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The Ultimate Guide for Mom Blog Beginners

Julia McCoy
Tuesday, 18th Apr 2023
guide to mom blogs

A lot of moms read blogs. In fact, 81% of moms read at least five blogs per week.

Three out of four millennial moms go to the Internet for advice instead of family or friends. And more than 50% of everyday moms follow influential bloggers.

But moms aren’t just reading blogs nowadays. They’re starting blogs, making money, and becoming influencers in this sphere. 

The lifestyle/mommy blog is the third most profitable niche next to food and personal finances. These blogs earn a median monthly income of $5,174 — not bad for someone who’s simply sharing real stories, tips, and advice about raising kids and running a home.

If you’re looking to create a passive stream of income, this guide to mom blogs will help you get started — from choosing your niche to creating a long-term blogging strategy.

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What is the Purpose of a Mom Blog?

Mom blogs are becoming increasingly popular among mothers who want to share their experiences with other like-minded individuals.

Mom bloggers use their platforms to discuss parenting, health and wellness, lifestyle tips, product reviews, family travel advice, and more. By providing valuable content on topics that resonate with readers, mom bloggers can build an engaged community of followers who trust them for reliable information.

The primary purpose of mom blogs is to provide support and resources for other moms. These blogs often feature real stories from parents as well as helpful advice on topics such as potty training or dealing with picky eaters. They also offer family adventures and humorous moments that readers can relate to.

Moms rely on online influencers to inform their purchasing behavior, according to a Mom Central Consulting survey.

In addition to offering support and resources for moms, many mom bloggers monetize their sites through affiliate marketing programs or sponsored posts.

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products from third-party companies in exchange for commissions when someone makes a purchase through the link provided in the blog post.

Sponsored posts involve getting paid directly by brands to write about certain products or services related to motherhood that may be beneficial for readers.

Both types of income streams allow mom bloggers to make money while still creating meaningful content that meets their audience’s needs.

Mom blogs serve a wide variety of purposes, from providing support and encouragement to recommending products. Given the increasing popularity of mom blogs, it is no surprise that more and more readers are turning to them for mom life advice.

How Many Mom Blogs Are There?

Mom blogging has become a highly sought-after type of content creation, with the number of mom blogs increasing significantly over the last decade. The last available data revealed that there are more than 4.4 million mom bloggers — and that was way back in 2014!


This number has probably doubled since a decade ago, with many moms even dabbling in other genres and niches.

This huge growth in the popularity of mom blogging can be attributed to several factors.

First and foremost, advancements in technology have enabled moms to conveniently create their own blogs or websites from the comfort of their homes.

In addition to writing blogs, some mothers have even tried podcasts and videos to talk about motherhood topics, share recipes, and do unboxing reviews. These types of multimedia projects often attract a bigger following than regular blog posts because they allow listeners/viewers to engage directly with mommy influencers in real time.

Many mothers have also capitalized on the reach of social media networks such as Instagram and YouTube to broaden their content’s exposure.

Finally, many brands are recognizing the value of partnering with influential mothers who can help promote their products or services through sponsored posts or reviews on their blogs or social media channels.

As far as numbers go, there is no definitive data on how many active mom bloggers exist today since new ones are created all the time while others may decide to move on to other ventures once their children grow up. But one thing is certain: Mom blogging continues to be a powerful force within digital marketing circles.

Mom blogs are an ever-growing industry with no signs of slowing down. So, how do you start a mommy blog?

Guide to Mom Blogs: How to Start Your Blog

Creating a blog for moms is an excellent way to share knowledge, insights, and advice with other mothers while also making money. With the right strategy and tools, you can create a successful blog that stands out from the crowd.

Here are five steps to get you started.

1. Choose Your Niche

Before starting your blog, it’s important to decide on a specific niche or topic for your content. You could focus on:

  • Parenting topics such as nutrition, education, or child development.
  • Lifestyle topics such as fashion, beauty, or home decor.
  • Or even personal finance topics like budgeting and saving money.

Once you have selected your topic, focus on a more specific angle to ensure that your content is not too broad.

2. Choose a Blogging Platform

The next step is to find a platform where you can host and design your blog. Popular options like WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix offer free design templates that you can easily customize even if you have zero coding knowledge.

Make sure everything looks professional and choose fonts and colors that match the tone of voice and personality of your blog.

Add features like social media buttons and contact forms if necessary. These small details go a long way in making visitors feel welcome and comfortable on your site.

3. Create a Content Strategy

Once you know what type of content you want to produce for your blog, create an editorial calendar outlining when each post will be published and what types of posts they will include (e.g., listicles, reviews). This will help keep you organized and ensure that all of your posts are relevant to the same theme/niche.

It’s important to provide readers with helpful information that is well-researched and organized in an easy-to-read format. Make sure each post has a catchy title to grab attention when shared on social media.

Include multimedia elements such as photos and videos whenever possible to add interest to your posts and keep readers engaged longer.

To maximize your blog’s visibility, do keyword research first before you start writing and incorporate SEO tactics into each post.

Search engine optimization strategies include:

  • Adding keywords to titles, meta descriptions, and the body copy.
  • Creating backlinks between pages.
  • Submitting sitemaps.
  • Establishing redirects when necessary.
  • Optimizing images with alt tags.
  • Adding internal links to posts.

