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AI Video from Text Prompt: Unlock Your Creativity with AI

Jeff Joyce
Tuesday, 15th Aug 2023
ai video from text prompt

Got a video idea? Bring it to life without costly hardware or specialized skills!

Welcome to the future with AI video from text prompts.

This isn’t some sci-fi fantasy, it’s happening right now.

Just type in a few lines of text and voila! You have an engaging video that tells your story exactly how you envisioned it.

The magic behind this is artificial intelligence — specifically AI video from text prompt technology.

No more hours spent learning complex editing software or hiring pricey videographers. Your creativity is no longer bound by these constraints.

Plus this revolutionary tool saves you thousands of dollars and opens up entirely new avenues for storytelling and content creation.

First things first, how can AI create videos from text inputs?

Table of Contents:

Can AI Create Videos from Text?

Advanced AI has revolutionized content creation, allowing you to turn written descriptions into visual stories through text-to-video technology.

In short, you can now create an AI video from text prompts! When you enter a prompt, the AI prompt video generator interprets these phrases or sentences and determines the type of video you want to create, ranging from simple animations to complex productions.

From Video Prompts to Motion Pictures

An integral part of creating such videos lies within general-purpose video synthesis models. These intricate algorithms interpret text prompts and translate them into corresponding visuals for the final output video.

A prime example is Google’s Imagen Video research paper which showcased their own version of a text-to-video model capable of generating high-quality videos based on user-provided scripts.

Potential Applications

This groundbreaking technology has numerous potential applications across different sectors. 

Businesses can use it to generate videos that promote their brand or demonstrate how to use a new product, without the need for extensive resources typically associated with traditional video production.

For news agencies, this is a great way to quickly produce visual reports based on breaking news. 

And for film producers, AI can be beneficial during the pre-production stages as it turns script drafts into preliminary storyboards or animatics.

Beyond practicality and efficiency lies another exciting aspect: fostering creativity through new media like video synthesis models.

Creative professionals have already begun experimenting with earlier versions capable of producing 1280×768 resolution videos. However, newer iterations allow creators not only to animate but also to generate full-length films entirely guided by textual inputs, thus exponentially expanding creative possibilities.

To put it simply, a world once limited by physical constraints now opens up endless opportunities, thanks to innovations stemming from deep learning technologies.

Here’s an example of how Kaiber created a short clip using this prompt:

“A man sitting on top of drums next to a red fire hydrant in the woods, in the style of Meteora Graffiti”

Benefits of AI Video from Text Prompts

Earlier text-to-image models like DALL-E, Canva, and Picsart introduced us to the world of AI art. And now AI videos are here — forever changing the way we create and consume content. 

Text-to-video technology, capable of turning text prompts into engaging videos, offers numerous benefits to various sectors.


In traditional video production, costs can quickly escalate when you rent equipment and hire a crew. But with a general-purpose video synthesis model that turns text prompts into finished videos, you can considerably cut your expenses without sacrificing creativity or detail.

Unmatched Speed

Apart from being cost-effective, AI video generators also save a significant amount of time.

Traditional video creation involves multiple stages – scriptwriting, shooting footage, animation, rendering – which could take days if not weeks depending upon the complexity of your project.

In contrast, AI creates videos within minutes! Although current technology does not allow you to create longer videos, AI research continues to push these limitations further to give creators access to unprecedented innovation.

Versatility Across Industries

Learning institutions can take advantage of AI diffusion models to generate illustrative educational content. Marketers can also master generating videos based on written promotional materials. Meanwhile, e-commerce platforms can now produce product demonstration clips directly from product descriptions provided by vendors.

With so many industries that can benefit from creating an AI video from text prompts, you as a content creator now have plenty of opportunities to sell your video production services.

Let me show you another example from Kaiber using this prompt:

“Green grass court, beautiful day, in the style of 3D, octane render, 8k, ray-tracing, blender, hyper-detailed”

How to Convert AI Text Prompts to Video

Looking to create videos from textual prompts using general-purpose video synthesis models? Let me show you how to do it in three easy steps.

Step 1: Choose Your Text Prompts Carefully

Your first step is choosing or crafting a detailed and descriptive text prompt. This forms the basis of what visuals your AI model will generate. The words used in these prompts are critical as they directly influence how algorithms interpret and visualize content for an image video.

Step 2: Feed Your AI Model

In light of Google’s Imagen video announcement, there has been significant progress in generating videos based on textual input via Google-adjacent text-to-video models. Feed your chosen prompts into tools with Laion-400m image-text dataset to create engaging visual narratives. This technology is capable of producing 1280×768 videos initially before scaling up depending upon specific requirements.

Step 3: Refine Your Final Video Output

A crucial aspect not often discussed when talking about turning texts into videos using AI is tweaking and refining the generated content post-production.

