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How to Build More Income Streams with Content at Scale

Julia McCoy
Thursday, 2nd May 2024

So you’ve discovered the power of AI content creation — unparalleled speed, better quality, and increased output. You sign up for an AI tool like Content at Scale and start generating articles for your website.

What if I told you that you could make much more money than you could ever imagine with Content at Scale?

There are three main ways to build passive income streams with Content at Scale:

Grow your own content sites: Marcus Campbell buys domains and uses Content at Scale to build them into content sites which he monetizes through ads, affiliate links, etc. For a personal brand site, AI can match your voice and build trust.

Become an AI content agency: Resell AI content at a markup as a service. Provide additional value through strategy, hiring writers, project management, and reporting. Content at Scale makes writers better because it handles the hard parts.

Share as an affiliate. Get a 15% commission for referrals. Put your affiliate link in blogs, share it at conferences, or offer an exclusive discount through your link to incentivize signups.

A real example is Top Click Joe who went from one blog to 30 sites and is now making an extra $30k/month. He expects to earn 6 figures a month by 2024 as his team transitions to AI content.

The key is packaging and positioning – clients want the strategy and management you provide around AI content production so these services will always be in demand.

The opportunities to build passive income streams are vast. AI content tools like Content at Scale have made quality content simple, fast, and cost-effective to produce. Follow the examples and game plan outlined here to build your own AI content business.

Ready to see how?

Table Of Contents:

Build, Grow, and Monetize Websites

The first strategy for building income streams with Content at Scale is by growing content sites.

Marcus Campbell’s story is a testament to the power of this model.

An affiliate marketer, he took a bold step by shifting from traditional content creation methods to leveraging Content at Scale for his strategy.

The result?

He soared to top Google rankings without any human editing involved — a clear signal that quality and efficiency can go hand-in-hand with AI.

Choosing innovation over convention, Marcus embraced AI solutions and was rewarded with enviable SEO success as his site began climbing up search engine results pages (SERPs) with zero human intervention.

A similar narrative unfolded for Joe Crivello-Sorensen, known online as Top Click Joe.

Blogging solo was once his norm until the summer of 2023 when he started using Content at Scale. His team expanded rapidly — from just him to an impressive roster of 30 AIO writers, aiming for a thousand-strong force by 2025.

As I mentioned earlier, Joe made an extra $30k/month just by signing up with Content at Scale. He has helped companies in the restoration business close million-dollar deals and expects to earn 6 figures a month by 2024.

This growth spurt demonstrates how scaling content doesn’t mean sacrificing personal touch or ambition — it means embracing technology as an ally in your quest for expansion and influence online.

Resell Services as an AI Content Agency

Picture a one-stop shop where every content need is met with precision and AI’s touch.

That’s what Paul Gallovich envisioned when he founded AIO Content.

This isn’t just another agency; it’s a powerhouse combining strategy, production management, reporting, and more.

Gallovich saw the gap in fragmented services that businesses often struggle with.

To bridge this gap, his model doesn’t only deliver content; it ensures each piece fits into a larger strategic puzzle.

The idea? Make sure clients aren’t just getting words on a page but are also building authority and achieving SEO success through AI writing services packaged neatly together.

Clients love simplicity as much as they do results.

AIO Content makes their lives easier by managing the whole process from ideation to analytics — a true testament to convenience meets innovation.

In essence, entrepreneurs get to wield tools like generative AI without diving into complexities themselves — Gallovich has got it all under control for them.

We’re talking about an operation so dialed-in that clients can practically watch their organic traffic grow while sipping coffee at their desks.

Make Money from Affiliate Marketing and Word-of-Mouth

The third income stream you can build with Content at Scale is affiliate marketing.

Share Content at Scale with friends and on social media and boom — you earn cash when they sign up using your link.

Affiliate marketing isn’t new, but doing it at scale can turn into serious income before you know it.

Just by recommending a tool that helps create content effortlessly, you could be banking 15% recurring commissions on every sale made through your referral.

Now that’s passive income at its finest.

No need for a hard sell either — let the product speak for itself. With features like AI-driven content creation and an SEO suite built-in, those who value quality digital content will likely find it irresistible.

