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How to Generate Articles from Doc: Easy Guide for Marketers

Julia McCoy
Tuesday, 9th Jul 2024
Generate Article from Doc

Imagine this: you have a lengthy document packed with valuable information, and you need to turn it into engaging articles. This task might seem daunting, but it’s now entirely achievable with AI document generators.

Let’s explore how to leverage these AI-powered tools to streamline your content creation process.

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The Appeal of Using AI to Generate Articles From Documents

Content creators and businesses are increasingly turning to AI for content creation. The ability to transform raw documents into polished articles offers a compelling advantage in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Time-Saving Power

Creating high-quality content demands significant time and effort.  AI blog generators expedite this process, freeing up your schedule to focus on refining your content strategy.

Content Creation at Scale

AI empowers you to generate engaging content at scale. Instead of painstakingly crafting each piece from scratch, you can produce a higher volume of content, amplifying your brand’s reach.

Choosing the Right AI Tools

The abundance of AI text generators can feel overwhelming.

Before you commit to a particular AI tool, evaluate your specific needs and consider the following:

  1. Features: Opt for tools equipped with SEO optimization, plagiarism checking, and content formatting to enhance your workflow.
  2. Ease of Use: The ideal tool should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface, even for team members without technical expertise.
  3. Customizability: Choose a tool that allows customization of tone, style, and structure to align with your brand’s voice.
  4. Support: Responsive customer support is essential to address any challenges you may encounter.

Among all the AI article generators out there, Content at Scale is one of the few that meets ALL of these requirements.

Features? Content at Scale offers keyword research, topic reports, keyword suggestions with NLP salience scores, content optimization audits, plagiarism checking, AI content detection, and a WordPress plugin that lets you publish directly to your blog.

Ease of use? You can generate a fresh, long-form blog post from a digital document in just two steps!

Customizability? Content at Scale lets you choose the tone of voice and writing style you want the AI to use when generating your article. In addition to default settings, you can even train the AI to “learn” your writing style by feeding samples of your work so that every blog post it generates will sound like you.

And finally, support. Content at Scale’s CS team provides 24/7 support which complements its comprehensive knowledge base.

So how do you generate an article from a digital document?

First, let’s look at the old manual way.

Prepping Your Documents

While AI simplifies the content creation process, many AI documentation generators still require well-structured source material to produce exceptional results.

  1. Start with quality: Before inputting your document, review it for clarity, accuracy, and a logical structure to ensure optimal output.
  2. Define the goal: Determine the intended output format, whether blog posts, website copy, or social media snippets, to guide the AI’s generation process.
  3. Structure is key: Organize your document into distinct sections using clear headings and subheadings, making it easier for the AI to identify and extract key information.

With Content at Scale, you can ditch this entire 3-step process and just feed the AI your document.

How to Generate an Article from a Digital Document

With Content at Scale, you can turn any Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document into a long-form, SEO-optimized, publish-ready blog post.

First, log into your Content at Scale account and choose “Document” from the Generate Article From dropdown menu.

Next, upload your source document. The Content at Scale long-form writer supports Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF file formats.

Click “Write Article Now” and wait a few minutes for the AI to generate your article.

See that little box that says “Add real-time research from Google for SEO”? Tick that box to prompt the AI to pull top-ranking content from Google and add depth to your article.

Best Practices for Generating Articles from Text Files

Consider these best practices to maximize the benefits of using AI document generators:

Edit and Refine

Think of AI-generated content as a starting point. Review, edit, and infuse your brand’s unique voice, tone, and style into the content.

Don’t hesitate to add more detail or anecdotes to enhance its originality and make it more engaging.

Don’t Forget SEO

SEO optimization is paramount. While Content at Scale does offer robust SEO features, it’s still necessary to have your AI content reviewed by human eyes.

Incorporate relevant keywords naturally and make sure your piece is enjoyable to read.

Keep it Original

AI excels at automation but can sometimes produce repetitive or generic text.  Your unique perspective and creativity are crucial to elevate its output and make it stand out.

FAQs: Generate Article From Doc

Which AI can generate articles for free?

ChatGPT can generate text based on prompts, but the free version does not support file uploads so it cannot write a full article from a digital document. Several AI platforms provide free trials or basic plans, allowing you to experiment before subscribing. Premium tools typically come with advanced features and greater control, offering greater value in the long run.

How to use generative AI in Google Docs?

Some AI writing assistants integrate seamlessly with Google Docs as browser extensions. Tools like Grammarly enhance your Google Docs workflow. These browser-based tools help improve the quality of your content right inside your text editor.

How to generate an article with AI?

Begin by inputting a prompt or selecting a template. If you’re using Content at Scale, you can just enter a keyword and the AI will generate a long-form blog post for you. You can then fine-tune the output, adjusting elements like style, tone, and SEO to align with your requirements.

Does Google have an AI writer?

Google’s research has led to sophisticated language models like Gemini. However, they haven’t released a standalone AI writer specifically for generating content from documents.

Embracing the Evolution of AI-Driven Content Creation

AI’s ability to generate articles from documents represents a significant shift in content creation. This technology allows you to work smarter and faster, enabling you to produce high-quality content more efficiently.

Remember to infuse your expertise and add a human touch to AI content to make it more engaging and human-like.

By embracing AI as a valuable tool in your content creation arsenal, you can streamline your workflow and unlock new possibilities.

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Written by Julia McCoy

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