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5 Best Link Building Tools for SEO in 2024

Julia McCoy
Thursday, 11th Apr 2024
best link building tools

We all know that backlinks are a big deal in SEO — they’re like digital endorsements from other websites that can boost your site’s credibility and authority. Plus, they help improve your search engine ranking, which is pretty crucial for getting noticed online. To help you get those precious backlinks, we’ve rounded up some of the best link building tools that make the process less guesswork and more science.

Let’s dive in!

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The Top 5: Best Link Building Tools for SEO Success

If you want to build high-quality backlinks, you need the right tools in your arsenal. But with so many link-building tools out there, which ones are the best of the best?

I’ve tested dozens of tools, and I keep coming back to these five:

  1. Semrush
  2. Ahrefs
  3. Moz Link Explorer
  4. Majestic
  5. BuzzStream

These SEO tools have everything you need for effective link building. From competitor analysis to link prospecting, they’ve got you covered.

Semrush: Powerful Insights for Link Building and Competitor Analysis

Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing toolkit for SEO, PPC, SMM, keyword research, competitive research, PR, content marketing, marketing insights, and campaign management. It offers three powerful features for link building: Backlink Analytics, Backlink Audit, and Link Building Tool.

Backlink Analytics

Backlink Analytics helps you dig into valuable insights about your backlink profile: who’s linking to you, what kind of websites they are, and how authoritative they are. It helps you understand which links are boosting your SEO efforts and which ones might be holding you back.

Backlink Analytics also allows you to spy on your competitors and peek into their backlink profiles through competitor backlink analysis so you can uncover hidden opportunities and strategies to outsmart them in the SEO game.

Plus, Semrush provides actionable recommendations to improve your backlink profile and ultimately boost your search engine rankings.

best link building tools

Backlink Audit

Imagine having a trusty sidekick that scans your website for any toxic or spammy backlinks that could be hurting your SEO efforts. Well, that’s exactly what the Backlink Audit tool does.

It’s like giving your website a health checkup but for its backlinks. This tool sifts through all your backlinks with a fine-tooth comb, flagging any that could be dragging you down in the search engine rankings.

But it doesn’t stop there. Backlink Audit also helps you take action. It provides you with a roadmap to disavow or remove those toxic links, helping you clean up your backlink profile and get back in Google’s good books.

And the best part? Backlink Audit isn’t just about fixing your mess. You can also spy on your competitors (ethically of course!) and see if they’re playing dirty with their backlinks.

best link building tools

Link Building Tool

The core of Semrush’s link-building stack is the Link Building Tool. This is your all-in-one resource for turbocharging your link-building efforts.

First off, it helps you find new link opportunities. With its vast database and advanced search filters, you can unearth a goldmine of potential link prospects tailored to your specific niche and preferences.

Once you’ve identified your targets, the Link Building Tool helps you reach out and forge those valuable connections. Whether it’s through email outreach or social media engagement, Semrush streamlines the entire outreach process, making it easier than ever to land those coveted backlinks.

Lastly, the tool will help you track your progress and measure your success. With detailed reports and analytics, you can see exactly how your link-building efforts are paying off and make data-driven decisions to optimize your strategy further.

best link building tools

Bonus: one of my favorite Semrush features is the Backlink Gap tool. It allows you to compare your backlink profile against your competitors and identify untapped link opportunities. You can see which sites are linking to your competitors but not to you, and prioritize those prospects in your outreach.

best link building tools


Ahrefs: Comprehensive Solution for Link Building and SEO

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO toolset that helps you optimize your website, analyze your competitors, research your industry, and grow your search traffic. It offers a suite of tools for baclink analysis, keyword research, rank tracking, and site audits.

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer is a powerful tool for analyzing your competitors’ backlink profiles and identifying link opportunities. You can see which sites are linking to your competitors, what types of content they are linking to, and the anchor text they are using.

best link building tools

The Content Explorer tool is another standout feature. It allows you to search for the most popular content in your niche and see who is linking to it. This can help you generate ideas for link-worthy content and find potential link prospects.

Ahrefs also offers robust tools for on-page SEO and technical SEO, making it a comprehensive solution for improving your search rankings.