This stage involves stitching together individual clips created from different sentences/phrases in your original prompt so they form one coherent narrative flow throughout the final output video.

This task requires careful attention to maintaining consistency across various segments while also ensuring smooth transitions between different scenes/sections within the storyline.

While most modern-day algorithms do an excellent job at interpreting textual inputs accurately, human intervention remains essential at times, especially when fine-tuning certain aspects such as pacing and timing.

Remember: It’s always worth spending extra time during this phase to make sure your video resonates with your audience.

Want to see a full trailer made by AI? Here’s how the YouTube history channel Ancient Citizens did it using Runway and Midjourney:

Best Prompts for AI Video Creation

The creation of AI-generated videos begins with a well-crafted prompt. It’s the guiding light that directs any video synthesis tool to generate motion clips that engages your audience.

Prompts should be succinct yet descriptive, providing clear direction to the AI system. They can range from simple commands like “Create an explainer video about climate change” or more detailed ones such as “Generate a short-form video showcasing summer fashion trends”

Here are some AI video prompts to inspire your work:

Travel Videos

  • “Create an immersive video tour through the bustling markets and ancient temples of Marrakech.”
  • “Craft a visual adventure exploring the serene landscapes of the Swiss Alps.”
  • “Highlight the sun-kissed beaches and vibrant boardwalks of Miami.”
  • “Create a magical video of Kyoto’s cherry blossom season through blooming gardens.”
  • “Take a road trip across Route 66, showcasing iconic landmarks and quirky roadside attractions.”

Product Showcase Videos

  • “Highlight the elegance and versatility of our new leather handbag collection.”
  • “Showcase the sleek design and groundbreaking features of our cutting-edge smartphone model.”
  • “Introduce our eco-friendly home cleaning products, emphasizing their effectiveness and positive impact on the environment.”
  • “Show off the craftsmanship and premium materials used in our handcrafted artisanal jewelry line.”
  • “Present our latest athleisure wear line, emphasizing its comfort, style, and seamless transition from workout to street.”

Educational Tutorials

  • “Create a step-by-step tutorial for photographers on capturing long-exposure shots of cityscapes.”
  • “Walk beginners through the fundamentals of creating digital artwork using graphic design software.”
  • “Teach home cooks how to make the perfect soufflé from preparation to presentation.”
  • “Show techniques on how to create intricate paper quilling designs for DIY enthusiasts.”
  • “Teach aspiring writers how to develop strong characters and multidimensional fictional personas.”

Inspirational Videos

  • “Create a surreal video around Maya Angelou’s quote: You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.’”
  • “Transform the wisdom of Albert Einstein into visual inspiration: Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
  • “Create a stylized video around this Oprah Winfrey quote: The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”
  • “Translate this Steve Jobs quote into a powerful video: Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.”
  • “Give life to the words of Nelson Mandela: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Food Demos

  • “Showcase the art of making seafood paella, bringing together succulent shrimp, tender mussels, and saffron rice.”
  • “Demonstrate the steps to create fluffy blueberry pancakes topped with a drizzle of maple syrup.”
  • “Show bakers how to make mouthwatering red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and edible rose petals.”
  • “Walk through the preparation of a hearty vegetarian lasagna, layering fresh pasta, savory vegetables, and creamy béchamel sauce.”
  • “Show how to make silky-smooth chocolate mousse from melting rich chocolate to whipping up airy peaks of whipped cream.”

Event Teasers

  • “Tease the excitement of an upcoming music festival, showcasing snippets of live performances, vibrant crowds, and electrifying energy.”
  • “Offer a sneak peek into a virtual tech summit, revealing the lineup of industry leaders, groundbreaking talks, and cutting-edge demos.”
  • “Create anticipation for a charity gala with glimpses of glamorous red carpet moments, heartfelt speeches, and the noble cause.”
  • “Create a trailer for an outdoor adventure retreat from thrilling hikes to fireside storytelling under the stars.”
  • “Introduce a culinary festival by teasing mouthwatering dishes, celebrity chefs in action, and foodie paradise vibes.”

Behind-the-Scenes Videos

  • “Pull back the curtain on a fashion photo shoot, revealing the intricate process of styling, makeup, and capturing the perfect shot.”
  • “Offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a podcast studio, showcasing the tireless teamwork behind producing each episode.”
  • “Show off the craftsmanship behind our handcrafted furniture, from raw materials to skilled artisans meticulously shaping each piece.”
  • “Show the creation of new recipes in a test kitchen, the experimentation with flavors, and the joy of taste-testing.”
  • “Peek behind the camera during our wildlife documentary shoot, showcasing the patience, dedication, and awe-inspiring encounters.”

