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Our AI Detector Pro is Now LIVE

Justin McGill
Thursday, 28th Sep 2023
AI detector pro now live

Does AI detection matter?

Back in February, Google said it doesn’t. As long as the content you’re putting out is helpful to users, it will get rewarded.

However, robotic-sounding content is anything but helpful. If it’s obvious a bot generated your content, that’s not great for readability or the user experience. And Google WILL ding that.

On top of that, many people use AI to help them create content beyond just SEO, and they want it to read well.

Here’s the good news: scanning, creating, and publishing undetectable content just got easier. Why?

Content at Scale is now offering a premium version of our AI Detector that includes undetectable rewrites.

For just $49 per month, you can:

  • Scan up to 50,000 characters at once
  • Paraphrase AI-detected sentences
  • Rewrite all AI-detected sections in one go with our pioneering undetectable AI
  • Scan text and images by URL
  • Scan and edit content all on the same page

Since launching our proprietary AI Detector late last year, users have been asking for a more premium version of our in-demand tool.

While many of you are happy to use our free AI detector, editing AI-detected content has become a real challenge.

We hear you.

You want something far more functional for the day-to-day work you do.

You want to not just detect AI content but actually USE our industry-leading undetectable output to rewrite AI-detected text.

While we’ll still continue to offer you the free version of our AI detector, our AI Detector Pro will now help you unlock unlimited detection scans, go 50,000 characters deep in a single scan… and, of course, get undetectable rewrites.

Free vs. Pro AI Detector: What’s the Difference?

Now you may be wondering, “What’s the difference between the free and paid versions of the AI Detector?”

  • The free AI detector has a limit of 2,500 characters, whereas the Pro version allows you to scan up to 50,000 characters in one go.
  • The free detector is available as a standalone tool. The Pro version can be used as a standalone tool OR alongside your Content at Scale subscription, in the app right next to our AI writer.
  • Both the free and Pro versions offer a complete editor experience instead of just a static text area input field. This allows you to do actual editing work right within the tool — and you don’t have to pay anything extra.
AI detector

How Does Our AI Detector Work?

Our AI Detector can predict with 98.3% accuracy whether your content is human or AI-generated. It checks for traces of AI in written text from sources like ChatGPT, Claude, Bard, GPT-4, and more.

How? By looking for patterns that are consistent with most bot-written text, including:

  • Lack of natural flow
  • Repetitive wording
  • Generic tone
  • Probability in word choices
  • Sentence structure

How does it know the difference between human and AI writing patterns? Our detector was trained on a vast amount of material — blog posts, essays, Wikipedia entries, articles, and more content across multiple LLMs (large language models).

In fact, it’s so good, it will even flag human-written text as AI if it sounds robotic. (Let’s face it: not all of us are great writers. In this case, the AI Detector will help you write more naturally, with better readability!)

Do You Need to Use an AI Detector?

AI detection is a hot-button topic these days, thanks to the explosion of chatbots and the general proliferation of AI content across the web.

Artificial intelligence has reached a point where it’s hard to distinguish AI writing from human writing — that introduces a whole host of problems across different industries and sectors.

But, even if you don’t use a chatbot day to day, you still might need AI detection.

Are you included in that group? Here are some people who might need to use an AI detector in their daily workflows:

  • Teachers: Teachers need AI detection to check student work and essays for AI-generated content… and curb cheating.
  • Students: Students can check their work to make sure it won’t get flagged as AI.
  • Content writers and managers: Undetectable content is a big deal for search rankings as well as the user experience. Content writers — and the people managing the content presence for brands and businesses — need to ensure their work passes muster.
  • SEOs: Google ranks content that’s helpful for the user. The thing is, obvious bot-written content hinders the user experience and may tank your rankings. That means SEOs need to avoid detection, too.
  • Marketing agencies — Marketing agencies need undetectable AI content if they use AI writers in their processes. An AI detector that can scan content in bulk is thus a huge time-saver AND a necessary quality check.
  • Businesses — If you run, own, or manage a business, checking for AI content will help you across your communications, hiring, marketing, branding, and more.

How to Access AI Detector Pro

There are two ways you can access the new AI Detector Pro.

First is through the standalone AI Detector, which you can launch on any internet browser. Just click “Get Started” to sign up for the Pro version.

AI Detector Pro is also available through the Content at Scale app. So, if you’re already using our industry-leading AI writer, you can scan and rewrite your content right inside the app.

When you log in to your account, you’ll immediately see the AI Detector icon under the Dashboard and Projects tabs.

Go to the AI Detector tab and click “Get Unlimited AI Detection” to sign up for your upgrade.

Here’s the new look of Content at Scale’s AI Detector Pro.

You still get the same human/AI probability scoring and the color-coded, sentence-level AI detection that came with the free version. But with AI Detector Pro, you can now edit your text right in the editor — and keep rescanning until it’s undetectable.

Seeing all red and getting a zero score? You can use our paraphrasing tool or simply click the “Rewrite All AI Sentences” button and let the AI do the heavy lifting.

And that’s not all. Along with Undetectable Rewrites, soon there will be more ways to create 100% undetectable content by making paragraphs shorter or longer, changing the tone of voice, simplifying complex language, fixing spelling and grammar, and summarizing sections. 

Bonus: Free AI Image Detection

With the popularity of text-to-image AI tools like DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion, content creators are now able to generate custom images within minutes.

Want to make sure your visuals pass AI detection? Run them through our free AI image detector!

Just like our AI content detector, this tool will scan your image URL or image file and give you a human/AI probability score.

Here’s an example of how it scored AI-generated images from Indian artist Madhav Kohli:

Ready to Go Pro with AI Detection?

If you want to do a quick check for AI content, our free AI detector will always be available. But if you want to go a step further and protect your reputation by not risking it to ChatGPT-level content output that is easily detected, our AI Detector Pro will help you do just that.

Want in? Check out the free AI Detector tool and upgrade from there!

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Written by Justin McGill

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