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Is Content at Scale Free? The True Price of High-Quality Content

Julia McCoy
Thursday, 4th May 2023
Is Content at Scale Free?

How much should you be spending on content?

If you hire a team of writers and videographers, it could cost you an arm and a leg with the content creation economy growing nearly 3x since 2021. According to Glassdoor, writers and videographers are now earning an average of $45,000 a year, with the top earners generating up to $74,500 in annual income.

One way to cut costs is to subscribe to AI writing tools like Content at Scale. 

Now you may be wondering, is Content at Scale free?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what creating content at scale truly means and how AI tools can help you produce top-notch, long-form content efficiently.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of how to create impactful pieces without compromising on quality or cost – even if Content at Scale is not totally free.

Table of Contents:

How Much Do You Get Paid for Content?

The pay scale for content creators may range from $40,000 to more than six figures, depending on experience, area of expertise, and type of content produced.

To give you a better idea of how much you should pay your content team, let’s break down some common roles within the industry.

  • Freelance writer: Freelancers typically charge per word, per hour, or per project. Rates for freelancers may vary greatly, from pennies to over a dollar per word, depending on their skill level and the niche they specialize in.
  • In-house content writer: Writers working for companies may receive salaries ranging between $45,000 to $75,000 annually with additional benefits like health insurance and paid time off.
  • Content strategist/manager: These professionals oversee an organization’s entire content production process and may earn between $60,000 to $120,000 yearly depending on their level of responsibility and company size.

Image source: HubSpot & Glassdoor

How Do I Get Paid for My Content?

If you’re a team of one, and you don’t plan to start a marketing agency anytime soon, there are plenty of ways you can still make money from online content. Here are some popular options:

  1. Offer online learning: Develop courses or tutorials related to your expertise and sell them on platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, or through your own website.
  2. Become a consultant: Offer consulting services in your field of expertise, helping businesses improve their strategies and achieve better results.
  3. Consider a brand partnership: Collaborate with brands relevant to your niche by promoting their products or services in exchange for compensation. You can find potential partners using platforms like IZEA.
  4. Turn content into sellable art: If you create visual content such as illustrations, photography, or design work, consider selling prints or digital downloads through websites like Creative Market.
  5. Offer subscriptions: Set up a membership site where fans can access exclusive content for a monthly fee. Consider using platforms like Patreon, Memberful, or Substack to manage your subscription-based business.
  6. Sell merchandise: Create and sell custom-branded products such as T-shirts, mugs, or stickers. Websites like Printful and Redbubble can help you set up an online store and handle the production and shipping process.
  7. Set up speaking engagements: Share your knowledge at conferences, workshops, or webinars. You can charge for attendance or offer free events with paid follow-up consultations.
  8. Participate in affiliate marketing: Promote products from other companies through referral links that earn you a commission on each sale. Popular platforms include Amazon Associates Program, Commission Junction (CJ), and Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network.

Finding the right monetization strategy for your content may require some experimentation. Keep in mind that building an audience takes time and consistency is key to success. Once you have established a loyal following, it will be easier to generate income from your work.

Can I Learn Content Writing for Free?

Yes, you can learn content writing for free. With the help of platforms such as Great Learning, it is possible to acquire the necessary skills for content writing and further your career in this field without spending a dime.

In addition to Great Learning, there are several other platforms where you can access free educational materials related to content creation:

  • Coursera: Offers various courses on topics like SEO, digital marketing, and copywriting from top universities around the world.
  • Udemy: Provides thousands of paid and free courses covering different aspects of content marketing and writing.
  • Blogs and Websites: Many industry experts share their knowledge through blog posts or articles on their websites. Some popular ones include the blogs by Neil Patel, Moz, and Copyblogger.

Is Content at Scale Free?

Whether you’re a freelance writer or a content agency, your earning potential highly depends on your ability to produce high-quality work consistently while meeting deadlines. Content at Scale is a powerful tool that puts your entire content process in turbo mode — from research to first draft in less than 5 minutes!

This tool isn’t free, but that’s because it effectively replaces general writers on your team as well as outsourced content creation from an agency or marketplace.

More than just an AI writing tool, Content at Scale has a built-in SEO score analyzer, plagiarism scanner, and AI content detector that are designed to help you produce well-written, fully optimized long-form content faster to boost your earnings.

Content at Scale gives you everything you need for efficient large-scale content production – from ideation through publication – all within one user-friendly dashboard.

blog post created in content at scale

Unlike ChatGPT which requires writing very detailed prompts to get the type of content that you want, Content at Scale only needs one long-tail keyword for the app to create your article or blog post. Once you enter your keyword(s), the machine will crawl the internet for top-ranking content and write a fresh, 2,500-word baseline draft within minutes.

Producing and disseminating consistent, high-quality content across various platforms to target different audiences is key to improving readership and search engine rankings. The Content at Scale app is designed specifically for this purpose – helping you create long-form content efficiently. 