So why not get rewarded for spreading the word?

More Ways to Build Income Streams with Content at Scale

Whether you’re a freelancer, agency, or business owner, there are plenty of opportunities for you to create passive income by scaling content.

Here are some more ways to make money with Content at Scale.

1. Write Content as a Freelancer

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to offer writing services. You can write ad copy or blog content for marketing agencies or business owners and charge by the hour or per project.

Here are some of the best places to find these writing gigs:

With businesses increasingly turning to digital marketing, there’s an ever-growing demand for skilled copywriters who can craft compelling content. This could include blog posts, landing pages, social media updates, email newsletters, product descriptions, and more.

Generative AI chatbots like Content at Scale’s AIMEE have made it super easy to generate ideas and write different types of marketing materials. Just give it a quick prompt and you’ll see the results shortly.

Where Content at Scale truly shines is the generation of long-form blog articles. No other AI writer can produce written output this good — it’s so humanlike that it bypasses all AI detectors out there.

Just enter the long-tail keyword you want to rank for and Content at Scale will generate a research-backed, SEO-focused, fully formatted blog post that’s almost publish-ready. What used to take you hours or even days to write is now down to a few minutes — which means more projects and more profits with less effort.

2. Sell SEO Strategy

Another way to earn money with Content at Scale is to sell an SEO strategy with powerful keyword research, optimization audits, and a full SEO suite of tools inside the platform.

Powered by Mangools, Content at Scale’s keyword research tools help you find high-value keywords, generate relevant content ideas, and improve SEO ranking — benefits that businesses would be willing to pay for!

Selling keyword research as a strategy to clients involves a comprehensive plan that includes education, demonstration of value, execution methodology, and ongoing support.

Here’s a four-step strategy for convincing clients of the benefits of keyword research to their business.

Educate Clients

  • Begin by explaining the fundamentals of SEO and how keywords are at its core.
  • Use simple analogies or case studies to illustrate the role keywords play in connecting potential customers with online content.
  • Highlight the difference between short-tail and long-tail keywords, emphasizing the latter for their specificity and conversion potential.

Demonstrate Value

  • Present data-driven evidence showcasing successful campaigns that were built on solid keyword research foundations.
  • Explain how understanding search intent leads to more effective targeting and improved user experience on their website.
  • Show them how Content at Scale can reveal trend patterns they might be missing out on.

Customize Strategy

  • Conduct an initial analysis of your client’s current online presence including what terms they’re ranking for.
  • Develop personas for their ideal customer segments to better target relevant searches through personalized keyword strategies.


  • Walk them through your process from competitive analysis to identifying gaps in the market, all while avoiding overly saturated areas.
  • Discuss long-term planning such as seasonal trends or industry shifts which could impact future content creation centered around evolving key phrases.

3. Improve Existing Content

If you’re already working as a freelance writer, you probably have clients who have reached out to you to improve their existing content.

Content at Scale’s optimization audits can help you spot areas where a piece of content may be struggling and make improvements to get it back to Page One.

How do you offer this service with Content at Scale as your tool?

First, explain the concept of content optimization to your client. Use real-world examples where minor tweaks have led to significant improvements in traffic and conversions.

If possible, provide case studies where optimized content has seen improved rankings, increased organic reach, and higher conversion rates.

Highlight how updating old posts can be more cost-effective than creating new ones from scratch while still yielding substantial SEO gains.

Detail your comprehensive audit process which includes technical SEO elements (like page load speed), on-page factors (such as keyword usage), off-page aspects (like backlinks), and user experience considerations (including readability).

Finally, present custom solutions based on unique challenges each client is facing rather than offering cookie-cutter fixes.

4. Start a Blog or Improve Your Current One

Blogging has always been a popular way to make money online. And if you’re looking to start a blog or your current one could use some enhancement, Content at Scale might be just the tool you need.

Create as many blog posts as you want in minutes! And because AI doesn’t need to take a break, Content at Scale can churn out high-quality articles regularly.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Content at Scale over other AI content writers is that it is designed specifically for SEO. It’s not just a writing assistant that turns out grammatically correct prose which is what a general-purpose AI chatbot like ChatGPT is designed for.

