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How to Make Real Money on Content at Scale’s Affiliate Program

Kiersten Thompson
Thursday, 23rd Mar 2023

If you’re a publisher looking for not just the hottest, but the BEST AI writer specifically for SEO blogging – it’s time to fully embrace Content at Scale. 🏆 

You’ll not only want to adapt to using Content at Scale, but you’ll want to be a member of our Content at Scale affiliate program, too.

Here’s why: our top affiliates are earning thousands in recurring commissions per month by adding Content at Scale affiliate links into just a few pieces of content! 🤯  You can, too.

Learn how to join our affiliate program in today’s guide, with examples showing you step-by-step how other great affiliate marketer teams and brands have done to successfully promote Content at Scale and make real income.

Find out how you can make the most of becoming a member of our Content at Scale affiliate program and get the lowdown on promoting content that helps you make money.

Ready? Let’s get into it!

Introduction to Content at Scale Affiliate Program

Content at Scale (CaS) is a world-leading AI-powered content writing tool that helps marketers and content creators create high-quality, research-backed, SEO-optimized articles quickly and easily. The CaS Affiliate Program provides affiliates with the opportunity to earn great recurring income by promoting this product. With a user-friendly interface, unique features, and highly converting materials, it’s no wonder why so many are joining the program.

Our affiliate program offers 15% or 20% recurring payouts for every customer you bring in at our base level. That’s $75 to $300 per month in commissions! Additionally, you can offer your audience 20% in free additional credits on their account, if they use your link. Win, win!

We offer regular payouts via PayPal, making it incredibly easy for affiliates to receive their commissions. Getting started with your affiliate business is simple: focus on building an addressable audience first before you start creating different types of content to sell the Content at Scale affiliate program. And if you already have a website and a list, even better!

The Content at Scale Affiliate Program provides a unique platform for content marketing and SEO, enabling users to scale their efforts efficiently.


Sign up as an affiliate here.

Why You Should Join the Content at Scale Affiliate Program

Content at Scale is super unique in that we are the first, and currently, the only platform targeting long-form content in a way that is truly scalable and SEO and content marketing focused while able to write high-quality, research-backed long-form copy on any niche. 

Tools like and our own free AI detector cannot tell that our content is produced by AI. It’s written THAT well!

Our users love the fact they can upload a list of keywords, and within minutes, have entire blog posts written that read well, flows, and are generated with all the SEO structure you’d typically have to spend hours training a writer to do. It’s incredible.

This makes for a great opportunity for you to cash in on some amazing recurring affiliate revenue! Sign up as an affiliate here.

Here are some strategies from some of our most successful affiliates and the different ways they are promoting their affiliate link.

Strategies to Make Serious Dough While Promoting Content at Scale Affiliate Program

Incentivize your audience to use your link EASILY by letting them know what they get through your exclusive link.

Every referral partner gets to offer their audience 20% in additional free bonus credits.

So, make sure to promote this to your audience so they know about the bonus.

Be Clear About the 20% Extra Free Post Credits

You can see how Julia does this in her YouTube video, including creating a redirected link from her domain,, that redirects to her affiliate link set up through our program.

In the video, she mentions that you’ll get that additional 20% off, but only if you sign up with the link. Then, she drops the link as the first thing you see in the description. This is an effective, clear way to drive people to your link.

content at scale affiliate program

See the whole video here:

Bundle in Extra Services to Further Incentivize

Optionally, you can also add extra bonuses should you want to reward them further.

For example, if you offer SEO you could add in a keyword research offer, or if you created social media for posts you could offer to produce a few social posts, or if you did website development you could offer to install the Content at Scale WordPress plugin and set it all up for them, give them your course for free, etc.

Just think about what you offer currently and what kind of additional value you could give if you feel it could help the offer convert even better!

7 Ways to Crush Sharing Content at Scale Software to Your Audience (& Make the Most Out of the Content at Scale Affiliate Program)

Now, let’s dive into specific tactics and examples!

Tactic 1: Write a Review Post, Film a Review Video

Creating a write-up for a review post is a great way to build an evergreen piece of content.

You can double down and make it a video for YouTube, too. Win-win.

Especially as Content at Scale continues to build its brand, this means lots of opportunities for early affiliates to rank when it comes to a review.

We’ll often feature review articles and videos in our newsletter, which is reaching tens of thousands of people on a weekly basis. You’ll get featured!

Here are a bunch of Content at Scale affiliate program content examples to inspire you.

You can see that all of the authors are featuring clear, bold mentions of their special 20% off link. Don’t forget that part! Make it crystal clear and easy for people to see and click.

Tactic 2: Update Existing Content That is Ranking

Geoff over at DDIY is one of our top affiliates and has done some amazingly creative things.

