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How Alex Johnson Removed 5 Extra Steps and 2 Human Roles from His SEO Workflow

Julia McCoy
Thursday, 29th Jun 2023
Alex Johnson case study


Customer: Alex Johnson, Search Shack

Results: Removed 4-5 steps and 2 humans from his workflow by adapting to AIO and Content at Scale

Customer: Alex Johnson, Growth Expert of Search Shack

Based in Dubai, Alex Johnson is the founder of Search Shack. He has over 12 years of SEO experience and was personally trained by world-renowned SEO expert Ryan Stewart.

Search Shack helps small B2B companies and e-Commerce stores get more qualified leads through a 3-part “Sprint Roadmap” that aims to perfectly position websites to rank in Google.

And Alex does it in just 90 days or less.

With Alex’s Pay-As-You-Go SEO Sprints, clients don’t have to pay for long, drawn-out SEO contracts with high retainer fees. Search Shack does batch work in short sprints so they are able to complete 12 months of SEO work in just 12 weeks.

With its proven process, Search Shack provides businesses with an SEO roadmap that drives more organic traffic and sales.

Goal: Save Time and Money by Automating Content Creation

Two years ago, Alex discovered Ryan Stewart’s book, The SEO Blueprint, which completely changed his perspective on running an SEO agency.

Now he offers the Sprint model to his clients.

The first step in this process is to create detailed content briefs, which are done by Alex’s SEO guy from Pakistan. Once the client approves the brief, he sends it to his writer who is based in London.

Content is admittedly not his strongest suit. Alex has always focused on technical SEO and often left the writing to other people.

In the past year and a half, he’s been spending crazy money outsourcing content. He’s currently paying $295 every time he wants to do content and the output isn’t very deep.

Here’s an example of a content brief that took three weeks to complete!

The brief is very detailed, with human-written titles, meta descriptions, and specific instructions for the content writer.

SEO details include word count, target keyword, internal links, secondary keywords, and H2-H3 headers.

With a growing client base, it’s just too expensive to keep doing this manually long-term. It’s also not the best use of Alex’s time.

You see, Alex has two businesses — Search Shack, which is an SEO agency, and Yalla Rugby, where he sells rugby gear. And he does everything with a small, two-person team.

With the Rugby World Cup coming in September, Alex wants to get ahead with content for his rugby website.

Solution: Automate the Content Process

Six months ago, Alex didn’t see the need to adopt AI into his work. But with the explosion of ChatGPT, he has hopped on the AI bandwagon.

First, Alex signed up for Demand Jump. This marketing strategy platform offers services such as keyword research, content strategy, pillar topic management, and content management.

Here’s an example of a brief the software created for Alex.

But then Alex discovered Content at Scale, where everything is done for you — from keyword input to publishing — in one neat dashboard.

Now he doesn’t need a content brief or a blog outline.

By using Content at Scale, Alex was able to immediately cut 5 steps from his previous workflow:

  • Writing a content brief
  • Brainstorming an H1 title and meta description
  • Researching secondary keywords
  • Writing the actual blog post
  • Publishing on WordPress

Without these extra steps, it’s now so much cheaper and quicker to create content for Alex’s clients.

And instead of paying two people for a content brief and blog post that take forever to complete, all he needs is one AIO writer to run the entire process smoothly.

Here’s a 1,923-word blog post that Content at Scale generated in less than 5 minutes. And straight out of AI, it already has an SEO score of 85!

Content at Scale lets you generate content from four sources:

  • Keyword
  • YouTube URL
  • Podcast URL
  • Competitor links
  • Raw thoughts or docs from a client

And with the latest app update, you can now add up to 10 more sources to build out your blog post.

Since Alex already has content briefs for his existing clients, he has two options when creating content:

  1. Ignore the content brief and simply enter the keywords (CSV format) into Content at Scale, or
  2. Take some of the details in the brief and input them to Content at Scale using the Customize tab.

You can also use the “Customize” feature to modify the blog outline generated by the app — just like a writer would but better! Here you can add, modify or remove headers, and even add context to each section for richer, more targeted content.

The moment you enter a keyword, Content at Scale crawls and pulls insights from the top of Google on the spot — working like a human researcher but at supersonic speeds.

With the help of Content at Scale, Alex can now focus on keyword gap analysis, competitor analysis, and content strategy instead of the tedious work associated with writing content.

Results: Cut 5 Steps and 2 Human Roles with Content at Scale

Thanks to Content at Scale, Alex was able to REMOVE these steps from his workflow:

  1. Writing detailed content briefs: Alex usually gets his SEO guy, Umair Mansha, to do this. But despite Umair leaving the company, Alex doesn’t have to hire a replacement. Instead, he runs his CSV list of keywords through Content at Scale.
  2. Copywriting: Alex used to pay a writer in London to write his blog articles. Content at Scale now writes all of his posts within minutes!
  3. Publishing: Alex no longer has to manually copy-paste-edit text on WordPress. Content at Scale automatically syncs to WP so it can publish straight to the client’s website.

Here’s an article that got Alex’s rugby website to the top of Google. Comparing the existing content to the new content that Content at Scale generated, Alex is blown away by how much better Content at Scale “writes” compared to his human writer. Now he plans to overhaul this page to keep his website at its #1 position.

Create Content Faster, Cheaper, and with Better Quality

Alex Johnson was once anti-AI. He never imagined needing to adopt the technology, seeing it as a fad that would just die eventually.

Fast-forward to May 2023, and Alex has totally embraced AI. He is now able to speed up content creation by removing two time-consuming processes: writing content briefs and writing blog outlines. He’s also saving so much money by no longer outsourcing to writers.

Once he hires an AIO writer to handle the post-AI editing and optimization — which Alex is currently doing himself — profit margins will surely go through the roof. 💥

Are you still writing blog posts the traditional way? It’s time to ditch the content brief and blog outline. You’ll get faster results for your clients if you go straight to Content at Scale. Learn how you can speed up and scale your content creation.

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Written by Julia McCoy

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