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How Dom Wells Reduced Costs by 150% While Publishing 500 Blogs

Julia McCoy
Tuesday, 2nd May 2023
dom wells onfolio case study


Customer: Dom Wells, Onfolio

Results: Reduced costs by 150% while publishing 500 AI CaS blogs on 9 sites

Customer: Dom Wells, CEO of Onfolio

An English teacher earning $1,000 a month 10 years ago, Dom has since built two successful companies and exited one. In 2022, his second company Onfolio completed its IPO and is now listed on the NASDAQ.

Onfolio acquires and manages a portfolio of small digital companies that:

  • Operate in sectors with long-term growth opportunities
  • Have positive and stable cash flows
  • Face minimal threats of technological or competitive obsolescence

Onfolio currently has 20 companies in its portfolio, focusing on niches where useful content plays a key role. These verticals include pets, arts and crafts, B2B SEO services, molecular hydrogen supplements, graphic design, and people search.

Goal: Reduce the Cost of Publishing 500 Articles

Dom has been monitoring the AI landscape since 2020, particularly AI tools for content creation.

His first impression of the earlier apps was that, while AI content wasn’t that terrible, it wasn’t up to scratch either. 

Some of the flaws he observed were:

  • AI content “looked” good but definitely lacked nuance or context.
  • AI didn’t really save any time because the output needed heavy editing.

For the next two years, more AI writing tools came out and a lot of copywriters and ad creatives began to take notice. 

However, there was no app specializing in the SEO content space. 

It was just like article spinning 2.0.

Solution: Scale Up with AI

Then Dom discovered Content at Scale, and that profoundly changed his outlook on AI. It piqued his interest when someone who had the same issues with AI content recommended this new SEO-focused, long-form content AI writer.

For Dom, Content at Scale is more than just your usual OpenAI wrapper. The app comes with ML and NLP — and some SEO magic ✨ — so the articles read a lot better.

That the tool works out of the box with minimal editing was the biggest hook for Dom, who’s a self-confessed lazy writer. 😄

And for a company like Onfolio which owns and manages a lot of content sites, subscribing to Content at Scale’s highest pricing tier gives them the lowest rate per article.

During the pilot run, Dom had one objective: to test how well the AI content would rank without any tweaking.

Here’s a summary of the parameters of this trial phase:

  • 99% of the content is made up of informational articles, which is where AI is best suited. Dom tested a few product reviews or “best of” posts but wasn’t happy with the result.
  • The only human input was adding 1 image to each AI-generated article. The rest was published as-is.
  • Dom mixed up the publishing frequency: some went live 10 posts at a time, while others were dripped over a few weeks.
  • Some articles were posted on websites that had been inactive for months while others appeared on pages that had been recently updated.

We reached out to Dom so we could turn his test run into a case study. Here’s what happened when he published roughly 500 articles on a handful of different sites using Content at Scale.

Site 1: Review Site

This site had not had any new content published on it for months. Dom first published 10 articles all at once and scaled up after seeing good results. 

Because the site had not been updated in a while, Dom had to manually index the articles in Search Console. After 48 hours, here’s how they ranked:

The results were quite promising. After sustaining these results for a couple of months, it was time to scale up and expand the project to more sites.

Site 2: Review Site

Similar to site 1, this was a basic affiliate review site that had no new content for a while. Here are the results of the initial 10-post run:


Dom literally just entered the keywords, hit the “Create Content” button, added a stock image, and hit publish — the app did all the work in just a few hours. 

With Content at Scale, Dom was able to publish a lot of content quickly, without much effort, and for cheaper than humans were doing it.

Crazy stuff.

Site 3: Info Site

Unfortunately, Internet marketing is full of surprises. You can’t win them all, and this one definitely did not. 

The issue here was that the keywords were much more competitive, and the website was also stronger.

Manual improvements could do the trick — change up the keywords, sprinkle some backlinks here and there, and see if the results will change.

Site 4: Info Site

While most of the rankings went up, this was another disappointment. The issue here was definitely the search volume — some keywords are just going to get higher competition.

Also, Dom noted that the website itself is huge and a bit of a mess so it needs a lot of SEO work to turn the results around.

One thing that marketers can do to make AI-generated content better is to tweak it before publishing.

I’ve created an entire process for this called the C.R.A.F.T. framework which is designed to turn your basic AI content into a masterpiece that appeals not just to search engines but to human readers as well.

aio craft

Want to learn every step involved in our C.R.A.F.T. framework? You’re in the right place. To learn more about AIO and C.R.A.F.T, read our individual guides:

Additionally, subscribe to our blog, watch our C.R.A.F.T. and AIO tutorials on our YouTube channel, and read this blog to understand the AIO model.

Results: Bring in Tens of Thousands of Website Visitors & Reduce Your Costs by 150% with Content at Scale

Generating high-quality content at scale can be expensive. If you’re managing 10 to 20 websites, and publishing daily or weekly, there’s no way you can stick to your schedule with a small content team.

But that was before AI.

Now with GPT-powered apps like Content at Scale, you can fully automate your content creation and save a lot of money while still achieving great results.

Dom has finally discovered how easy it is to scale content creation. After implementing Content at Scale, he’s now seeing traffic numbers in the tens of thousands. 💯

And with AI content turning out to be much cheaper than human content, he doesn’t see any reason not to at least augment content efforts with AI, unless you’re in a highly technical niche.

And AI tools will only get better as the technology evolves.

But here’s the thing: AI is not a silver bullet. If your website has issues, don’t expect your content to rank.

But if your site is good, you can significantly reduce content costs because AI content will perform just as well as human content.

Written by Julia McCoy

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