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Top Content Marketing Strategy Examples for Brand Growth

Julia McCoy
Tuesday, 13th Feb 2024
content marketing strategy examples

Trying to create or tweak a content marketing strategy but don’t know where to start? This article features some of the best content marketing strategy examples to help inspire your own campaigns.

From Netflix Canada’s engaging tweets that had us all nodding in agreement, to Warby Parker’s emails that feel more like a chat with an old friend than a sales pitch, discover the ingenious ways companies use platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and blogs to forge stronger bonds with their followers.

We’ll dive deep into real-world content marketing strategy examples that have catapulted brands from obscurity into household names. By the end of this read, you’ll have gathered actionable insights on how to build a community through Instagram success stories like Doug the Pug’s and turn your email newsletters from snooze-fests into must-reads.

Let’s get started.

Table Of Contents:

Social Media Content Marketing Strategy Examples

Social media platforms are not just about posting; they’re about engaging.

Let’s talk about Netflix Canada and Wendy’s, two brands that have mastered the art of social media content marketing with strategies that went viral.

Netflix Canada’s Twitter Humor

Ever seen a tweet so relatable you couldn’t help but share? That’s exactly what Netflix Canada did. They tapped into Millennial humor with tweets that hit home, making their audience feel seen and understood. This approach isn’t just smart; it’s effective in creating a bond between brand and follower.

By really getting what their audience craves, they’ve crafted social media drives that folks are eager to dive into. It wasn’t rocket science, but it was brilliant storytelling.

Wendy’s Masterful Twitter Roasts

No one does Twitter roasts quite like Wendy’s. Their unique brand voice stands out by being witty yet respectful, turning fast-food wars into entertainment for all onlookers.

Wendy’s knack for humor not only served up laughs but also catapulted their online interaction through the roof, positioning them as pioneers in weaving social media into brand identity.

In breaking the mold of traditional corporate talk, they’ve masterfully woven social media tactics that have set a benchmark for others to aspire towards.

Innovations in Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing is a game-changer for brands aiming to hook their audience. It’s all about crafting stories that not only sell but stick.

GoPro’s Adventure-Filled YouTube Channel

Take GoPro, for instance. They’ve turned their YouTube channel into an adrenaline-pumping showcase of user-generated content. It’s not merely a display of the gadget’s prowess; it demonstrates how users embody the brand’s spirit of adventure in their daily lives.

GoPro, in its essence, has become the content marketing definition of visual storytelling — crafting a space where the heartbeats of adventurers from all corners of the globe resonate with each frame.

GoPro’s success stems from its ability to immerse the audience into a grand narrative of collective zeal and exploration. It’s this sense of belonging that keeps them coming back for more thrilling videos, making GoPro a thought leader in using real-life excitement to fuel its marketing drive.

Nike’s One-Minute Talent Show

Nike took things up a notch with their “One-Minute Talent Show”. Featuring famous athletes showcasing talents beyond sports was not just entertaining but it highlighted personal aspects often unseen by fans.

With its campaign, Nike masterfully harnessed the might of social media, transforming short videos into a medium that not only reinforced its identity beyond mere sports apparel but also established it as a pivotal force in shaping cultural and creative landscapes.

Transforming Email Marketing with Creative Campaigns

Email marketing is far from dead; it’s evolving. Let me show you two content marketing strategy examples of setting the bar high in email marketing.

Warby Parker’s Engaging Email Campaigns

Have you ever been curious about the secret behind Warby Parker’s irresistibly clickable emails? It’s their mix of clear CTAs and personable design that does the trick.

Warby Parker has mastered the art of crafting emails that resonate on a personal level, making every recipient feel uniquely valued.

Adopting this strategy not only elevates the customer’s journey but also fortifies their allegiance to the brand. Their success lies in not only selling a product but also telling a story through their email content.

Airbnb’s Personalized Travel Guides

Airbnb elevates the art of personalization, weaving your past bookings into unique travel guides crafted solely for you. These aren’t generic city guides but carefully curated suggestions that resonate with your interests and past travels.

The result? Emails so relevant they seem handpicked for each reader, embodying successful email strategies at their best.

By focusing on highly personalized content, Airbnb has managed to transform standard confirmation emails into invaluable resources for travelers everywhere.

Blogging as a Core Content Strategy

Well-crafted blog posts offer crucial insights that attract natural visitors.

Take Animalz for instance. Their article on content marketing in a crisis is a prime example of how written content marketing examples can guide businesses through tough times.

