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How to Build an AIO Agency from Scratch at 73% Profit Margins

Julia McCoy
Monday, 8th May 2023
build your own aio agency

I built my own content agency in 2012 and, over the next 10 years, turned it into an empire with 100 writers and over $5 million in sales.

If I were to go back in time, would I do it all over again?

Sure, but this time I would do it differently.

Because I learned the best way to start a writing agency in 2023 is with Content at Scale as the core writer.

If you’re a marketing agency and you provide writing services, this is a video you don’t want to miss.

I’m going to share with you my exact formula for scaling up and making a 73% profit margin — without delivering crappy content!

In fact, you’ll be delivering better content than ever. 💫

Why Would I Build a Writing Agency Differently Today? (How AI Saves Time + Money + Headaches)

Back to my story…

It took me 7 years to hit 50% profit margins in my 100% human writing agency.

The hardest part about delivering writing as a service is finding good — and reliable — human writers to do the work.

Writing is incredibly hard. I’ve had writers give me the weirdest reasons why they couldn’t get their assignments done.

There’s one who didn’t show up because she had to mourn the death of her pet ferret — for 2 weeks! We lost a client over that. 🙄

Today you have a chance to work with a “writer” who:

  • Doesn’t go hungry.
  • Doesn’t mourn a dead ferret.
  • Doesn’t need a vacation.
  • Has access to billions of data points.
  • Can actually write better content than 90% of writers out there.

AND will never go missing in action. 🙌

That writer is called AI.

Content at Scale is powered by AI, specifically GPT-3 and NLP, which can write 2,900-plus words in less than 5 minutes. You can even ask the app to write up to 7,000 words if that’s what you need.

At Content at Scale, you have the opportunity to jump on a plan called the Agency Plan that only costs you $15 per long-form article.

Here’s why I would use Content at Scale and not any other AI writer if I were to start a writing agency.


Get Your Free Worksheet: Build-Your-Own AIO Agency

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Why I Would Use Content at Scale to Build an AIO Agency from Scratch

The content marketing industry is worth $600 billion.

And the number one outsourced activity in this niche is content creation.

See the stats for yourself:

content creation number one outsourced activity in content marketing


Which is exactly what Content at Scale was built for.

Content is the currency that every business needs to stay competitive. 

And you, as an agency, can provide content at scale and make serious money if you know how to effectively integrate AI into your process.

If I were to start an agency with, say, ChatGPT, I would only be getting around 600 to 900 words, with no metadata, no SEO scores, and no editing function. And I would have to keep copy-pasting bits and pieces of text to compose an entire article.

That’s just too much work. And a total waste of time.

With Content at Scale, you get a well-written 2900-word, optimized blog post in minutes — complete with title, meta description, headers, bullet lists, links, and CTA. You get all these on the spot the minute you hit the “Create Content Now” button.

And because it’s a fully functioning app with its own text editor, Content at Scale allows you to polish your work on one neat dashboard with all the popular SEO tools at your disposal. 

You’ll even see keyword suggestions that came directly from the top of Google. In the past, I had to develop an SEO writing course just to train writers how to analyze the top Google rankings. Now this software does it in seconds!

When you’re delivering a service, you need to be able to rely on your team. And I would argue that Content at Scale is a more reliable provider than a human.

That said, a good writer is worth their weight in gold.

Let’s talk about how you can move your salaried human writer to a per-hour basis or, if you don’t have one yet, go hire a new one and teach them how to run the engine of Content at Scale and deliver content at a 73% profit margin for your clients.

Are you ready?

The Math Breakdown: How to Make $28,000/Month with Just 8 Clients

Here’s my entire action plan for content agencies, old and new.

  1. Hire a writer at $17-40/hr, or find complete AI newbies who are willing to take on this work as an intern for free.
  2. Give them our free AIO training resources to get them up to speed with the Content at Scale software and the AIO writing process.
  3. Have them start using the Content at Scale app.
  4. Give them a maximum of 2 hours to edit each article. 

Many of these articles are good to publish in just an hour, some even take only 30 minutes.

As Content at Scale founder Justin McGill would say, it’s #StraightOuttaAI because the output is really good.

If you’re paying your AIO writer $30 per hour, then each post would cost you $60 for 2 hours of editing.

Now if you sign up for the Content at Scale Agency plan and pay $1,500 per month for 100 articles, then that would come out to $15 per post.