He had content ranking in this space already that was promoting Jasper at the time. In fact, they were even ranking #2 for their name.

He added us as a recommendation at the top of that post as well as features it in a HelloBar (which links to their dedicated review) across the top of the site.

Here is an example of this tactic in action.

Tactic 3: A Dedicated Video Review on YouTube

Another great strategy is taking advantage of the second-largest search engine in the world… YouTube!

We shared this strategy in #1, but this deserves its own point because you don’t have to have a website.

You can literally just YouTube.

Use the description to add your affiliate link and be sure to remind them of the 20% bonus extra credits when they do use your link.

Here’s a great video breakdown. This helps really show prospective customers the ins and outs of the platform.

Tactic 4: Send an Email Tease Series (Instant Results)

This has been, without a doubt, a HUGE performer when it comes to instant results for affiliates. If you have an email list, we highly recommend putting out an email!

Here’s one from Travis of who actually was the very first customer of Content at Scale:’s founder teases Content at Scale

Julia McCoy, now our President, did the same thing. 

First, she teased “I finally found an AI writer” to her list – see the actual email here.

She waited five days.

And this is what happened…

content at scale affiliate program

Next, she TOLD her list – and made bank. See that email here.

Winner, winner – chicken dinner.

Tactic 5: Join Conversations on Social

Join Facebook groups where there are conversations around AI content, SEO content, or even keyword research and enlighten people about how Content at Scale can allow them to produce content on a whole other level.

Remind them that they’ll get 20% extra post credits using your link, but just please don’t spam the conversations.

This is so effective, we are going to be hiring someone ourselves just to focus on these types of conversations.

Tactic 6: Referrals

Know business owners, content marketers, agency folks, SEOs, etc?

Sometimes, just letting people know about us is the simplest path!

Remember, if you share our direct link with someone (and not your affiliate link), you can always add them as a lead from your Content at Scale affiliate program dashboard.

Tactic 7: How-to Blog Posts

Including Content at Scale as part of a publishing workflow or how-to post gives people that aren’t looking for reviews a better idea of what’s possible.

You can see this also at work in Julia’s how-to blog post breaking down Content at Scale.

content at scale affiliate program

Got More Ideas for Content at Scale Affiliate Program?

If you would like to host a webinar for your audience – I am happy to join.

Have a podcast? Let’s chat.

Have other ideas? Let me know how I can help!

Reach out via email and we’ll chat today.

My goal is to help you make as much money as possible with our affiliate program and have this be your primary revenue driver!

Remember, each and every referral gets you $75 to $300 per month in commissions! These can add up so quickly.


Still Have Questions? FAQs About the Content at Scale Affiliate Program

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is an agreement between a business and an individual or other entity. This arrangement allows the affiliate to promote the company’s products or services in exchange for a commission when customers purchase those items through their link. The content of an affiliate program typically includes product descriptions, promotional materials, pricing information, customer reviews, and more. Additionally, affiliates are expected to adhere to certain marketing guidelines set forth by the company they are promoting. Content promotion and search engine optimization are critical for prosperous affiliate schemes in order to boost traffic, construct brand recognition, and improve sales.

What content is best for affiliate marketing?

Content that is useful, informative, and engaging is best for affiliate marketing. Quality content should be tailored to the target audience and focus on providing value in order to drive conversions. Producing blog entries, videos, infographics, and digital books can be great approaches to promoting items while building trust with buyers. Additionally, optimizing content for SEO can help ensure it reaches a larger audience. Creating compelling headlines, using relevant keywords throughout the text body, and including meta descriptions will all contribute to increasing visibility online.

What is Content at Scale?

Content at Scale is an innovative, proprietary AI writer with users producing over 40 million words of substantial, long-form content each and every month. Content at Scale specializes in helping publishers create high-quality content that resonates with their target market, ranks at the top of Google, and brings serious ROI.

How do you write content for affiliate products?

When writing content for affiliate products, it is important to understand the target audience and their needs. Know Content at Scale and use it first so that you’re helping readers settle on an educated choice. Optimize with the right keywords throughout the article so that search engines can index it properly and use call-to-actions at strategic points to encourage readers to click through your affiliate link. Additionally, ensure all claims are backed up with reliable sources and include images or videos when appropriate. Finally, proofread multiple times before publishing as quality content builds trust with potential customers.


Content at Scale is a great affiliate program for anyone looking to make money online. With its high-converting offers and pay-per-lead programs, it’s no wonder that the Content at Scale affiliate program has become one of the most popular ways to earn recurring income with minimal effort. So if you’re ready to get started on your journey toward financial freedom, join CaS today and start earning big commissions.

Written by Kiersten Thompson

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