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How Chiara Brancato of The Museum Creative Doubled Her Blogging Output and Cured Content Creation Burnout [AI Content Case Study]

Julia McCoy
Friday, 31st Mar 2023
Chiara case study


Customer: The Museum Creative | Content Marketing Agency

Service used: Solo plan

Results: Doubled writing output and reduced the frustration, pain, and overload of long-form writing.

Customer: Chiara Brancato at The Museum Creative

The Museum Creative is a niche content marketing blog run by Italian native, Chiara Brancato. Chiara, a content strategist and marketer, ‘helps art institutions and creative arts entrepreneurs boost their online presence and audience engagement to skyrocket their exposure, cultural impact, and revenue’.

With over 4 years of experience in curating content for exhibitions, museum projects, art blogs, and social media, Chiara is committed to helping art businesses achieve their priorities with effective content marketing. Her purpose is to give counsel and strategic support in creating insightful copy – on tone and on-brand – that delights and converts the audience.

Goal: Increase Writing Output Without Burning Herself Out

Like any blogger, Chiara knows that burnout is real. To succeed in the rat race to the top of Google and the battle for the attention of the audience, you have to consistently produce top-level blog content. As Chiara found out, the pressure to keep up with a punishing publishing schedule will eventually take its toll.

Chiara felt stressed and overwhelmed by the endless content she had to write for The Museum Creative. It took her over a week to write a single article, including editing and optimization. The most challenging and time-consuming – parts for Chiara were:

  1. Researching trustful sources, data, and other facts.
  2. Fleshing out the first drafts of her blog posts.

Chiara found curating accurate information for her blogs to be a long process. As a non-native English speaker, she also felt she had to work hard to produce high-quality content that resonates with her international audience. 

Week after week, she felt her creative energy dwindling. Eventually, she felt burned out. This is an all-too-familiar story in the blogging world. Chiara had to find a solution somehow.

Solution: Automate Content Creation

If Chiara could not find a way to enjoy blogging again, her business would not survive. How do you sell yourself as a content marketing strategist if you don’t write yourself?

Luckily help arrived on time for Chiara as around the same time she was struggling to write for her blog, her business coach, Julia McCoy, brought up the subject of Content at Scale and its groundbreaking approach to SEO blogging. Call it a shameless plug or good marketing as Julia happens to be the President of Content at Scale.

Chiara knew she had to try the Content at Scale AI writer for herself. So in February 2023, she bought a Content at Scale subscription. She hasn’t stopped creating blog posts for her arts content marketing blog ever since. 

Putting the AI writer to the test

Chiara’s very first AI-generated article was “8 Creative Ways to Get Your Art Brand Noticed Online”, This title was suggested by the tool. 

The Content at Scale AI writer will automatically generate the metadata (SEO title and meta description), but you can edit it if you have a better title in mind or you have a style you prefer for your titles. 

Generate title and meta description

The title the AI suggests for you is within the experts-recommended character 60-character limit.

For the prompt, Chiara told the AI to ‘write 2,000+ words about strategic content marketing ways to boost online exposure and brand awareness’. In a few short minutes, the draft blog was ready to be optimized! 

Even if some parts of the draft were wordy, the overall article was accurate and aligned with her expectations. From there, she edited, personalized, and optimized the content for SEO.

Secondary keywords

The Content at Scale app has an Optimization tab. The tab lists your tab keyword and related keywords, with stats on how many times you used them compared against their usage by the pages ranking on Google.

The keywords in the Optimization are color-coded to highlight them and show the ones you have optimized for sufficiently (green), those you could optimize for more (yellow), and those you have not optimized for (orange).

on-page SEO checklist

Another helpful feature is the on-page SEO checklist just below the keywords’ usage summary. The checklist lists all the page elements you have to add to your target keyword. 

The page elements you have added your target keyword to will be highlighted with a green tick, while those you haven’t will show a red X. All you have to do is go back into the article and naturally work the keyword into the highlighted areas until everything on the checklist is green-ticked.

After only three days, Chiara had a new blog post ready to publish. She had effectively conquered content fatigue. We should point out that Chiara was, in fact, pacing herself. She could have had her blog post published in three hours with the guide of our CRAFT framework. 

aio craft

Want to learn every step involved in our C.R.A.F.T. framework? You’re in the right place. To learn more about AIO and C.R.A.F.T, read our individual guides:

Additionally, subscribe to our blog, watch our C.R.A.F.T. and AIO tutorials on our YouTube channel, and read this blog to understand the AIO model.


Since she started using the Content at Scale AI writer, Chiara has noted a big improvement in her business and general well-being:

  • Her productivity has increased to two AIO blogs published every week, 
  • She does not feel overwhelmed by blogging anymore.
  • Her SEO writing skills have improved (now calls herself an AIO writer)
  • She has more time to dedicate to other aspects of her business,
  • She has more time to focus on delivering better content to her audience,
  • She feels energized, relieved, and more creative.

In terms of her content’s performance, Chiara feels that Content at Scale has been a real game-changer for her:

Published 3 weeks ago (March 10, 2023), Chiara’s first ever AIO blog post currently ranks #8 on Google for her target keyword. It has a 5.495% SERP visibility.

Supercharge Your Productivity and Enjoy Your Craft Again with Content at Scale

Thanks to her newly rediscovered creative energy and improved productivity, Chiara believes bloggers and the art field she passionately serves will benefit a lot from the Content at Scale tool. 

Chiara Brancato has now made educating art institutions and creative arts entrepreneurs on the great opportunities that this AI tool offers part of her content marketing goals. There’s honestly no better endorsement than that.

Written by Julia McCoy

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