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How to Use ChatGPT to Write a Cover Letter

Julia McCoy
Wednesday, 6th Sep 2023
chatgpt cover letter

Hey there job seekers! 🚀 Are you tired of staring at a blank screen, unsure of how to make your cover letter stand out? 

You’ve spent hours meticulously crafting your resume with ChatGPT, making sure every bullet point shines with achievement and skill.

Your experience? Top-notch. Your skills? Unmatched. 

But there’s just one thing missing — that killer cover letter to make hiring managers sit up and take notice.

No worries, the power of ChatGPT is here to rescue you from the abyss of uninspiring applications! 

Imagine having a wordsmith extraordinaire by your side, capable of conjuring eloquent sentences, highlighting your skills, and tailoring your experiences to the job you’re chasing. That’s the power of using ChatGPT to create a cover letter – it’s your ticket to turning heads at interviews.

Remember, the perfect cover letter isn’t just about talking about yourself in fancy words. It’s about weaving a story that meshes your background with the company’s vibe. It’s about showcasing your passion, your achievements, and why you’re the final piece of the puzzle in their picture-perfect team.

In this article, we will teach you how to use ChatGPT to write a cover letter that makes hiring managers do a happy dance. We’ll cover the nitty-gritty details, from your contact info to that final farewell. So grab your favorite beverage, login to ChatGPT, and let’s craft an application that’ll have HR folks saying, “You’re hired!” 🌟

Table of Contents:

Cover Letters: The Underrated Job Search Tool

The role of a cover letter in your job search is like that secret ingredient in an award-winning recipe. It’s more than just another document; it’s your ticket to standing out among other applicants vying for the same job opportunities.

Imagine you’re in the running for a Senior Architect role. A robust resume is vital, but your cover letter becomes a game-changer. It shows the hiring manager not only what you can do but also who you are beyond those bullet points.

Cover Letters Showcase Your Unique Voice Amid the Competition

Your cover letter serves as your professional narrative — telling hiring managers why they should pick up their phone and call YOU instead of any other candidate. It showcases how your unique skills align with what they’re looking for and why you would be an asset to their team.

In short? This humble piece of paper helps communicate your value proposition uniquely — and trust me, hiring managers notice that.

Tackling Digital Application Challenges Head-On

The digital world has made job applications convenient yet challenging. The competition is intense. 

How do we navigate these waters?

You guessed it right — a standout cover letter. This is an opportunity for you to showcase how well-versed you are in the company’s values and expectations, beyond a resume or LinkedIn profile. 

OpenAI, pioneers in AI research, have created solutions like ChatGPT which might come in handy here — tools designed specifically for creating powerful resumes and compelling ChatGPT cover letters efficiently.

So now that we’ve got our ducks lined up on why you should be crafting effective cover letters, let’s dive deeper into modern advancements that will help you do it. Let’s look at artificial intelligence, especially ChatGPT, and its ability to boost writing tasks.

Sample cover letter written by ChatGPT

How to Use ChatGPT to Write a Cover Letter

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, creating customized cover letters is key to getting noticed by hiring managers. However, writing cover letters can be time-consuming. And if you’re trying to reach dozens of employers, it can be difficult to personalize each application.

Say hello to ChatGPT! With this AI-powered text generator, writing compelling cover letters has never been easier.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use ChatGPT to write a cover letter that lands you that dream job.

1. Sign up for ChatGPT

To begin, sign up for a free account on the OpenAI website using an email address or a Google/Microsoft/Apple account.

Once logged in, you can start conversing with ChatGPT through the chatbot interface. Here you can type questions or commands — called prompts — to generate answers and other written content.

2. Begin Your Cover Letter Prompt with a Short Bio

The first step in writing a cover letter with ChatGPT is to introduce yourself to the chatbot.

You don’t have to provide too much detail in the opening portion of your prompt, but be sure to share key information about your personal background, education, job qualifications, skills, achievements, and relevant work experience.

Your bio should include:

  • Your full name.
  • Your contact information such as email address, phone number, and city address.
  • A summary of your professional experience relevant to the role (positions you’ve held, companies you’ve worked for, and notable achievements).
  • Your education.
  • Specific skills or qualifications that make you suitable for the job.

You can enter these details directly into the chatbox after your opening paragraph. From your input, ChatGPT will write a cover letter that is tailored to your needs.

3. Write the Job Title in Your Intro

You can start your introduction by mentioning the job title you’re applying for and some basic information related to it. 

This shows potential employers that you’ve done more than skim their company website — you’ve dug deep, studied their needs, and understand how your abilities align with them.

Say you’re eyeing an SEO specialist role requiring over 10 years of experience. Highlight this key stat in your cover letter because it demonstrates not just relevance but also significant expertise.

For instance, you might tell ChatGPT:

“I am writing a personalized cover letter for an SEO Specialist position with 10 years’ experience at XYZ company.”