By streamlining your workflow through automation features like AI-generated suggestions and real-time SEO score monitoring, you can ensure your work meets quality standards without sacrificing productivity.

See the full cost breakdown on our pricing page.

is content at scale free

Key Features of Content at Scale

  • Scale pricing: Offers flexible plans based on the number of articles you need, not per word. If you’re not satisfied with the first draft, you can re-run it up to three times completely free of charge.
  • Create great content quickly: Utilizes AI, ML, and NLP technologies to generate high-quality long-form SEO blog posts and articles in minutes.
  • User-friendly dashboard: The intuitive interface allows you to manage projects easily from one central location.
  • Optimization, plagiarism, and AI detection tools built-in: Get precise with SEO, make sure your content is AI undetectable, and run it through Copyscape to ensure it’s original, right inside the Content at Scale dashboard.

Finding the Right Balance Between Automation and Human Input

AI writing tools have become so sophisticated that the output of Content at Scale is just as good, if not better, than human-written content.

Unfortunately, machines don’t have feelings, wisdom, or experiences. They can write text in perfect English but do not have the ability to connect to a human reader emotionally.

This is where AIO comes in.

A modern version of SEO, artificial intelligence optimization (AIO) is the process of cleaning up and polishing AI-written content so that it resonates with its target audience, reflects your brand voice, and ranks well in search engines.

Human editors can refine AI-generated drafts by adding personal anecdotes or industry-specific insights that only a human writer could provide. This allows you to craft material that captures the attention of readers and encourages them to share your content within their networks.

Free Resources to Train Your Writers into AIO

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New to the idea of AIO and CRAFT? Read this to understand the innovation behind AIO. 

Want a written guide that has all the CRAFT steps from the YouTube video? Your wish is our content command. Step-by-step AIO writing tutorial, blog version.

More Tools for Scaling Content

Competition is cutthroat in today’s digital world, which is why content creators are scrambling to outperform each other by producing more material. (And by more, we don’t mean publishing hundreds of pieces of poorly written or plagiarized content.)

So how do you scale content without sacrificing quality?

Here are some of the top tools to help make your job easier.

  1. AI content generators: AI-powered platforms like Content at Scale enable you to generate unique, SEO-optimized blog posts or articles within minutes. These tools use advanced algorithms to understand context and produce relevant text based on given keywords.
  2. Content editors: A robust editor such as Scribens helps improve grammar, style, and punctuation errors while maintaining a consistent tone throughout your piece.
  3. SEO score checkers: Tools like Surfer SEO or Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar provide real-time analysis of keyword density, readability scores, and meta-tag optimization so that you can ensure search engines rank your work favorably. (Pro tip: Content at Scale already has this tool built into its editor.)
  4. AI audio generators: Create audio versions of written material using Text-to-Speech (TTS) software such as Amazon Polly. This feature caters to users who prefer to listen than read long blog posts.
  5. Plagiarism scanners: To ensure the originality of your work, use tools like Copyscape which can detect plagiarized or duplicate content across the web. (Pro tip: Content at Scale also has integrated Copyscape Premium plus a proprietary AI detector tool.)
  6. Word count tracker: Keep track of word count effortlessly using tools like WordCounter, ensuring that each piece meets specific length requirements set by clients or search engines. (Pro tip: Word count is displayed and updated in real-time on the Content at Scale editor UI.)

By taking advantage of the latest advancements in AI and automation, you can optimize your content creation process to generate compelling pieces that both readers and search engines will appreciate. Remember to stay updated with the latest trends in technology so that you can continue creating engaging, informative content at scale.

aio model

FAQs – Is Content at Scale Free?

Is Content at Scale Free?

Content at scale is not free. However, investing in this tool is cheaper than hiring a general writer for your team. For a starting plan of $250/month, you get all-around levels of top-notch quality in your content plus internal + external links to credible sources, SEO, AI and originality detection, WordPress integration, and more.

Is Content at Scale Worth It?

Definitely, Content at Scale is worth the investment if you aim to reach a larger audience and boost your online presence through high-quality content creation. With this AI-powered writing software, you can efficiently produce consistent and engaging content that drives results.

What is Content at Scale AI?

Content at Scale AI is an SEO article-writing tool that can create long-form content optimized for search in minutes. It uses artificial intelligence technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to generate written blogs and articles quickly without compromising quality. It enables you to produce tailored articles that cater to diverse audience needs while saving time and resources.


Content production can be time-consuming, but with the right tools, it is possible to scale your efforts without compromising writing excellence.

Ultimately, the key to your success is finding the best approach that meets what your audience needs and what fits into your budget — whether you choose to invest in AI-powered solutions like Content at Scale or the traditional route of hiring an army of writers.

Written by Julia McCoy

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