With Content at Scale, you can expect your blog posts to perform well in the SERPs, draw more traffic to your site, and improve revenue generation through ad clicks or affiliate marketing.

5. Create an Online Course

One way to create a passive income stream online is to create a course about how to use AI tools. This way you can not only educate your audience but also monetize your expertise.

There is a growing demand from writers, marketers, and business owners who want to learn how to use AI but lack the necessary skills or knowledge. Your online courses could cover topics such as how to write prompts, how to make AI-generated content more humanlike, how to choose the right AI writing tools, how to use AI for web design, and the ethics of AI content generation.

Once your online courses are live, you can monetize them in several ways. You could sell the course directly to students, offer it as part of a subscription service, or use it as a lead magnet for other services you provide.

Beyond this, there’s also potential for affiliate marketing. If you recommend Content at Scale inside your course and users sign up using your link, you’ll earn a commission on their purchases. This provides an additional income stream that complements the earnings from selling the course itself.

We do this at Content Hacker with our AIO Blogger course.

6. Create Video Scripts for Content Creators

One of the easiest ways to build a passive income stream with Content at Scale is to create video scripts for other content creators.

The demand for well-crafted YouTube scripts is soaring, mainly because scriptwriting can be a draining and lengthy task. Video creators would gladly pay you to write a script for them so they can focus their energy on what truly matters — connecting to their audience.

With Content at Scale, you can speed up the scriptwriting process. Just tell AIMEE what style of video you intend to produce and it will generate top-notch scripts swiftly and effortlessly.

7. Sell Digital Products

Another way to build a passive income stream is selling digital products like versatile templates, informative eBooks, comprehensive masterclasses, and other compact items like presets.

These products cater to various needs and budgets as they fall within low to mid-ticket price ranges. Given your expertise in content creation, you have a plethora of innovative ideas that you can share with your audience via educational products.

In fact, my journey towards generating passive income began with creating such digital downloads and products. I paid attention to what my audience was seeking from me and designed solutions tailored specifically to their problems.

If you’re looking to create a stream of passive income but want an easy start, digital products could be your answer! These lower-priced offers provide quick wins for your clients while simultaneously building credibility for your brand.

Promote these useful resources during sales events throughout the year as well as through videos and podcasts. Each mention increases potential sales opportunities significantly.

This strategy not only boosts sales but also helps grow email lists when offering discount coupons upon subscription – proving once again how effective this method can be if executed correctly.

8. Brand Collaborations

Brand collaborations might not be your traditional form of passive income, but they certainly should be. While these partnerships only make up a small fraction of our overall earnings, their impact can’t be underestimated. The time and energy required to participate in brand collaborations is well worth it.

What makes brand collaborations particularly appealing is that the bigger your audience grows, the more you can charge for a sponsored post.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some truly amazing brands over the years and I appreciate their trust in me when it comes to understanding what resonates best with my audience.

In any successful partnership, trust plays an integral role — especially so in brand collaborations where influencers are trusted by both their audiences and partnering brands alike. This dual-trust system allows influencers like myself to effectively tailor content that aligns perfectly with both parties’ interests.

9. Ad Revenue

As content creators, we are constantly looking for ways to monetize our work to create passive income. One such avenue is through ad Revenue. This income stream can be derived from various platforms like YouTube via their AdSense program, or Instagram’s Reels Play Bonus Program among others.

The beauty of ad revenue lies in its simplicity — you earn while doing what you love and have already been doing. However, it’s important to approach this income stream with a level-headed understanding of its pros and cons.

Earning money from ads on your content feels great because essentially, you’re being paid for the effort that went into creating that content. It acts as a bonus on top of other sources of business income.

However, relying solely on ad revenue can be risky due to its unpredictable nature. The amount earned can fluctuate significantly based on factors beyond your control such as changes in platform policies or viewer behavior trends.

In addition, payouts from social media platforms tend to be lower compared to other forms of online advertising like sponsored posts or affiliate marketing. Hence, it would not serve well as a primary source of income but rather a bonus.

Scale Your Strategy with AI

If you’re already earning passive income with the strategies I mentioned, then it’s time to grow your business.

