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A Gaming Content Creator’s Quick Guide to Getting Started

Julia McCoy
Monday, 3rd Jul 2023
gaming content creator

Ever dreamt of being a gaming content creator?

It’s a captivating world where passion for video games meets creativity and community building.

You’re not alone in your dreams. The gaming industry is buzzing with aspiring gaming creators looking to make their mark.

But how does one navigate this exciting yet complex realm?

This blog post will explore the gaming industry’s content creation process and provide insights into how to become one by highlighting five of the best gaming creators today.

If starting your own YouTube channel or becoming the next big Twitch streamer is something you’ve been contemplating during your free time, stick around!

You might just pick up some tips that could turn those super chats into reality.

Table of Contents:

What is a Content Creator in Gaming?

Creating and sharing content related to video games is the primary task of a gaming content creator.

These individuals could be streaming their gameplay live on platforms like Twitch, making informative or entertaining videos for YouTube, or even writing insightful articles about the latest games.

Gaming creators wear many hats – they’re entertainers, educators, influencers, and often community builders too.

Their activity transcends simply playing games; they examine them, chat about them, and share their experiences with their audience.

Their role in the gaming industry has grown significantly thanks to platforms like Twitch and YouTube, which allow gamers to connect directly with fans around the world.

But being a successful gaming content creator isn’t just about playing video games all day (although that sounds fun). It requires creativity, technical skills, persistence, and of course, a deep love for gaming.

Different Types of Gaming Content Creators

Gaming content creators can be categorized into any of these four groups:

  • Streamers: These creators broadcast their gameplay live on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, engaging with viewers in real-time through chat while providing commentary during gameplay.
  • YouTubers: YouTubers record themselves playing video games, then edit these recordings into engaging videos that can range from walkthroughs to reviews or comedic skits based around specific games.
  • Bloggers: Some creators prefer the written word over visual media, writing blogs or articles about various aspects of gaming, including news updates, game reviews, or strategy guides.
  • Podcast Hosts: Podcast hosts produce audio-based shows where they discuss different topics related to video games – from reviewing new releases to interviewing developers within the industry.
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How to Become a Gaming Content Creator

It all starts with getting familiar with your game.

You need to be well-versed in the game you’re creating content for, knowing its mechanics, lore, strategies, and updates like the back of your hand.

To rise above your peers in such a saturated market requires not only exceptional skill but also charisma and originality.

If you’re looking to start your own journey as a gaming content creator or want to grow an existing channel, you must possess the following skills:

  • Game mastery: Mastery over different genres is crucial for any successful gamer. Whether it’s Minecraft content or competitive first-person shooters, gamers need expertise in gameplay mechanics combined with strategic thinking abilities. Like any other profession or hobby you spend your free time on, becoming good takes practice.
  • Ability to entertain: Beyond just playing games well, humor plays a significant role too! A Twitch streamer or YouTuber needs wit alongside engaging commentary skills that keep viewers entertained throughout streams/videos.
  • Creativity: This is another essential ingredient in this recipe, as your ability to present gameplay or information in unique ways will set you apart from other creators.
  • Create engaging content: It’s not enough to just be good at playing games; you need to entertain your audience too. Be personable and interact with your viewers regularly through comments or super chats. From sound design down to thumbnail art – every aspect counts towards creating compelling watchable material.
  • Promotion & community building: A strong online presence across multiple platforms helps build fanbases organically while super chats provide opportunities for real-time interaction to promote stronger ties within your community.

Becoming a successful gaming creator isn’t about simply having free time. It’s an amalgamation of hard work, dedication, passion, and persistence, coupled with continuous learning and adaptation to changes within the ever-evolving gaming landscape. This is what truly sets the top tier apart from the rest of the pack.

Who is the Best Gaming Content Creator?

The gaming industry has exploded with a plethora of talented gaming content creators, each bringing their unique flavor to the gaming community.

Who is the best content creator today? Here are our top five.

