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How to Make Money Using ChatGPT

Julia McCoy
Tuesday, 16th Jan 2024
Julia McCoy
5 min read · Jan 11 2022
how to make money using chatgpt

Mark Twain once said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” That’s exactly the secret to how to make money using ChatGPT.

Picture this: You’re chilling at home, sipping on your favorite drink, and all the while, ChatGPT is busy being your behind-the-scenes moneymaker.

Maybe it’s helping you draft killer blog posts that rake in ad revenue or perhaps it’s acting as a chatbot that keeps customers coming back for more.

If you’re a creative soul, imagine penning personalized stories or songs that hit the right note for clients.

E-commerce gurus? You’ve got a goldmine by crafting product descriptions that turn browsers into buyers.

Educators are in the game too, turning ChatGPT into a tutoring powerhouse.

The best part? I’m here to spill all the beans (and tips!) on how you can get in on this action.

So grab a seat and let me guide you through the ins and outs of how to make money using AI.

Whether you’ve got big dreams or just want some fun ways to pad your wallet, there’s money on the table with ChatGPT as your sidekick.

Table Of Contents:

Get Business Ideas From ChatGPT

If you’re looking to generate income, ChatGPT can provide a plethora of business ideas based on your unique skills and interests.

Begin by asking ChatGPT for side hustle ideas that align with your preferences. The bot will then prompt you with several questions about your expertise, challenges, and more. Based on this information, it will suggest tailored business ideas that suit both your capabilities and expectations.

To get started with this process, use the following prompt: “Generate a new business idea for…” 

Here is ChatGPT’s response when I asked it to generate business ideas for dog supplies:

Once you have some initial concepts from ChatGPT, delve deeper into each one. Ask further queries to help shape these raw suggestions into fully-fledged plans; explore how to initiate them or identify key factors to consider along the way.

For example:

  • “What resources do I need to start [business idea]?”
  • “What are common obstacles in starting [business idea], and how can they be overcome?”
  • “How should I market my [business idea]?”

ChatGPT and similar chatbots can yield innovative results during your brainstorming process. With a little prompting, it can guide you to lucrative business opportunities.

How to Make Money Using ChatGPT for Content Creation

In today’s digital era, freelancing has emerged as a lucrative career option for many. One such domain where you can use your skills and make money is by using AI tools like ChatGPT. With the help of a smart chatbot, you can create content that looks more professional and well-researched.

Freelancing with ChatGPT isn’t confined to writing blog posts alone. It extends to various other areas including translation, digital marketing, proofreading, and writing product descriptions, among others.

If you’re a blogger, chances are you’ve faced writer’s block or struggled to constantly come up with fresh and engaging content ideas. Here are a few ways generative AI can transform your blogging process.

Idea Generation and Drafting

With ChatGPT, generating blog post ideas becomes a breeze. This intelligent tool can help create outlines and even complete drafts for your posts in no time. Whether you’re feeling stuck or simply want to save hours of research time, ChatGPT is the perfect companion to access information quickly.

Editing and Proofreading Assistance

Beyond idea generation, this AI-powered assistant also proves valuable during the editing phase of your writing process. It offers suggestions for spelling corrections and grammar enhancements while improving overall readability – ensuring clarity in communication without errors.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an effective strategy to earn money from blogging. And with the exceptional writing skills of AI chatbots, this process becomes even more efficient and profitable.

You can prompt ChatGPT to draft ad copy that not only informs but also motivates users to click on your link and make a purchase.

This chatbot has been trained on vast datasets, making it capable of crafting compelling content suitable for different audiences. With well-written marketing campaigns, you can significantly increase conversions leading directly to sales through your referral links.

Want to start making money blogging? Here’s an example of how you can use artificial intelligence to write blog posts and create passive income:

Write eBooks and Self-Publish

The emergence of AI technology has revolutionized the way we create content, especially in the world of self-publishing. As reported by Reuters, there’s been a significant increase in AI-written e-books on Amazon.

Writing a book using AI is easy. Many authors are now leveraging ChatGPT to write e-books on a variety of topics, from children’s literature to motivational speeches and sci-fi novels. The process is simple – start with an outline and ask ChatGPT to write each section for you. Then, take ChatGPT’s responses and add them to your word processor.

Below is a screenshot of ChatGPT’s response when I asked it to write the first chapter of my book on dog training:

The AI book writing trend is not just limited to individual writers; companies are also exploring this innovative tool for creating engaging essays that can be monetized through platforms such as Kindle Direct Publishing.

Suffice it to say that writing and self-publishing e-books using AI has emerged as a legitimate new method of earning money online. If you’re looking at diversifying your income streams or simply have great ideas waiting to be penned down into an eBook format, then this could be worth considering.

Creative Writing Services

Creative professionals can now craft stories that resonate on a personal level with audiences around the globe.

Think of it as having a digital bard at your fingertips; one who can spin tales tailored to individual tastes or create songs that strike the right chord for any occasion.

Songwriting with AI

Gone are the days when songwriters were bound by their own experiences alone.

With ChatGPT, they can delve into vast genres and styles, curating lyrics that cater to diverse crowds while still maintaining an authentic touch.

For example:

This fusion of human creativity and AI assistance could be music to someone’s ears — and bank account.

A New Era for Storytellers

The age-old craft of storytelling is getting a makeover with AI collaboration.

No longer confined to traditional formats, writers have begun exploring interactive narratives where readers shape the story outcome — a choose-your-own-adventure 2.0 if you will.

Bespoke Gaming Experiences

Innovative game developers see ChatGPT as more than code — it’s an opportunity to deepen player engagement through customized dialogue options and plot developments within the games themselves.