Brand Storytelling Videos

  • “Narrate the journey of a brand from humble beginnings to global recognition, emphasizing core values and commitment to quality.”
  • “Share the stories of the individuals whose lives have been transformed by innovative medical technologies.”
  • “Create a visual tour of a sustainable farm, showcasing the dedication to ethical farming practices and preserving nature.”
  • “Chronicle the evolution of a fashion brand’s iconic designs, capturing the fusion of tradition and contemporary aesthetics.”
  • “Illustrate the commitment to social impact and the positive change brought to communities.”

Health and Fitness Motivation Videos

  • “Show how viewers can push their limits in diverse fitness routines – from yoga and high-intensity training to calming meditation.”
  • “Create a weight loss success story illustrating transformations through hard work, dedication, and healthier habits.”
  • “Highlight the benefits of mindful eating, demonstrating how conscious food choices can lead to enhanced well-being and vitality.”
  • “Demonstrate active lifestyles with a video montage of exhilarating outdoor adventures from hiking to cycling.”
  • “Showcase the transformative power of regular workouts on mental health, capturing the sense of accomplishment and stress relief.”

Environmental Awareness Videos

  • “Create a video portraying the fragile beauty of coral reefs and the urgent need to protect marine ecosystems.”
  • “Showcase the stark contrast between lush forests and barren landscapes due to unchecked logging.”
  • “Depict the journey of discarded plastics from cities to oceans and their impact on marine life.”
  • “Highlight the beauty of solar farms and wind turbines against pristine landscapes.”
  • “Celebrate the diversity of endangered species and their crucial roles in ecosystems.”

Historical Documentaries

  • “Unearth the mysteries of ancient Egypt, the rise of pharaohs, the construction of pyramids, and the significance of the Nile River.”
  • “Explore the Renaissance era through groundbreaking art, literature, and ideas that shaped cultural rebirth.”
  • “Demonstrate the challenges and triumphs of the suffrage movement by narrating the journey to women’s right to vote.”
  • “Explore the Middle Ages and the castles and feudal system that defined this period.”
  • “Showcase key events of the civil rights movement and individuals that paved the way for equality and justice in the modern era.”

All these prompts clearly communicate both the topic and the type of video you want. Feel free to customize these prompts to suit your specific content goals. Remember that a well-crafted prompt sets the stage for an AI-generated video that resonates with your audience.

Check out this visualizer by Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda — made entirely with Kaiber AI!

How to Create Engaging Content with AI-Generated Videos

The emergence of text-to-video AI has opened new avenues for content creation. This technology, which transforms textual prompts into videos, provides a unique opportunity to engage your audience in novel ways.

Understand Your Audience

The first step in any video creation process is studying your target demographic. What kind of content do they prefer? Which formats are most impactful for them?

You can customize your video based on these insights. For instance, if cooking tutorials or DIY projects interest your viewership base, write a descriptive prompt noting specific steps and the AI will convert them into clear visuals.

Optimize Video Length

The length of your video plays an integral role in viewer engagement levels. While earlier text-to-image models had limitations due to computational constraints, advancements in video synthesis technology now allow you to create longer videos without compromising quality – even capable of producing 1280×768 videos.

Bear in mind, though: while creating extensive content might seem appealing given these technological breakthroughs, attention spans differ greatly among users. Always optimize video length according to user behavior.

Craft Compelling Narratives

A gripping narrative is essential to keep your audience hooked. The plot of your video should be compelling enough to hold their attention until the end. 

You can create compelling narratives by structuring input texts intelligently, introducing conflict early followed by climax and resolution. This often works well across genres, whether it’s educational or entertainment-based offerings.

Maintain Quality Standards

To maintain high-quality standards throughout the production process, ensure that all elements within each frame align perfectly, including color grading, lighting conditions, etc. Consistency equals credibility so never compromise here.

Promote Viewer Interaction

Last but not least, promoting viewer interaction also significantly helps boost engagement. Encourage users to share feedback about your video and take note of these insights when starting your next project.

FAQs – AI Video From Text Prompt

Can AI generate a video from text?

Absolutely, AI technology can transform written content into engaging videos, providing an innovative way to present information.

What is an AI system that generates videos from text?

An AI system that creates videos from text utilizes machine learning algorithms to convert written prompts into visual narratives or animations.

How does text-to-video AI work?

The process involves analyzing the inputted text and generating corresponding images, animations, or clips. The result is a coherent video representation of the original textual content.


AI has revolutionized the way we create videos. The ability to generate an engaging AI video from text prompts is now within our reach.

From cost savings to increased efficiency, the benefits are clear and compelling.

This technology can even breathe life into animations using just words as a guide!

We’ve seen how AI-generated videos inspire creativity and inform artistic projects in unique ways. But it’s not just about creating content – it’s about creating content that captivates your audience, keeps them engaged, and brings them back for more.

Explore the future of video creation and unleash your creative potential like never before!

Written by Jeff Joyce

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