The arrival of artificial intelligence has made it easy to scale your operations and build wealth.

Here’s how AI can transform your business as a content creator:

Automating Research: Gathering information is time-consuming but essential for creating authoritative content. AI systems expedite this process by quickly sifting through vast datasets to find accurate facts and statistics that enhance the credibility of your work.

Content Personalization: By leveraging machine learning algorithms that analyze user data and preferences, you can tailor content to match the tastes of different audience segments. This increases engagement rates by delivering more relevant and appealing material.

SEO Optimization: AI tools like Content at Scale are adept at uncovering high-performing keywords and suggesting optimization strategies for your content to improve its search engine rankings, thereby increasing visibility and driving organic traffic.

Content Management: Scheduling posts, responding to comments, analyzing sentiment — these tasks become manageable when powered by intelligent automation. AI frees up precious hours from your day-to-day operations so you can focus on strategic growth initiatives.

Graphic Design Support: Creating visually stunning images, banners, and infographics no longer requires extensive design expertise, thanks to AI content generators like DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. Ready-made templates and drag-and-drop interfaces simplify the entire design workflow from start to finish.

Video Production Enhancement: For those who produce video-based materials, there are specialized AI programs capable of generating animation and even composing music scores — all without human intervention — saving you countless production hours.

Enhanced Content Distribution: AI platforms powered by sophisticated recommendation engines place your content directly in front of interested viewers, listeners, and readers — thus extending your reach to a wider target customer base.

Embracing artificial intelligence facilitates exponential growth opportunities across multiple revenue streams, where technology complements human creativity rather than replacing the human writer — ushering in a new era of digital entrepreneurship.

Cost-Effective Content Production with Offshore Writers

Think of the global market as a vast, untapped reservoir of talent.

Finding skilled offshore writers to create quality content can be like striking oil.

The key is knowing where to drill.

Find Writers to Complement AI Content Tools

Gone are the days when outsourcing meant sacrificing quality for cost savings. Now, Content at Scale brings advanced tools right into your hands. It’s all about pairing human creativity from across the globe with cutting-edge technology. This approach doesn’t just cut costs — it sharpens precision too.

Top Click Joe’s team of writers is entirely based in the Philippines, a country with a long history of providing reliable and affordable manpower.

Joe did not even train his writers — they simply watched the C.R.A.F.T. tutorials produced by Content at Scale and started churning out blog post after blog post (some up to 12,000 words for pillar content!).

Generative AI gives these writers an edge, enabling them to craft content that resonates with audiences and satisfies search algorithms alike.

The result? Copy that ranks well without breaking the bank or compromising on quality — a real game-changer for your business.

Dive into the numbers and you’ll see it clear as day — costs plummet while output skyrockets when you tap into this powerful duo of human ingenuity and artificial intelligence. Imagine getting more bang for your buck by producing optimized content at lower rates without ever skimping on standards or SEO clout.

This isn’t just speculation; businesses worldwide are already reaping these benefits, thanks largely to strategies embracing both international writing talent and smart software solutions.

Here’s an open secret: while generative AI creates content at breakneck speed, clients still look for your expertise to steer this ship right.

And they should.

You see, what you offer isn’t just content creation — it’s a tailored strategy based on real-world experience and market understanding.

Your firsthand knowledge is invaluable when curating high-quality material that search engines love because it meets user needs exceptionally well.

You bring to the table years of honing skills in SEO and audience engagement — a mix no AI can replicate fully yet. Your guidance turns generic into genius by adding these unique insights to client strategies.

Build Your Content Empire Now

From these income streams, you can start building your own content empire.

Marcus Campbell and Joe Crivello-Sorensen are proof that success isn’t just possible — it’s within reach.

And Paul Gallovich? His all-in-one approach streamlines client services, providing strategy alongside production. That’s where value meets innovation.

Affiliate marketing too plays its part. It spreads the word about Content at Scale, opening doors to recurring commissions for you — adding more fuel to your revenue engine.

The journey starts now. Embrace these tools, harness their capabilities, and watch as your digital domain expands before your eyes.

Written by Julia McCoy

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