Moz: Reliable Tools for Link Analysis and Opportunity Identification

Another popular tool for analyzing your website’s backlink profile is Moz’s Link Explorer.

Here are some of the things you can do with this tool:

  • See your website’s backlinks: Enter your website’s URL into Link Explorer and see a list of all the websites that link to you.
  • Analyze your backlinks: Link Explorer will show you a variety of metrics for your backlinks, including the Domain Authority and Page Authority of the linking websites. These scores indicate how authoritative the websites are, and how much link value they can pass on to your site.
  • Find broken links: Link Explorer can help you find broken links to your website. Broken links can hurt your SEO, so it’s important to fix them as soon as possible.
  • Research competitor backlinks: See what websites are linking to your competitors and try to get backlinks from those websites yourself.
  • Discover link-building opportunities: Link Explorer can also help you find websites that are relevant to your niche and that might be willing to link to your site.

best link building tools

Moz Link Explorer is a free tool, but there is also a paid version that offers more features. The free version allows you to see up to 10 link queries and 50 rows of data per query every month.

I absolutely love how Link Explorer lets me spot mentions of our brand that aren’t linked yet. These are instances where your brand is mentioned on a website, but there’s no link back to your site.

By finding these unlinked mentions, you can reach out to the site owner and request a link. It’s a simple but effective way to build high-quality links.

“Moz’s Link Explorer is my favorite tool for link analysis. It provides comprehensive data on inbound links, linking domains, and domain authority. I also appreciate the Spam Score metric, which helps me assess the quality of linking sites. Moz’s tools are user-friendly and provide actionable insights for link building.” – Moz Community User

Majestic: Uncover Valuable Link-Building Opportunities

When it comes to link building, it’s not just about the quantity of links – it’s about the quality. And that’s where Majestic shines.

This tool has one of the largest link indexes in the world, with over 7 trillion URLs crawled. But what really sets Majestic apart is its Topical Trust Flow metric.

Topical Trust Flow measures the relevance and authority of a website based on the topics it covers. The higher the Topical Trust Flow, the more authoritative and trustworthy the site is considered to be.

Majestic turns the tide in your favor by zeroing in on top-notch, relevant sites for link building that’ll actually make a difference in your SEO game.

“Majestic’s Topical Trust Flow metric is incredibly useful for link building. It helps me identify authoritative sites in my niche that are likely to be good link prospects. I also use Majestic’s Site Explorer to analyze competitor backlinks and find link opportunities I may have missed.” – Majestic User

best link building tools

But Majestic isn’t just about analyzing individual websites. You can also use the tool to get a bird’s eye view of your entire link profile and see how it stacks up against the competition.

By comparing your Topical Trust Flow and other metrics to your competitors, you can identify gaps in your link-building strategy and prioritize your efforts accordingly.

BuzzStream: Streamline Your Link-Building Outreach Process

Link building is more than just spotting chances — it’s about stepping out to connect and forge real bonds with folks who run other websites. And that’s where BuzzStream comes in.

This tool is designed specifically for link-building email outreach, and it has a ton of features to help you streamline the process. One of my favorites is the email templates.

With BuzzStream, you can create personalized email templates for different types of link-building outreach, like guest post pitches or broken link building requests. This saves you a ton of time and ensures that your outreach is always on-brand and effective.

best link building tools

“BuzzStream has been a lifesaver for my link building outreach. This handy tool is a lifesaver when I need to dig up contact details, whip out personalized emails by the dozen, and keep an eye on how my outreach efforts are doing. I especially love the email templates and follow-up reminders. BuzzStream has helped me save time and improve my response rates.” – Reddit User

But BuzzStream isn’t just about sending emails. It’s also a powerful CRM that helps you keep track of your link-building relationships over time.

You can use the tool to see your entire outreach history with a particular website owner, including any links they’ve given you in the past. This helps you build stronger relationships and increases the likelihood of successful outreach in the future.

What to Look For in a Link Building Tool

Not all link-building tools are created equal. When choosing a tool, there are a few key features you should look for:

Competitor Analysis

A good link-building tool should allow you to analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles to identify opportunities and gaps in your link-building strategy. Look for features that enable you to see which sites are linking to your competitors, what types of content they are linking to, and the anchor text they are using.