In today’s ever-evolving digital world, the ability to transform ambiguity into a well-defined game plan showcases the indispensable nature of blog content strategies.

This isn’t about churning out post after post but creating meaningful interactions. Animalz exemplifies the power of blogging by honing in on impactful, pertinent subjects — reinforcing its role as a cornerstone of successful content marketing strategies.

Blog posts deliver well-researched and thoughtful information that resonates with your target audience while improving brand awareness and building trust.

The Power of Podcasts in B2B Marketing

In the realm of B2B marketing, podcasts have emerged as a key instrument for sharing vital knowledge and superior strategies across the industry.

Podcasts weave narratives with professional insights, simplifying complex subjects in a digestible format.

In an era where every minute counts, podcasts provide value without demanding visual attention. This makes them perfect for busy professionals looking to stay ahead in their field.

One standout example is The B2B Marketing Podcast. It features experts from various domains discussing strategies that work. Listeners are both educated and motivated to push the boundaries of creativity through these enlightening sessions.

Exploring this podcast reveals a wealth of valuable insights for those interested in incorporating podcasts into their marketing strategies. By showcasing real accomplishments and practical applications, it skillfully demonstrates the efficacy of audio content in enhancing engagement.

Integrating Interactive Elements into Reports

Industry reports don’t have to be boring. Adding interactive elements is a cool way businesses can turn traditional reports into an engaging experience for readers.

Soapbox revolutionized the dreary chore of reading reports by turning them into captivating adventures, thanks to their inventive twist on interactive documentation. They’ve redefined the experience of digesting data by infusing enjoyment into the traditionally dull task of reporting.

By animating bland data into a dynamic form, they capture the audience’s attention from the outset. This clever use of interactive elements not only makes the content more digestible but also significantly increases reader engagement.

Soapbox’s State of One-on-ones report serves as one of the best content marketing examples that blend interactive components to transform an ordinary paper into a notably unforgettable and influential masterpiece. Readers are taken on an immersive journey through the data, thanks to Soapbox’s innovative presentation techniques.

User-Generated Content on Instagram

Imagine your Instagram brimming with love from followers, showcasing their daily interactions with your offerings. This is the magic of user-generated content, a priceless asset for fostering a sense of community and engagement.

Doug the Pug is an epic example of this strategy in action. By encouraging fans to post their personal snapshots and tales about Doug or influenced by his antics, his profile has morphed into a global gathering spot for aficionados of pugs. This not only increases the content volume without additional work from Doug’s team but also deepens the connection between the brand and its audience.

But why does UGC work so well? UGC plays on the intrinsic human yearning for acknowledgment and visibility. Highlighting fan creations shines a light on their interactions with your brand, giving them a sense of appreciation and belonging to an expansive community. Plus, it shows potential customers that real people love what you offer.

UGC is simple yet powerful, and when used on platforms like Instagram, it can transform passive viewers into active participants and vocal advocates for your brand.

Doug the Pug nails it with UGC, turning followers into a global pug-loving community. It’s all about making fans feel seen and boosting engagement. #UGCmagic #BrandLove Click to Tweet

FAQs – Content Marketing Strategy Examples

What is an example of a content marketing strategy?

A blog that dishes out expert advice, boosting your site’s traffic and positioning you as a go-to in your field.

What is a content strategy in marketing?

It’s planning, creating, delivering, and managing content to hit specific business goals. Think targeted blogs or social media blitzes.

What are the 5 essential elements of a content marketing strategy?

Your game plan needs clear goals, audience research, killer content ideas, smart distribution tactics, and ways to check success.

What are the 7 steps in creating a content strategy?

  1. Dig into goals first.
  2. Know your crowd.
  3. Audit existing stuff.
  4. Choose prime channels.
  5. Plot out topics and calendar them.
  6. Craft then publish regularly.
  7. Measure how it’s doing.


By now, you’ve seen how giants like Netflix Canada and Warby Parker redefine engagement. Content marketing strategy examples like these teach us a lot. Demonstrating the power of understanding your audience, simple tweets transform into engaging dialogues and ordinary emails evolve into memorable experiences.

From GoPro’s thrilling adventures to Doug the Pug’s Instagram fame, it’s clear: authenticity wins hearts. Each story shared is not just content but an invitation to join in on something bigger.

Emails from Airbnb don’t just share deals; they personalize journeys. Blogs aren’t merely articles but bridges connecting readers with actionable insights.

In all this, remember the power of being real, being engaging, and always aiming to add value. Allow these instances to fuel your creativity in devising plans that echo far past the digital interface.

Written by Julia McCoy

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