By harnessing this technology, gaming becomes not just about playing but interacting in ways we’ve only imagined before.

The result?

A unique experience every time players log on.

But let me remind you: It takes more than just algorithms — personal touch is key here.

To truly stand out from other content creators or e-commerce brands using similar strategies, make sure there’s something undeniably YOU in everything you produce.

That means infusing your expertise with personality, even humor when appropriate because good business is always about connecting people.

Create Logos and Illustrations

The recent addition of Dall-E to ChatGPT Plus has revolutionized the world of digital design, making it easier than ever for individuals to create logos, illustrations, and sketches.

No longer do you need to master complex software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator; with ChatGPT, generating professional-grade designs is just a few clicks away.

This newfound capability opens up an exciting avenue for income generation – offering logo creation services. Digital firms and companies are always in search of unique logos that represent their brand effectively. You can meet this demand by creating high-quality AI-generated logos using ChatGPT.

Here’s an example of a company logo I created with DALL-E:

One significant advantage of creating images with ChatGPT is its speed. In just a few seconds, you can generate multiple ideas based on your concept – saving time while ensuring customer satisfaction through variety.

Not satisfied with DALL-E creations? Check out our list of the best AI logo generators for creating a strong brand.

The lack of graphic design skills should no longer be a barrier to logo creation. Even without prior experience or expertise in design software, anyone can produce cool-looking logos that meet client expectations.

The potential earnings from running such a service could become a secondary source of passive income depending on the quality you provide and the current market rates for logo designs.

Create Video Scripts with ChatGPT

YouTube influencers are some of the biggest moneymakers today. One way you can profit from the growing video marketing industry is to write scripts for these content creators — with the help of a bot.

Once you have a theme or idea, ask ChatGPT to write an engaging script for your YouTube channel.

Here’s a script that ChatGPT generated for my next video project:

In addition to creating niche-specific content, consider capitalizing on topical events by crafting timely reaction videos – a popular format among viewers today.

Particularly noteworthy are ‘Shorts’ (videos less than 60 seconds long), which tend to garner high engagement rates due to their brevity and digestibility.

To start creating YouTube video shorts:

  1. Pick a trending topic that resonates with your audience.
  2. Write a concise yet captivating script using ChatGPT.
  3. Use a prompt-to-video AI generator to create your clip.
  4. Edit it down into bite-sized clips suitable for the Shorts format.
  5. Post them on YouTube to reach a wider audience.

By combining niche content ideas with ChatGPT’s capabilities, you can generate engaging video content that not only draws in viewers but also provides potential for significant monetization.

Boost Your Online Store with Personalized Product Descriptions

E-commerce thrives on uniqueness, and nothing says ‘unique’ quite like personalized product descriptions.

Start by picturing your ideal customer — what are their desires, needs, and pain points?

Create a buyer persona like “Eco-friendly Emma.”

Now write a product description from Emma’s perspective: Why would she pick up your organic cotton t-shirt?

Here’s an example of how ChatGPT can help you write amazing product descriptions:

Genuine user reviews are gold dust for conversion rates because they scream authenticity.

You might wonder how this fits into writing fresh descriptions. Well, it’s about narrative weaving my friend.

Pull phrases directly from glowing reviews and let those words sell themselves in your product descriptions — a technique shown to increase trust among shoppers.

With these strategies in play, a thriving e-commerce store isn’t just a possibility — it’s right at your fingertips.

Become a Prompt Engineer

If you have deep knowledge of AI and its applications, prompt engineering can be an excellent way to monetize your skills using ChatGPT. This role is increasingly important as more people turn to AI tools for content creation, but struggle with providing the right prompts.

Prompt engineers are professionals who create detailed and concise prompts that help users get the most out of their AI tools, such as those used in generating AI art via Midjourney or other similar platforms.

New to AI? Don’t let that stop you from dipping your toes into this emerging field. Freelance writer Anna Bernstein was able to carve a successful career in prompt engineering with zero experience. Read about her story in our guide on how to become an AI prompt engineer.

If you’ve spent considerable time with ChatGPT, you might even compile some of your best prompts into a collection that you could sell online.

If you’re really interested in prompting, why not sign up for an AI prompt engineering course today? Some of them don’t even cost a penny.

Looking for free prompts? Check out Content at Scale’s AI Prompt Library — a collection of hundreds of prompts for every category possible, totally free of charge.

There are many ways how to make money using ChatGPT. You can freelance as a writer, set up a content agency, offer consultancy services, build websites and chatbots, become a data analyst, write a book, sell online courses, and more.

As a generalized chatbot, ChatGPT can do a lot of things. But what if I told you that there’s a chatbot that’s specially trained for marketing tasks?

That’s AIMEE — Content at Scale’s generative AI bot.

AIMEE comes with 40+ AI agents that can help you write ad copy, landing pages, social media posts, marketing emails, scripts for YouTube videos, product descriptions, and Shopify blog articles that are tailored to your audience.

AIMEE works just like ChatGPT — a little prompt engineering can get you the results you want but without the generic replies from a general-purpose chatbot.


So, you’ve seen how to make money using ChatGPT and other AI chatbots like AIMEE.

Dive into content creation and watch your words turn a profit.

Offer creative services — let each song or story ring with the client’s unique tune.

Create killer product descriptions that boost e-commerce sales.

Empower education with tailored tutoring sessions that truly connect.

Analyze data like never before, crafting insights that businesses will pay top dollar for.

Build chatbots that revolutionize customer interactions.

And if tech is your turf, guide companies in weaving ChatGPT into their fabric.

The tools are here — now go strike gold!

Written by Julia McCoy

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