This initial prompt helps guide ChatGPT towards crafting compelling content tailored specifically to this role, thereby increasing the chances of catching the attention of hiring managers during their job search process.

Beyond just stating the job that interests you, try adding specific details or requirements from the listing that align with your expertise or experience like:

“The job requires extensive knowledge of SEO strategies which I’ve gained over my 10 years’ experience working as a Content Marketing Manager.”

This way, not only will ChatGPT create good cover letters but also highly relevant ones – essentially crafting perfect pieces that stand out among other applications.

Keep in mind that ChatGPT as an AI tool is prone to generating basic information so you need to feed it with enough custom instructions to generate quality output and get a useful, detailed response.

4. Enter the Job Description

Now it’s time to provide ChatGPT with more information about the job you’re applying for. Simply paste the job description into your prompt after your brief introduction.

This step is crucial because it allows ChatGPT to generate a cover letter that aligns with what most hiring managers are looking for using an “Applicant Tracking System” (ATS). ATS is software used by many companies to efficiently manage their hiring process.

When you submit your application, it usually goes directly into an ATS database. Hiring managers then search for suitable candidates by entering keywords related to the job into the ATS search bar. These keywords can include skills, responsibilities, personal attributes, and education level, among others.

The best place to find these keywords? The job description! That’s why it’s important to include it in your prompt:

“Please make sure the cover letter includes relevant keywords and phrases from this job description to make it ATS-friendly.”

Pro Tip: To create new lines without triggering ChatGPT to generate content, press Shift + Enter simultaneously!

5. Paste Your Resume

The final step in writing a compelling ChatGPT cover letter is to paste your existing resume into the chatbox. This will enable the AI to accurately generate content that reflects your skills and experience.

You may want to explain why you’re including this information as part of your prompt for better results. 

For instance:

“I’m also including my resume for reference [paste resume here]. I want to highlight my experience in developing and executing successful marketing campaigns and showcase my ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams.”

This simple action can help create a professional cover letter demonstrating all of the necessary details about you, which makes it easier for hiring managers or recruiters who read hundreds of applications daily.

6. Submit Your Prompt

Once you’ve meticulously followed all previous steps, including inputting your contact information, the job title you’re applying for, specifics from the job description, and your resume, it’s time to let technology take over. 

Hit “Enter” to submit your prompt to ChatGPT and watch the AI write your cover letter in real time!

7. Fine-Tune Your ChatGPT Cover Letter

ChatGPT is a valuable tool for writing a first draft, but it’s still important to review, edit, and refine its output.

Beyond merely checking for factual inaccuracies and grammatical errors, you want to make sure that your cover letter reflects your distinctive skills, experiences, and personality.

Given the widespread use of ChatGPT, submitting its output without personalization could result in your resume and cover letter getting overlooked by hiring managers.

To infuse your cover letter with your unique identity, consider the following tips:

  • Personalize your opening: Make a memorable first impression by injecting some personality into the beginning of your cover letter.
  • Align with the specific job requirements: Revisit the job description section to confirm that your cover letter emphasizes the critical skills and qualifications required for the position.
  • Highlight your distinct skills and experiences: Demonstrate why you’re the ideal candidate for the job by showcasing your unique strengths.
  • Maintain clarity and conciseness: Given the high volume of applications received by employers, ensure that your cover letter is concise and straightforward to read.
  • Adjust the tone accordingly: Adapt the tone of your cover letter to match the formality expected in the specific work environment, whether corporate or startup.
  • Proofread rigorously: Run grammar checking and proofreading tools to eliminate errors and typos in your cover letter.

When refining your initial draft, consider using various prompts to make it more personalized and tailored. For instance, you can request ChatGPT to rewrite your cover letter with a greater focus on your industry expertise, technical proficiencies, or essential qualifications.

Don’t hesitate to create multiple versions of your AI-powered cover letter and store them in a separate document. This approach offers two key advantages:

  1. Combining the strengths of each version can help you create an exceptional cover letter that stands out. 
  2. It also enables you to enhance your proficiency in using a ChatGPT cover letter writer. Remember that the specificity of your prompt can significantly influence the quality of the result.

Creating effective prompts is a skill that can be honed through practice. The more you practice and refine your prompts, the more adept you will become at writing ChatGPT cover letters.

Personalizing Your Cover Letter

Personalizing your ChatGPT cover letter is about showcasing your unique skills and work experience in a compelling narrative that captures the attention of employers.

An effective cover letter isn’t just about presenting the facts; it’s also about crafting a narrative around your career and work history.

Let’s go back to our earlier example. As an SEO specialist, you’ve probably worked on various projects, including ad campaigns and content marketing – each with its own set of challenges and triumphs.

This professional experience forms the backbone of your story. An AI tool can assist in crafting this narrative, focusing not only on what you have achieved but also on how you contributed to those achievements.

What truly sets you apart from the competition are those hard-earned unique skills. These experiences add heft to any application while showcasing versatility.