All of these efforts are designed to provide a better user experience, improve engagement, boost SERP ranking position, and drive traffic that converts.

4. Promote Your Blog

Now comes the exciting part – getting your blog out there.

  • Create accounts on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter so you can share new posts, join blogging communities, and reach out directly to your audience.
  • Incentivize your social media posts with giveaways/contests to drive traffic to your blog posts. 
  • Start building your subscriber list so you can send email newsletters to your fan base.
  • You can also reach out to other bloggers and propose a collab where you can promote your blog through guest posting.

Engaging with your audience is key to creating a successful mom blog. Responding quickly and thoughtfully to comments left by readers helps build relationships, which ultimately translates into loyalty – something all bloggers should strive toward.

Not only does this make visitors feel appreciated, but it also encourages others who may be hesitant about leaving feedback.

5. Publish Regularly

Publishing quality content consistently is key to maintaining a thriving readership. Use analytics to see your page visits and bounce rate so you can produce more high-performing posts while improving articles that need more work.

Doing this consistently helps build trust between you and your reader base, which translates into higher engagement levels.

Starting a mom blog can be an exhilarating way to share your knowledge and experiences with other mothers. With this guide to mom blogs, you now have all of the information you need to start your own successful mom blog. Now let’s take a look at some of the best examples of parenting blogs out there.

Best Mom Blog Examples

There are countless parenting blogs out there, from humorous to inspirational. Here is a look at some of the best examples of successful mom blogs that can serve as inspiration for aspiring bloggers.

The Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummond’s blog The Pioneer Woman has become one of the most successful mom blogs on the web. Her blog features recipes, home décor tips, parenting stories, and more. It also includes photos and videos of her family life in Oklahoma — all told with her signature humor and wit.

Screenshot from The Pioneer Woman

Mama Natural

Genevieve Howland’s Mama Natural focuses on natural health and wellness topics such as pregnancy nutrition, childbirth education, breastfeeding support, green living ideas, and eco-friendly product reviews. She also shares helpful information about natural parenting practices like babywearing or co-sleeping — all written in an engaging voice that makes readers feel like they’re part of a larger community.

Screenshot from Mama Natural

Design Mom

Gabrielle Blair runs Design Mom which covers topics related to design, but also offers insights into motherhood through interviews with other moms who have interesting careers or lifestyles (like tech CEOs or world travelers). With its mix of lifestyle content plus practical advice on everything from work/life balance to potty training toddlers, this blog appeals to both creative types and busy parents alike.

Screenshot from Design Mom

Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy is an online community that has been around since 2008. It provides a safe space for moms and dads to share their stories, laugh at the realities of parenting, and get support from one another. The site features articles on everything from parenting advice to funny anecdotes about life with kids.

They also have an active social media presence, with more than 2 million followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Screenshot from Scary Mommy

Pregnant Chicken

As the name suggests, this blog has a comedic tone to it. If you’re looking for something light to read on a really stressful day, then you’ve come to the right place.

Some of the hilarious content you’ll find here include “Asshattery,” “Scary Shit,” and the mega-hit “Is It Safe?” series. 

Screenshot from Pregnant Chicken

Baby Boy Bakery

Baby Boy Bakery is a blog created by Jacqui Saldaña in memory of her son Ryan. It serves as an outlet for her to share her thoughts and feelings about life without him, while also providing support and comfort to other grieving parents. Through the blog, she offers up kid-friendly recipes that remind her of the joys she shared with Ryan during his short time on earth.

Screenshot from Baby Boy Bakery

Romy & The Bunnies

Romy & The Bunnies is a blog for stylish moms and their kids. It’s packed with fashion-forward content, from interviews with top industry mamas to throwback photos of chic celebrity parents. Whether you’re looking for outfit inspiration or just want to see how the stars rocked motherhood in the past, Romy & The Bunnies has something for everyone.

Screenshot from Romy & The Bunnies

Tech Savvy Mama

Tech Savvy Mama is a great resource for parents who are concerned about the effects of technology on their children. Leticia Barr’s blog offers comprehensive advice and guidance on how to use tech responsibly in your family.

On Tech Savvy Mama, you can find honest product reviews that help parents make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing tech gadgets for their kids. The blog also provides helpful tips and strategies to keep kids safe online. It covers topics like cyberbullying, privacy settings, age restrictions, and monitoring apps – all the important stuff that parents need to know about the Internet.

Finally, there are plenty of suggestions for setting up screen time rules at home such as creating device-free zones or establishing daily limits for screen time usage by age group. The goal is to help families develop healthy habits around technology use while still allowing them access to its many benefits.

Screenshot from Tech Savvy Mama


For those looking to launch their own mommy blog or be inspired by the work of other moms, the guide to mom blogs is an invaluable resource. With research and dedication, you can create a blog that speaks to your desired audience. Whether it’s sharing tips on parenting, offering advice on family life, or simply providing entertainment – there are plenty of opportunities out there.

Let this guide to mom blogs be your starting point. Take advantage of all the resources available online to make your mommy blog successful.

Written by Julia McCoy

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