1. PewDiePie

Known for his comedic commentary and Minecraft content, PewDiePie has amassed over 110 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Screenshot from YouTube

Also known as Felix Kjellberg, PewDiePie stands at the forefront of this bustling industry. With a decade-long presence on YouTube and an unmatched ability to engage audiences with his Let’s Plays, vlogs, skits, and comedic commentaries, he has cemented his status as one of the most influential figures in the gaming community.

Felix’s unique approach to content creation helped shape today’s creator space into what we know it – an expansive platform for sharing creativity and building communities around shared interests like video games. His impact on game development can be seen through various collaborations with brands seeking access to vast audiences that are part of this thriving community.

2. Ninja

Tyler Belvins, better known by his online pseudonym Ninja, is one of the most recognized figures in the gaming industry, especially during the rise of battle royale games like Fortnite.

Screenshot from Twitch

A professional gamer turned Twitch streamer, Ninja made headlines when he left Twitch for Mixer in 2023 (only to return after Mixer shut down). His skillful gameplay and entertaining personality have attracted millions of viewers.

One event that significantly boosted Ninja’s popularity was a collaboration with music artist Drake. This crossover between music and gaming broke records on Twitch when 600,000 people tuned into their live stream simultaneously, showcasing the power of collaborations in expanding reach within the gaming community.

3. Videogamedunkey

If you’re an avid gamer, chances are you’ve heard of Jason Yevgeniy Gastrow, popularly known as videogamedunkey.

Screenshot from YouTube

Dunkey has carved out a niche for himself within the highly competitive gaming industry through his unique blend of humor and criticism. His YouTube channel features skits and gameplay videos that have garnered millions of views from gamers worldwide.

Dunkey started off like many other content creators – with just a passion for video games and some free time on his hands. However, what sets him apart is his ability to create engaging content that resonates with viewers across different demographics.

One game series he frequently covers is Minecraft. The sandbox nature of this game allows him to showcase not only its mechanics but also his creativity in devising strategies or building structures, making each episode more than just about playing games.

4. Asmongold

Asmongold, also known as ZackRawrr, is a renowned figure among gaming content creators. He first rose to prominence through his engaging World of Warcraft (WoW) videos on his YouTube channel.

Screenshot from Twitch

In the early stages of his career, Asmongold dedicated most of his free time to game development and creating WoW-specific content. His passion for video games and unique insights into WoW gameplay quickly garnered him a significant following within the gaming space.

Over time, Asmongold expanded beyond being just a WoW streamer and began exploring other popular games such as Final Fantasy XIV and Minecraft. His ability to adapt different playing styles across various genres is where his versatility truly shines.

While he initially gained fame through YouTube, today much of Asmongold’s focus lies with Twitch streaming.

5. Loltyler1

When it comes to the world of Twitch streamers and gaming content creators, one name that stands out is Tyler Steinkamp, better known as loltyler1. Known for his entertaining streams and unique personality, he has carved a niche for himself in the gaming community.

Screenshot from Twitch

Tyler’s rise to fame can be attributed not only to his skills in League of Legends but also his ability to keep audiences engaged even during periods of underperformance. His charm lies in being genuine; whether he’s winning or losing games, he remains true to who he is – an attribute highly valued by viewers looking for authenticity in a crowded gaming content space.

Apart from streaming video games on Twitch, Tyler has made waves outside gaming too. He has been featured multiple times within fitness circles and even launched his own line of pre-workout/energy supplements – showcasing how versatile a successful content creator can be.

Beyond these five top-tier talents are countless other gifted individuals contributing richly diverse material across different platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, or even Facebook Gaming – proving that anyone can become part of this vibrant world if they have passion, creativity, dedication … and maybe just a bit too much free time.

If you’re looking to make your mark in this field, remember that success doesn’t come overnight. It requires consistent effort coupled with quality content creation tailored specifically to your chosen niche.

Keep building those relationships – whether it be through super chats during live streams or responding thoughtfully in the comments section. Behind every screen lies another human being who shares similar passions as yourself so treat them accordingly.

