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How to Generate an Article from a Podcast in Just One Click

Julia McCoy
Monday, 8th Jul 2024
generate article from podcast

In the digital world, podcast marketing has become a powerful way to reach millions of people. But did you know you can make your podcast even more powerful by turning your episodes into articles? It’s a smart way to repurpose your audio content, reach a wider audience, and get more people interested in what you have to say.

Transforming your podcast episodes into engaging, SEO-friendly articles can significantly boost your online presence and attract new listeners. And it’s easier than you might think with the right tools and approach.

Let’s explore how to turn your audio gems into written gold, expanding your influence and ensuring your hard work gets seen.

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Why Transform Podcasts into Written Articles?

Repurposing content is a smart move, as 94% of marketers already know. This method, which involves updating and reformatting existing content, is considered one of the most effective content marketing tactics for the following reasons:

1. Wider Reach and Accessibility

Not everyone enjoys or has the time to listen to podcasts. Some people prefer to read.

By offering a text version, you can share your content with people who might not have found it otherwise.

You can also share your written content on different platforms, including social media, your website, and even in email newsletters.

2. Get Seen Online

Written content gives you more chances to include important SEO keywords naturally.

Plus, it’s easier for search engines to understand and rank written content than a podcast episode.

Did you know almost half of all product purchases start with a Google search? Articles are a great way to drive traffic to your website.

3. Establish Authority and Build Trust

When you regularly share valuable written content related to your niche, you establish yourself as an expert.

Well-researched articles show that you know what you’re talking about and help you build trust with your audience.

And when people trust you, they’re more likely to keep coming back for more, knowing they can count on you for quality information.

Repurpose Your Podcast From Scratch

Follow these steps to transform your podcast episodes into must-read articles, starting with your latest recording:

  1. Choose an Episode: Select an episode full of insightful, shareable content, like an interview or a deep dive into a specific topic.
  2. Get It Transcribed: Use a tool like Descript to create an accurate text version of your audio. This transcript will be the base for your article.
  3. Identify Key Themes: Pinpoint the main takeaways, quotes, anecdotes, and essential points from your transcript. What are the key pieces of information you want readers to remember?
  4. Crafting a Compelling Story: Structure your article like a story.  Weave your key points together to create a cohesive and engaging narrative.  Let your personality and unique voice shine through.
  5. Incorporate Visuals:  Add images, infographics, or even embedded audio clips to make your article more engaging and visually appealing.

How to Generate Articles From Your Podcast with AI

Writing a blog post manually can take up so much of your time — time that you don’t have with so many projects in the pipeline.

The best way to repurpose podcast episodes is to use AI.

Artificial intelligence streamlines the 5-step manual process so that turning your audio content into well-written articles doesn’t have to be tedious and time-consuming.

Powerful AI tools can help you transcribe episodes, find key themes, and even write an entire article for you. This gives you more time to add your personal touch and style.

Here are two types of AI tools you can use to turn your podcast transcript into a blog post:

1. AI-Powered Transcription: From Audio to Text

Descript is a popular AI transcription service known for its accuracy and easy-to-use interface. It can quickly and accurately convert your audio content into text, providing the foundation for your written articles.

2. Text to Blog Post Magic: AI Writers

Tools like Content at Scale can help you transform your podcast transcript into a polished article. This AI marvel analyzes text, extracts key takeaways, and can even write entire drafts. You can then customize the article to match your brand’s voice and tone.

Repurpose Podcast Episodes into Blog Posts in Just One Click

Do you have an amazing podcast episode and want to extend its reach and engagement? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can repurpose your podcast episodes into blog posts efficiently using Content at Scale:

1. Analyze Your Podcast Analytics & Pick an Episode

When choosing a podcast episode for repurposing, look at your podcast analytics. Your episodes with the most downloads are likely to resonate with your blog readers too.

2. Enter Your Podcast URL Into Content at Scale

Log into your Content at Scale account and choose “Podcast Episode” from the article source options.

To generate a blog article from your podcast, enter the iTunes URL of your podcast episode and click “Write Article Now”.

With Content at Scale, you can skip the transcription, outlining, and blog writing steps — essentially the core of the 5-step manual process. All it takes is one click to generate a well-written, fully formatted blog post from your favorite podcast.

3. Edit and Optimize The Article

Optimize the content for SEO by adding relevant keywords in strategic places like the title, meta description, and headers.

Break up long paragraphs and use bullet points or numbered lists to improve readability.

Content at Scale has a full suite of SEO tools on the right sidebar of the text editor to help you check on-page SEO elements.

4. Add Images and Videos

You don’t want to turn your podcast script into a boring wall of text. To make it more appealing to readers, consider adding relevant images and videos.

Multimedia elements also help create white space around blocks of text.

5. Personalize and Proofread

Finally, review the AI draft for accuracy and readability. Make sure there are no typos or misleading claims.

Add quotes and insights from the podcast episode to add a human touch to your AI-generated blog post.

By following these steps, you can efficiently repurpose your podcast episodes into high-quality blog articles, extending your content’s reach and engagement while saving time and resources.

Watch this video on how to get started repurposing your podcast:

Extra Tips to Boost Visibility and Engagement

Here are some extra techniques to help boost your visibility and get more eyes on your content:

Promote It

After publishing your article, promote it across your social media channels, newsletters, and even during your podcast intro and outro.

Let your existing audience know about your valuable written content.

Engage With Your Audience

Encourage comments and respond to questions from your readers. Building a sense of community around your content will keep people coming back for more.


Knowing how to turn your podcasts into articles unlocks new ways to grow your audience and improve your marketing.

You can make your content strategy even stronger by maximizing your audio content’s potential and using smart SEO strategies.

So get out there, repurpose those podcasts, and share your insights with the world.

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Written by Julia McCoy

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