This is where ChatGPT shines brightest. When fed these inputs — your professional history plus targeted job details — it can spin compelling narratives around these experiences, resulting in a polished personalized cover letter crafted effortlessly for maximum impact.

Advantages of Using ChatGPT to Create Stand-Out Cover Letters

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the job search process, making it more efficient and less stressful. ChatGPT, in particular, offers numerous benefits in your job search.

Create Cover Letters in Less Time

Gone are the days of spending hours staring at a blank page, struggling to write resumes and cover letters to impress employers. With ChatGPT, all you need to do is input a short prompt, and voila! You instantly receive a tailored cover letter based on your profile details. 

This saves valuable time that you can better spend on preparing for interviews or consulting with a career coach.

Better Quality Writing with Automated Checks

Another advantage of using AI tools like ChatGPT for cover letter writing is their ability to automatically check grammar, spelling, and other errors — resulting in higher-quality writing outputs. 

You no longer need additional software, and you won’t have to worry about unnoticed typos; ChatGPT handles it all seamlessly!

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

A well-crafted cover letter can mean the difference between landing an interview or not. However, creating customized cover letters can often induce anxiety, especially if you lack confidence in your writing skills. 

Fortunately, ChatGPT provides a starting point where you only need to provide information like the job title you’re applying for along with your resume details. This significantly eases the task and reduces stress.

Limitations of Using ChatGPT for Cover Letter Writing

While ChatGPT cover letters can be helpful, they do come with certain limitations.

Lack of Personalization

The first ChatGPT limitation lies in personalization. While you can use ChatGPT as your primary cover letter writer and create compelling content based on ChatGPT prompts, the tool might not fully understand your unique experiences and perspective. This could result in generic cover letters that may not effectively communicate who you are as an individual or why you’re uniquely suited for the job title you’re applying for.

Risk of Over-Reliance on AI-Generated Content

Another potential drawback is over-reliance on AI-generated content during your job search process. It is essential to strike a balance between using AI and infusing your own input and ideas into writing cover letters. This balance is necessary to avoid generic output that could hinder, rather than help, in landing an interview.

Limited Industry-Specific Knowledge

Last but certainly not least among these limitations is industry-specific knowledge – something critical when creating customized professional-grade cover letters that demonstrate the specific skill set required by different industries or companies. 

While general guidance from ChatGPT can be valuable, its lack of insights specific to particular fields may limit its effectiveness at times.

The Self-Written Cover Letter is Becoming Obsolete

Technological advancements have revolutionized the job search process, including the way we create compelling cover letters. The traditional method of writing a personalized cover letter is gradually being replaced by advanced AI tools like ChatGPT. This shift represents a natural progression in response to evolving recruitment technologies.

In the past, cover letters held significant weight in job applications. They provided context for your resume and often included references. However, with the rise of online job boards and email applications, their value started to diminish since the job title you’re applying for is already clear.

Despite this change in perception towards cover letters, they are still an important aspect of job search. While their original form may no longer exist today due to technological evolution from handwritten documents through typewriters to Word documents, they still carry some legacy.

A tool like ChatGPT enables candidates to generate customized cover letters based on given prompts or requirements, aligning perfectly with the need for tailored content during job applications.

This transition does not mean losing the personal touch in our communication but rather enhancing it using the capabilities of technology. This is especially valuable when crafting tailored ChatGPT cover letters suited specifically to each unique role you are applying for.


Can you use ChatGPT for a cover letter?

Yes, you can use ChatGPT’s AI capabilities to help you create a compelling and personalized cover letter.

How to use ChatGPT for job applications?

To utilize ChatGPT for job applications, simply provide specific prompts related to the job description and your skills. The AI will then generate a customized response that can be incorporated into your application.

Are cover letters important?

Although cover letters are not always mandatory, they remain a valuable tool for hiring managers to assess an applicant’s qualifications, expertise, and suitability. Crafting an impactful cover letter involves demonstrating how your professional background aligns with the requirements of the position and the company’s culture.

What should an outstanding cover letter include?

Cover letters should include a standout introduction, relevant skills and qualifications, and a compelling conclusion with a call to action. It is crucial that the cover letter remains concise and fits within one page while being tailored specifically for each job application.

Say Hello to the Future of Writing

ChatGPT cover letters can have a transformative impact on your job search. It’s not just about filling up space; it’s about crafting a compelling narrative that sets you apart from other applicants.

With ChatGPT, you’ll be able to craft compelling cover letters tailored based on the job title you’re applying for.

Think of ChatGPT as your writing ally, your creative collaborator. It’s there to give you a head start, but the magic truly happens when you infuse it with your own personal experiences. 

Your cover letter is your voice, your story, and your opportunity to shine brightly. So, let ChatGPT be your first step on this journey, but make sure every word reflects you – your skills, your dreams, and your passion. 

With that blend, you’ll craft a cover letter that’s not just powerful, but uniquely and beautifully yours. 🚀✍️

Written by Julia McCoy

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