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CRAFT is Now TAP: How Justin McGill Continues to Innovate the StraightOuttaAI Dream

Julia McCoy
Thursday, 4th Apr 2024

It all started with a dream: to scale top-quality, rank-worthy content completely through AI.

Justin had this dream — he built a world-class product and team to see it through, and didn’t give up — and today, I’m firsthand seeing our product deliver on the promise so well, that my C.R.A.F.T. framework is now fully automated by AI.


The StraightOuttaAI dream is here.

It’s here.

We’re living it — seeing it — firsthand.

And I’m delighted to share from my quite snobby, opinionated, expert, hard-to-please, weathered writer perspective – that StraightOuttaAI is officially automating the entire process of generating a high-quality blog so good, it does in fact rival the best human writer.

All through its own well-built, heavily refined automation.

The dream has become reality. 

The Rank Well, Straight Outta AI Story

This story hinges on a visionary founder — the type of business builder who sees a huge opportunity and strikes when no one else is even thinking ahead half as much.

That’s Justin McGill.

He’s rather legendary.

At the beginning of all of this, Justin focused on bringing to market a true 10x solution through automation.

His goal was to automate the hardest type of content – original, long-form, well-researched, high-ranking content – fully by AI.

This goal is the very opposite of what many AI founders are all about.

Lots of them are just trying to launch a shiny AI toy.

Not Justin.

He set out to solve the pain point of millions of SEO and content marketers, through automation.

An expert, logical marketer, and growth hacker, Justin sunk a great deal of his own time and cash into the first iteration.

Like most great founding stories, it all started with failure. When the first version of Content at Scale came out in 2021, it was a disaster — the AI broke, it didn’t write articles the way it should, and customers demanded refunds.

Thankfully, Justin didn’t give up. And one day, it all came together. The software worked.

The winning formula was to stack multiple LLMs to build a powerful SEO AI writer that could:

  • Research any topic, cite authority sources, find real-time breaking news, and include it in the output 
  • Create 100% original, Google-friendly, useful articles
  • Generate SEO metadata and embed tweets/key takeaways automatically
  • Publish instantly

All done with minimal to no human editing.

Experts, bloggers, marketers, and writers noticed the invention of undetectable content. I shocked my following on January 16, 2023, when I told everyone I’d switched up my career entirely – read the actual announcement here; and I was leaving human writing to join Content at Scale and help take it to the moon. I saw everything it could be, and everything it was, and knew THIS was the AI platform I wanted to bank on. 

I am thankful Justin took a chance and hired someone who was, technically, “unemployable”– I am not a very good employee, but I make an excellent all-in entrepreneur when let loose. Partnering with him to help grow this product has been one of the best career experiences of my life. It’s thrilling to be in the middle of so much innovation, where nothing stagnates and slows. Ever.

I was one of the first ten employees – along with Jeff Joyce, Kamran, and a few other OGs in the dev team. Next came superstars Simon, Ben, and Korilynn.

In our first year, 3,000 users joined our platform. 

Today, we help them generate over 50 MILLION words of undetectable original content per month.

And now, Justin’s Herculean goal is truly coming to life with the internal automation of CRAFT, now done by Content at Scale. 🤯

What We’re Seeing Today – Straight Outta AI

What used to take a human writer to accomplish in seven hours is now down to 5 or 10 minutes — with one long-tail keyword as the only human input, and a quick glance (TAP) on the output. (More to come on TAP.)

RankWell is now more than just an AI writer, with an in-app keyword research tool and a comprehensive SEO suite designed to take your content marketing to the next level.

Just type in an idea of what you want to rank for and AI will generate a list of relevant keywords complete with search volume, ranking difficulty, CPC, and trends — just like your favorite keyword tool.

And before you publish, you can go through the AI draft and make edits if necessary, with the guidance of an SEO suite right beside the text editor.

Check out this blog straight out of AI that we generated after the massive Deep Research update that is changing the game for our StraightOuttaAI promise. The content is so good. The add-on involved in the WordPress site builder backdoor scandal was spelled correctly; and the actual apology from the correct developer was found, added, and cited with a link; without ANY human editing!


Here’s another article I “TAP”-ped; did 5 minutes of optimization to. (More on TAP, the new human framework replacing CRAFT, below. 😉)

Back in January 2023 when I joined Content at Scale, one of my first contributions was to develop a framework to help writers adapt to AI.

