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How to Promote Your Ebook and Make It Go Viral

John Pratt
Monday, 31st Jul 2023
How to promote your ebook

Looking to promote your ebook without spending a copious amount of cash on marketing?

The good news is that it is possible to spread the word about your ebook at a minimal cost. In this article, we’ll look at strategies on how to promote your ebook by taking advantage of free advertising opportunities.

Digital book sales continue to flounder month after month, with eBook revenues experiencing a 2.7% drop in September 2022. This makes book promotion even more important for authors and publishers.

There is no shortage of tactics on how to promote your ebook to the right audience. Promote your ebook with these tried-and-true methods today so it will be ready when readers come knocking tomorrow.

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How to Promote Your Ebook With No Ad Money

The digital market is becoming more and more saturated, and the ebook segment is no different.

With hundreds of other ebooks on sale in your category, it can be difficult to get people to notice your work. Social advertising and PPC campaigns are great ways to promote an ebook but they can be expensive.

How do I promote my ebook effectively without wasting thousands of dollars on ads right away?

Let’s discuss a few platforms and techniques that can help promote your ebook in an affordable way.

Leverage Your Existing Network

Leveraging your existing network is a great way to promote your ebook without spending money on advertising. Social media promotion is one of the most effective ways to tell the world about your ebook.

Find relevant groups and pages on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn where you think your target readers might hang out. Videos have 10x higher reach so use this advantage. Post teasers from your ebook and encourage people to check out the full version by linking back to your landing page.

Reach out to influential people in your niche who already have a sizable following and see if they would be interested in a partnership. This could potentially lead to more sales or downloads of your ebook online.

Don’t forget that friends and family are also part of this network. They can help spread the word about your book by talking about it on their social media accounts.

Write Quality Content

When marketing your ebook through social media promotion, it is essential to create quality content.

Write an engaging description that tells readers what your ebook is about. Make sure to include keywords related to the topic as well as some interesting facts or anecdotes that can pique the reader’s interest.

Create compelling cover art to get people interested in your ebook. Choose colors and fonts that are eye-catching and convey the tone of your work.

Blogging about your ebook topic can also help increase visibility and attract more readers. Write informative articles that are relevant to your book’s subject matter or share personal stories from your writing journey. This type of content will not only generate more traffic but also create relationships between you and potential customers who may purchase future works from you.

Crafting top-notch marketing material for your ebook is essential to captivate readers and steer more visitors to your website. By optimizing your website, you can ensure that your ebook reaches its intended audience.

Create a Killer Landing Page

Creating a high-converting ebook landing page is essential for any successful content marketing and SEO campaign. A well-crafted landing page can help you capture leads, increase conversions, and boost your bottom line.

How to create an effective landing page for your ebook?

Design with the User in Mind

When designing your landing page, keep the user experience top of mind. Make sure that it’s easy to navigate and that visitors understand what action they should take next. Keep the text concise and use visuals like images or videos to draw attention to key points.

Include a Clear Call-to-Action

Your CTA should be prominently displayed on the page so users know exactly what to do – whether it’s signing up for an email list or downloading your ebook. Use persuasive language that encourages them to act now rather than later.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

It’s important that your landing pages look great on both desktop and mobile devices since more people are using their phones when browsing online content. Make sure all elements of the page display correctly on different screen sizes by testing it out on various devices.

Keep Testing

Performing A/B testing lets you compare two versions of your landing page to see which one performs better in terms of clicks and conversions. From these results, you can tweak your design and content to entice more people to buy your book.

Leverage Social Proof

Adding social proof such as customer reviews, case studies, and testimonials gives potential customers confidence in buying your ebook since a lot of people like it.

How to Promote Your Ebook and Make It Go Viral

Screenshot from Gartner

Optimize Your Content

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help authors boost the visibility of their ebooks. By adopting SEO techniques into your ebook promotions, you can ensure that search engines like Google are able to discover and catalog your material quickly and accurately.

Before you start optimizing your website, it’s important to do some keyword research. Tools such as Google AdWords or Ahrefs can help you identify popular terms that people use when searching for information about your topic.

Once you have identified the relevant keywords, it’s time to start incorporating them into your content. Write these keywords in your titles, headings, meta descriptions, body copy, and image descriptions. You can also include other variations of your primary keyword so you don’t have to keep repeating it throughout the body copy.

Internal links are another important element when it comes to SEO. By linking from one page on your site directly back onto another related page, search engines will recognize these connections between pages which helps boost rankings in search engine result pages. When creating internal links, try using descriptive anchor text instead of generic phrases like “click here” or “read more”.

After perfecting your website for SEO, take the next step and leverage free marketing channels to push your ebook in front of readers.

Take Advantage of Free Advertising Opportunities

Submitting your ebook to online directories such as Goodreads or BookBub is an excellent way to increase awareness about your book. Provide an accurate description of your book and incorporate any pertinent keywords so readers can quickly find it.

Participating in online communities related to your ebook topic is another effective way to advertise for free. Join forums, discussion boards, or social media groups where people are talking about topics related to yours and share helpful information with them. This not only increases awareness about your book but also creates connections with potential buyers.

Offering free samples or promotional discounts is also a good tactic to attract more readers. Consider giving away the first chapter of your book for free so potential buyers can get an overview before they commit to purchasing it. You could also offer discounted prices during holidays like Christmas or Easter as an incentive for people who may be hesitating to pay the full price for an unknown author’s work.

Guest blogging is also an effective way to promote your ebook and increase its reach. It can help you reach people who are passionate about your niche and consequently build your authority in the industry.

