explore AI creations at zero cost.

Is there an AI that writes stuff for free?

Absolutely. Writesonic has a generous free tier that gets the ball rolling on producing various types of written content with ease.


Exploring the world of free AI content creation tools opens up exciting possibilities for boosting your productivity and unleashing your creativity. You’ve learned how to use AI to create content without breaking the bank, making your writing process smoother and more innovative.

Tools like ChatGPT and Gemini can revolutionize how you craft stories or social media posts. But also remember, these tools aren’t perfect on their own. To truly excel, they require the touch of your expertise to unleash their full potential.

Especially for agencies looking to cut costs without cutting corners, integrating AI smartly means staying ahead in the game while keeping quality high.

In all this, patience is key. Start small, learn the ropes, and let AI help you create top-notch content with confidence and flair.

Written by Julia McCoy

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