Link Opportunity Identification

An effective link-building tool should help you discover new link building opportunities such as unlinked brand mentions, broken links, guest posting prospects, and resource page opportunities. Some tools offer features like “content explorer” or “link intersect” to surface relevant link targets.

Link Tracking and Monitoring

To measure the success of your link-building efforts, you need a tool that can track your acquired links and monitor your backlink profile over time. Look for features that alert you to new and lost links, changes in link status (e.g., nofollow to dofollow), and fluctuations in domain authority.

Anchor Text Analysis

Anchor text is an important factor in link building, as it helps signal to search engines what your page is about. A good link-building tool should provide insights into your anchor text distribution and help you identify over-optimized anchors that could trigger a penalty.

Integrations with Other SEO Tools

To get the most value from your link-building tool, look for one that integrates with other SEO tools you use, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and keyword research tools. This will help you get a more holistic view of your SEO performance and make data-driven decisions.

How to Use Link-Building Tools to Improve Your SEO Strategy

So you’ve got your shiny new link building tool. Now what? Here’s how to put it to work and boost your SEO:

Identify High-Quality Link Prospects

Use your link building tools to find high-authority, relevant websites in your niche that may be interested in linking to your content. Look for sites with strong domain metrics, engaged audiences, and a history of linking out to quality resources. Prioritize prospects based on their likelihood of linking and the potential impact on your rankings.

Make an Impactful Pitch

Once you’ve identified your target link prospects, use your tool’s outreach features to streamline your email outreach process. Personalize your pitch for each prospect, highlighting the value your content offers their audience. Track your response rates and follow-ups to optimize your outreach over time.

Monitor Link Acquisition Progress

Regularly monitor your backlink profile using your link-building tool to track your progress and identify any issues, such as lost links or spammy links that could hurt your rankings. Analyze the performance of your acquired links to determine which tactics and content types are most effective for earning high-quality links.

Integrate link-building with Other SEO Tactics

Link building should not be a standalone strategy but rather integrated with your overall SEO efforts. Use insights from your link-building tool to inform your keyword research, content creation, and on-page optimization. Collaborate with your content and PR teams to create link-worthy assets and amplify your link acquisition.

Can I Use Google for Link-Building?

Sometimes, the best insights come from the simplest sources – like Google itself.

One of my favorite Google tools for link building is Google Alerts. This nifty tool lets you set off alarms whenever someone mentions your brand, key phrases you’re watching, or even what your rivals are up to.

Whenever Google finds a new mention of your keywords on the web, you’ll get an email alert. Keeping an eye on new link chances and watching your online reputation has never been easier.

“Google Search Console is a valuable free tool for link building. The “Links” report shows you which sites are linking to your pages, as well as the anchor text they’re using. This can help you identify low-hanging fruit for link reclamation and spot any spammy links that may be hurting your rankings.” – Search Engine Journal

Another useful Google tool for link builders is Google Search Console. This handy tool lets you peek behind the curtain to see how your website’s doing in searches, showing you which of your pages are hitting it big with views and clicks.

But it also has a handy “Links” report that shows you which websites are linking to your pages, as well as the anchor text they’re using. This can help you identify low-hanging fruit for link reclamation and spot any spammy links that may be hurting your rankings.

FAQs – Best Link Building Tools

Which is the best link-building type?

Guest posting stands out. It opens doors to new audiences, boosts SEO, and solidifies your web presence.

Ahrefs and BuzzStream shine for building links. They find prospects and streamline outreach.

Ahrefs takes the crown for backlink analysis with its comprehensive data on link quality and competitors.

Create stellar content that others want to share. Mix in some networking with site owners for guest posts too.


So there you have it – five of the best link building tools to help your website climb out of SERP obscurity.

Mastering the art of link building is essential for anyone looking to elevate their website’s visibility and authority in the eyes of search engines. With the right tools at your disposal, you can unlock a world of opportunities to enhance your SEO strategy, uncover valuable insights, and forge meaningful connections within your industry.

Whether you’re a seasoned SEO pro or just starting out, investing in these top-notch link-building tools will pave the way for greater success and recognition online. So, equip yourself with the best and watch your website soar to new heights of digital prominence.

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Written by Julia McCoy

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