To start guest blogging, begin by doing a simple Google search with a keyword + ‘write for us’ + ‘submission guidelines’. This will give you a list of sites that accept guest posts from authors like yourself.

How to Make Your eBook Go Viral

In the digital world, making your ebook go viral requires strategic ebook marketing. A good ebook with valuable content can capture a vast audience if marketed correctly. 

Here are some steps you can take.

Create an Awesome Title and Cover

First impression matters when capturing the attention of your targeted audience, and there are two things that can immediately catch the eye of a reader: the book cover and the book title.

An appealing and professional-looking cover can generate excitement and build anticipation. Your book cover should be visually compelling — with high-quality images or illustrations — to be able to stand out among other ebooks online.

Remember, the design should reflect the tone and theme of your work.

If hiring a professional designer isn’t within budget, there are numerous online tools available like Canva. The free templates below are specifically designed for ebook covers — making it easy even for non-designers!

How to Promote Your Ebook and Make It Go Viral


Your ebook title isn’t just some words slapped on the cover. It’s your first handshake with potential readers so it needs to grip them tight and not let go. So how do you craft an engaging, catchy ebook title that captures attention?

  1. Know your audience: The best titles resonate with their target audience profiles. Are they seeking in-depth analysis or quick tips? Understanding this can help shape your approach.
  2. Promises, promises: A good title should hint at what’s inside without giving too much away.
  3. Create curiosity: If there is one thing humans are wired for, it’s curiosity. Questions or unconventional statements often spark interest.
  4. Keep it short and sweet: Long-winded titles can be overwhelming so aim for 5-7 words max. Prospective readers should be able to get what your ebook is all about within seconds of glancing over it.

Promote Through Social Media and Blog Posts

Social media promotion is the best way how to make your ebook go viral. Sharing posts about your book on various social channels allows you to reach out to potential readers within different demographics.

You could also consider guest blogging where you write blog articles related to topics covered in your book on other platforms that have audiences similar to yours. This strategy helps increase visibility among people who might be interested but aren’t part of your existing audience yet.

Email Marketing

Your email subscribers are likely already interested in what you have to offer; hence they form a critical segment of promoting any new content including ebooks. Email marketing can help generate excitement before the launch by offering sneak peeks or special discounts for early purchases.

Cold Emailing Campaigns: An Underrated Strategy?

You’ve probably heard horror stories about cold emailing campaigns being nothing but spam factories churning out unwanted messages left and right. But if done correctly, cold emails have immense potential to become highly effective promotional tools for reaching prospective customers directly.

The secret sauce? Personalization. 

Craft personalized messages to make recipients feel valued, thus increasing your chances of conversion.

And remember, always aim to provide real value rather than hard selling your ebook upfront.

Leverage Influencers and Content Marketers

If budget permits, partnering with influencers relevant to your niche can amplify promotional efforts exponentially due to their large follower bases who trust their recommendations.

Alternatively, collaborate with content marketers who specialize in creating promotional content designed specifically to attract interest from desired target market segments.

Remember that successful marketing efforts require consistent dedication over time rather than one-time big splashes!

Video Marketing for an eBook Launch

Create short yet informative clips highlighting key points within the ebook.

Narrate stories related to topics covered in the book — storytelling enhances viewer connection.

Showcase testimonials from early readers praising its value. Nothing beats word-of-mouth endorsements.

After releasing your masterpiece into the world, keep the momentum going with targeted video marketing campaigns aimed at those who showed initial interest but didn’t make a purchase.

Paid Advertising Options

If there was ever an MVP in online advertising, that award would go straight to Facebook Ads. With over 3 billion active users worldwide, this platform gives marketers some serious reach power.

The cherry on top is their precision targeting capabilities which allow us to target our ads toward specific demographics aligned with our audience profiles.

To make sure your Facebook ad campaign hits the sweet spot, you need engaging ad copy coupled with attractive visuals designed specifically for your intended audience. 

Apart from creating compelling ads, another critical aspect is setting up accurate targeting parameters based on age group interests or behaviors closely matching prospective readership. This ensures only relevant individuals see your promotional efforts.

FAQs About How to Promote Your Ebook

How do I make my eBook go viral?

  • Fill a knowledge gap.
  • Be timely.
  • Encourage remixing.
  • Provoke conversation.
  • Teach readers how to do something.
  • Build social proof with testimonials.
  • Use viral calls to action.
  • Get it out from behind the paywall.

How can I promote my eBook for myself?

  • Start with a quality ebook.
  • Set up your conversion funnel.
  • Craft a compelling sales page.
  • Tell everyone through social media.
  • Create a video about your ebook.
  • Email your newsletter subscribers.
  • Repurpose sections of your ebook into other content formats.

How do I get people to buy my eBook?

  • Target an audience.
  • Use a flashy cover page.
  • Promote your ebook everywhere.
  • Publish on multiple platforms and in multiple formats.
  • Set a realistic price.

How do I market my eBook in 2023?

  • Link your landing page to your Facebook posts.
  • Create an author page.
  • Post about giveaways, sales, and upcoming books.
  • Promote your eBook using Facebook ads.


Learning how to promote your ebook doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. By leveraging your existing network, creating quality content, optimizing your website, and taking advantage of free advertising opportunities, you can promote your ebook without spending a dime.

With the correct approach, you can make sure that your ebook is seen by those it’s meant for and earns the recognition it deserves. So don’t wait any longer – start promoting your ebook today.

Written by John Pratt

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