With everyone freaking out that AI might steal their jobs, Justin and I came up with the idea of AIO – artificial intelligence optimization, which defines the human’s role in AI content creation.

Goodbye SEO writing, hello AIO writing, I announced in this January blog.

Fleshing out the steps in that role, I built CRAFT so writers had a simple guide to follow.

Complete with individual guides and video tutorials, CRAFT helped marketers, publishers, and agency owners train their writers to properly optimize AI content — resulting in blog posts ranking for hundreds of keywords and drawing in massive traffic.

This entire process often took an hour or two, which already cut a huge chunk of content creation time.

But, Justin told me something.

What if one day Content at Scale automated EVERY step in CRAFT?

The thought was almost preposterous, but as I saw what we were capable of, I began to believe in that vision.

And now, I can honestly say after running 15+ keywords and seeing dozens of posts for myself, the output is there.

We are automating CRAFT.

Today, CRAFT switches to TAP, thanks to Deep Research.

Our advanced Deep Research feature inside Content at Scale takes our long-form SEO AI output to another level entirely.

This is what you can expect from RankWell –

✔️ The deepest-researched content you’ve ever seen

✔️ 100% original + Google-friendly useful article content that’s unique to the topic

✔️ Publish and instantly rival (or surpass) the best human SEO content writers

✔️ Done-for-you: breaking news cited and included for a topic (where relevant)

✔️ Done-for-you: embedded social content – live tweets, posts (where relevant)

✔️ No fluff, little to no hallucinations.

Check out that post I referenced earlier again to see what a RankWell post automating CRAFT looks like StraightOuttaAI:

Look at the sentence structure of another post StraightOuttaAI.

There is NO FLUFF.

It jumps from phrase to phrase – with flow, intention, and cohesiveness.

And the sources are just… chef’s kiss.

This is the ultimate SEO content dream fulfilled – to publish content StraightOuttaAI, without any human editing.

Just T.A.P. and Go.

When it comes to results… RankWell speaks for itself.

You don’t need perfect content to rank. You need to get your posts out, hit a minimum bar of quality, which we do now easily StraightOuttaAI, then look for the winners – and go back and make them better.

Here are real examples generated by RankWell that are now dominating the SERPs with zero human intervention – from our actual users, shared with permission. 👇🏻

StraightOuttaAI: RankWell post on a health topic ranking for 1,504 keywords and driving 3.4k organics/month.

StraightOuttaAI: RankWell post ranking 1-3 for “fractional cmo certification” and “how to become a fractional cmo”​.

StraightOuttaAI: RankWell post on how to make money from a book ranking for 1,000 keywords with 105,000 impressions/month.

StraightOuttaAI: RankWell post ranking #1 globally for “does hoarders pay for the clean up” driving 3,300 organics/month.

StraightOuttaAI: RankWell post on health insurance ranking for 841 keywords and driving 1,667 organics/month.

StraightOuttaAI: RankWell post on “what is a blog introduction?” ranking for 440 keywords with 12k impressions/month.

StraightOuttaAI: RankWell post ranking for medical keyword ranking for 583 keywords and driving 6,129 organics/month.

Want to Experience the Traffic Scaling Dream For Yourself?

Great content.

Masses of traffic.

Lots of revenue.

That’s what you can expect using RankWell.

Until Content at Scale’s RankWell came along, you were paying $100s to $1000s for a human writer to complete all the steps necessary to research, outline, write, and edit a 2,000+ word HQ SEO article.

But now?

We’re doing all the steps in a human SEO writer’s workflow, including keyword research, optimization, embedding social content and breaking news, and even going further with NLP analysis through the eyes of Google using their own API. 

An entire custom database gets built in real-time … for each article! 🤯

And you can get a FULL post for just $15. Go here.

What’s Ahead?

Every day, we continue to work on creating the best-in-class technology stacks ever built for AI SEO blogging while helping marketers adapt to AI. We’re not just another AI software; we’re the only one actively equipping marketers, agencies, publishers, and content freelancers with the right knowledge as they step into the new frontier of AI.

I’m delighted to be a part of this mission – and to share that your work, as a writer, can go from CRAFT-ing to simply TAP-ping so you can do even more of the things you love and less of the work minutia. What a time to be alive. 🙌🏻

Written by Julia McCoy

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