Let’s say you design a content marketing package that includes writing, keyword strategy, Google Search Console tracking, and analysis. You’re going to spend an additional $40 per hour on these tasks.

  • So you’ve got your AIO writer for $60, Content at Scale subscription for $15, and analysis and strategy for $40.
  • Your out-of-pocket cost for every blog post is $115 in total.
  • You can now offer this entire package of strategy, analysis, writing, and editing for 2 articles a week or a minimum of 8 articles per month — all for just $3,500 per client!

Here’s a simpler breakdown:


  • You charge $3,500 for 8 posts (which is already a bargain for well-written, human-edited long-form articles).
  • That’s $437.50 you make PER POST.

Then you pay:

  • $15 for the app.
  • $60 for the writer.
  • $40 for strategy.

For a total of:

$115 out-of-pocket cost.

This means you earn:

$322.50 profit PER POST.

That’s a 73% profit margin!

If you cover just 8 clients per month (at 2 articles/week PER client), that’s $247,680 a year of income.

This is exactly what I would do if I were starting a content service from scratch.

And by the way, finding clients for your service is as easy as sneezing. 🤧 Every company these days needs content.

Remember, content marketing is a $600 billion industry and the number one outsourced activity is the actual article writing.

You’ll be able to sell your $3,500 complete package like hotcakes.

And you can start now with this model. Agencies are already adopting AIO and making insane profit margins.

Worksheet to Build Your Own AIO Agency From Scratch

This is coming soon!

Overcoming Your Client’s Objections

We wrote a free guide to help you tell your clients you’re using AI in their content creation process.

Remember, using AI is no longer taboo.

More than 80% of marketers actually believe AI is the future of marketing, and that it writes better than the human robot (Capterra).

Download your FREE guide: How to Tell Your Clients You’re Using AI for Content Creation, 4 Truthful Scripts You Can Literally Read Aloud to Build Integrity and Trust

Make More Profit With Less Headache

If I were to do it all over again, I would start a writing agency by delivering content using AI.

It’s the best way to make way more profit with way fewer headaches,

Now that technology is here, we are capable of doing much more as in-house agencies.

Content at Scale is long-form content in a box. And all you have to do is get a single writer trained on how to run the app.

You can deliver content nonstop, no matter what industry your client is in.

Remember, AI has access to billions of data points so it has unlimited sources of information.

I remember during a live training session, I had Content at Scale write on a very difficult topic — How to Use AI Chatbots for Customer Success and Using GPT for Your Local Marketing — and the app wrote a 4,000-word guide in minutes!

That’s just pretty hard to beat even by the most skilled human writers.

So here’s how I structured this plan to help agencies like yours.

First, you’re going to hire or take an existing writer and make them an AIO writer. 

AIO is short for artificial intelligence optimization. It’s a term I coined with the team at Content at Scale. Essentially, AIO means you teach a human writer to run the AI machine, and they optimize the content the AI puts out.

If you already have a writer or are planning to hire someone soon, you can get them started by downloading our free AIO Writer’s Kit.

Free Resources to Train Your Writers into AIO

I’ve been personally training agency owners and teams and helping them convert to the AIO way. Want these? You’re in luck – we’re giving them away.

Free Guide

First, I wrote a full guide – a writer’s worksprint, links to our best tutorials and training, and even a job description template if you want to find an AIO writer.

Want this incredible resource? It’s called the AIO Writer’s Worksprint. Download now for free.

Free Step-by-Step AIO CRAFT Writer’s Training Course

Additionally, after months of putting AIO and C.R.A.F.T. into action (over 40M words are produced each month by our users at Content at Scale, and our Done-for-You client side is another 500,000 words/month! Talk about AIO at scale 🤯 ) – we put together a step-by-step AIO C.R.A.F.T. tutorial.

Ideal for you, your writers, and any content creator ready to adapt to the CRAFT methodology and the AIO way.


New to the idea of AIO and CRAFT? Read this to understand the innovation behind AIO. 

Want a written guide that has all the CRAFT steps from the YouTube video? Your wish is our content command. Step-by-step AIO writing tutorial, blog version.

Are You Ready to Earn up to 73% Profit Margins?

Executing this plan is smarter than if I were to start another human writing agency all over again.

Remember, you’re not teaching a human SEO writer new skills. You’re just rerouting them to a different process that they are now the optimizer of the AI machine.

We’d love to discuss getting you set up on the Agency plan so you can start earning immediately.

Learn more about how we can help your agency scale content and earn 73% profit margins.

Written by Julia McCoy

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