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Introducing Content at Scale V3.0

Justin McGill
Friday, 10th Nov 2023
introducing content at scale v3.0

Ever dreamt of having a technology stack that feels like it was custom-built just for you? 

Well, that dream is now a reality! 

Content at Scale V3.0 is more than just an upgrade – it’s a revolution. We’ve meticulously designed a comprehensive solution that integrates generative AI into keyword research, content production, and SEO. 

The result? 

A marketer’s utopia where generating engaging content and optimizing it for search engines feels like a walk in the park.

For the past two years, Content at Scale has been helping countless marketers create content much faster and with better quality. 

But we’re not stopping there.

Our vision is to be the ONLY tool you’ll ever need, not just for publishing but for ramping up your entire content marketing process. Content at Scale V3.0 takes us in that direction, giving you a more well-rounded product with three additional technologies:

  1. Generative AI
  2. RankWell®
  3. Content Producer

The third iteration of Content at Scale comes with an incredible line-up of features set to transform how we whip up and dish out our written work.

Do you find yourself needing more and more tools to get the job done? How many tabs are open on your browser right now?

Ditch them.

Content at Scale now features keyword research, personalized tone of voice, SEO scoring, generative AI for customized content creation, optimization audits, deeper keyword insights, and more.

This all-in-one suite offers content creators, marketers, and publishers brand new tools to get their day-to-day tasks done — all in one place.

Here’s an overview of what’s new in V3.0 and how it streamlines your process so you will never need another tool ever again for content creation.

Generative AI

content at scale v3 generative ai

In a crowded content marketing space where creating high-quality, well-researched, and on-brand content is essential, Content at Scale proudly presents a first-of-its-kind product release.

Generative AI comes to Content at Scale with Blueprints, AI Agents, and AIMEE Chat.

This toolkit leverages powerful AI capabilities to generate top-notch content with very little human effort. This isn’t about replacing creativity or talent, but rather giving you wings to fly higher and further than ever before.

Here’s a glimpse of what this suite offers:


Explore thousands of prompt templates or build your own with Blueprints.

Crafting content that resonates with your audience has never been easier. With Blueprints, you get personalized, premium prompts so your content is not just unique but also mirrors your brand’s character like a pro.

AI Agents

content at scale v3 ai agents

Meet your new team members! These AI assistants help cook up killer content, social media posts, and product descriptions that will generate buzz.

We now have more than 40 AI agents for specialized writing tasks, including marketing expert, copywriter, campaign expert, e-commerce expert, and branding expert – just like building your own AI team!


content at scale v3 aimee chat

Improve your existing content with AI rewrites. AIMEE, our super chatbot, can help paraphrase, fix, shorten, lengthen, or summarize your content. You can also interact with AIMEE to generate new content from your own prompts.

Content at Scale’s Generative AI suite is not just a fresh innovation – it’s an absolute game-changer.

Generative AI is our answer to those “jacks-of-all-trades, masters-of-none” chatbots. It’s purpose-built specifically for content creation.

The only limit? Your creativity.


RankWell is a registered trademark of Content at Scale. Our proprietary SEO content intelligence suite is designed to supercharge your content and ranking potential – without ever leaving the app.

RankWell allows you to:

  • Discover ranking opportunities with keyword research and topic clusters
  • Maintain good SEO with optimization audits
  • Compare your content to top-ranking pieces in real time
  • Build targeted content briefs

Here’s an overview of the remarkable features of RankWell.

Keyword Research

content at scale keyword research

With keyword research now built into the Content at Scale dashboard, there’s no need for a separate tool to find the most effective terms and phrases for your content. 

Imagine having your very own roadmap to online visibility. Our Mangools-based keyword research tool is just that — your trusty guide in turbocharging your content rankings like never before.

Topic Reports

content at scale topic report

Ever wished you could dive deeper into your favorite topics and gain comprehensive insights that make your content stand out? 

Our topic reports are your golden ticket to exploring these intricate details, from reading levels to keyword frequencies to salience scores.

Consider it your ultimate guidebook, empowering you to craft content that’s not just solid but absolutely stellar.

Content Briefs

content at scale content briefs

Often, content teams need to create and share content briefs that guide the scope and direction of an article. Now, you can build and share these briefs easily right inside Content at Scale.

These are your content roadmaps, packed with the essential do’s and don’ts that ensure your content aligns with your brand and caters to your audience’s every need.

And guess what? They also help you pinpoint the crucial placement of those all-important header tags to optimize your content to a T.

Feel free to share these content briefs with your team members or send them directly to the Content Producer to start the ball rolling.

Optimization Audits

Want to boost your content’s performance effortlessly? Our optimization audits are here to work their magic. 

These audits take a deep dive into your content, expertly pinpointing SEO and performance issues. 

And they don’t stop there. 

They also provide you with a crystal-clear roadmap for improvements, elevating your content’s visibility.

Here’s the best part: whether your content was crafted inside Content at Scale or not, these audits have your back.

Ultimately, the RankWell® suite helps you craft laser-optimized content that shoots to the top of search with smart, easy-to-use tools.

Content Producer

content at scale v3 - content producer

Content at Scale’s Content Producer is your ultimate writing sidekick. This is the long-form SEO AI writer you know and love, with all the features that make it unique.

In an era where crafting on-brand content is the key to standing out in the digital crowd, Content at Scale is stepping up to the plate with an all-in-one content production solution that creates original, human-like, expert content with zero prompting.

Here’s what Content Producer brings to the table:

Premium Blog Post Writer

Say goodbye to writer’s block. Premium Blog Posts is your ultimate ticket to effortlessly crafting compelling, well-researched, expert content that will captivate your readers instantly. 

With this tool at your fingertips, generating long-form blog posts that meet Google’s E-E-A-T requirements becomes a breeze.

Content Editor

Proofreading and polishing your content has never been this easy. The in-app editor allows for real-time editing and optimization that helps set solid foundations for great storytelling while keeping your content ahead of the competition.

SEO Scoring Sidebar

content at scale v3 seo sidebar

The SEO Scoring Sidebar gives you live updates on how well (or how poorly) your content is optimized for search engines, with the ultimate goal of getting your brand to Page One.

Get immediate feedback while crafting your piece and watch your SEO score swing to green!

Unique Voice

Say goodbye to generic, robot-sounding content and hello to a unique voice that speaks to your audience. 

Content at Scale allows you to choose a tone of voice for new and existing projects by simply selecting from the Tone of Voice dropdown. Some of the voice options include authoritative, bold, informative, casual, persuasive, and witty.

You can also teach the AI how to write in your own voice by feeding it with samples from your blog articles. It will pick up your style and apply it to your future projects.

If you want to mimic a niche leader, you can set an “Influencer Voice” as your tone. For marketers, the AI can write your blog posts in the voice of Joe Pulizzi, Julia McCoy, Brian Dean, Adam Enfroy, Stefan Georgi, or Dennis Yu.

Ready to Try Content at Scale V3.0?

Since the beginning of Content at Scale, we’ve worked tirelessly to give content producers a real, functional, scalable solution for their content creation. 

Generating long-form content that was original, good, and up to Google’s E-E-A-T standards was no easy feat – but we did it.

Now, with our 3.0 release, we’re going further and deeper with multiple technologies — RankWell®, Content Producer, and Generative AI — with a goal not just to become the world’s first, but the world’s ONLY at-scale content marketing automation platform.

Don’t miss this opportunity to streamline your content marketing process.

See it in action and find out how V3.0 can save you hundreds of dollars by merging dozens of tools into one.

Written by Justin McGill

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