How Do I Start a Gaming Content Channel?

Starting your own gaming content channel can seem daunting, but fear not, it’s totally doable.

Here’s a 10-step guide to help you get started.

1. Focus on Your Audience, Not a Particular Game

Instead of limiting your content to a single game, consider the interests and preferences of your target audience. Cover a variety of games, genres, and topics to appeal to a wider audience and keep your content fresh and diverse.

Selecting where to publish your work plays an important role too. Find out where your target audience is hanging out online. YouTube and Twitch are popular platforms among gamers but there are others like Facebook Gaming which has been gaining traction recently. Choose the best platform that suits YOUR audience’s needs.

2. Invest in the Right Equipment

Make sure you have a decent gaming PC or console, a high-resolution monitor, a camera and microphone for commentary, and quality headphones for sound isolation during recording sessions. Good audio and video quality will enhance the viewing experience for your audience.

You’ll also need a capture card if console streaming is part of your plan, plus editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas Pro.

3. Pick a Cool and Memorable Name

Select a unique and memorable name for your gaming channel that reflects your content and is easy to search for. Make sure it aligns with your branding and resonates with your target audience.

4. Join a Gaming Community

Engage with gaming communities, forums, and social media groups to stay updated on the latest trends, news, and discussions. This can inspire new video ideas and help you understand what your audience is interested in.

5. Upload Gaming Videos Weekly

Consistency is key to building an audience. Set a regular schedule for uploading new videos. 

Whether it’s once a week or more frequently, stick to it. This helps your audience know when to expect new content from you.

6. Create Short and Engaging Video Intros

Capture your viewers’ attention right from the start by creating engaging and concise introductions. Hook them with an intriguing statement, a captivating visual, or a teaser of what’s to come in the video.

7. Create Eye-Catching YouTube Thumbnails and Titles

Design enticing thumbnails that accurately represent the content of your video and entice viewers to click. Craft compelling titles that are concise, descriptive, and include relevant keywords.

8. Research Video Topics

Take time to research and plan your video topics in advance. This helps you organize your thoughts, gather necessary resources, and ensure that you provide valuable and well-informed content to your viewers.

9. Turn Gaming Trends into Videos

Stay up-to-date with gaming trends, such as new game releases, updates, or popular game challenges. Creating content around these trends can attract viewers who are actively searching for related content.

10. Experiment with YouTube Shorts

Take advantage of YouTube Shorts, a feature for creating short-form vertical videos. Experiment with this format to provide quick, engaging snippets of gaming content that can attract new viewers and potentially go viral.

Don’t forget SEO! Optimize titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords to boost your video’s visibility.

In addition to creating great content on these platforms, having a strong social media presence helps boost visibility exponentially, especially given the current landscape dominated by algorithmic feeds.

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FAQs – Gaming Content Creator

What do content creators do in gaming?

The most valuable asset for a gaming content creator is the ability to establish a strong connection with their followers through live streams. These creators actively engage and interact with their fans, fostering a deep sense of resonance and connection.

Who is the best gaming content creator?

The ‘best’ can be subjective but popular opinion often cites PewDiePie or Ninja due to their massive followings and influence within the gaming community.

How do I start a gaming content creator?

To start as a gaming content creator you need to choose your platform (like YouTube or Twitch), select a game genre you’re passionate about, and create unique and entertaining content consistently while promoting it on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Is a streamer a content creator?

Although the terms “live streamer” and “content creator” may appear to be interchangeable, there are clear distinctions between the two. Live streamers depend on their capacity to interact with their audience in real-time, whereas content creators often invest significant time perfecting their work.

Are You Cut Out to Be a Gaming Content Creator?

Becoming a gaming content creator is an exciting journey that requires passion, dedication, and creativity.

Remain focused on producing top-notch material, interacting with your fans, and being consistent in your postings. 

Whether you choose streaming or other forms of content creation, being authentic and true to yourself will help you stand out as a unique gaming content creator.

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Written by Julia McCoy

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