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Navigating the June 2024 Spam Update: Stay Ahead of the Game

Julia McCoy
Friday, 21st Jun 2024
june 2024 spam update

On June 20, 2024, Google announced the rollout of its latest effort to combat spammy content—the June 2024 Spam Update. Google routinely releases these spam updates, usually a few times per year. They aim to improve the overall quality of search results and make sure users find relevant, helpful information when they search on Google. You might be wondering, what exactly does this June 2024 Spam Update mean for website owners and SEOs?

This update aims to identify and penalize websites that violate Google’s spam policies, ultimately impacting search rankings and user experience. But Google keeps the details of these updates intentionally vague to combat the constantly evolving tactics spammers employ. We’re going to explore the details available, understand the impact, and figure out how you can ensure your site remains unaffected.

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The June 2024 Spam Update Explained: More than a Name

Unlike some core algorithm updates, Google chose to release the June 2024 Spam Update with minimal fanfare. There was no preceding blog post or specific areas of focus highlighted. Simply an announcement on their Search Status Dashboard stating that a new spam update had started rolling out and would take approximately one week to complete.

While we don’t have explicit details about the specific spam tactics targeted this time, we can make some educated guesses based on Google’s history and standard spam policies. It likely tackles issues like link spam (sites trying to manipulate rankings with unnatural backlinks), AI-generated content created primarily for search engines, and generally low-quality, thin, or duplicate content. Basically, anything violating Google’s goal of presenting users with genuinely valuable and trustworthy websites.

Why is This Update Significant?

Although Google releases several updates throughout the year, June 2024 spam update came hot on the heels of the impactful March 2024 Core Algorithm Update, considered one of the most disruptive updates in Google’s history. That core update brought along changes to multiple core systems, including their spam policies.

That March update specifically mentioned addressing “scaled content abuse,” “site reputation abuse,” and “expired domain abuse,” indicating a focused effort on tackling larger spam networks and tactics manipulating Google’s trust and ranking systems. It shook things up across the board. Websites that once ranked well because of their site reputation began losing traffic when it was discovered they were publishing unrelated affiliate content. Since the June 2024 Spam Update followed so closely after this significant change, it likely aims to fine-tune and bolster the initial improvements rolled out in March.

Impact on Search Rankings: What Can We Expect?

As with any algorithm update, the effects of June 2024 spam update are hard to predict definitively. Some websites may experience ranking fluctuations. These sites might rely on black-hat SEO tactics or lean heavily on low-quality AI-generated content. In the past, similar spam updates resulted in rankings dropping. On the flip side, websites following Google’s best practices and focusing on high-quality content creation might actually see a bump in rankings.

Although this update’s precise targets are kept under wraps, we can refer back to Google’s past actions and stated goals for clues. The March update involved cleaning up spammy practices that artificially inflate website reputation. The company also tackled issues related to expired domain abuse—registering previously high-ranking domains with the sole intention of capitalizing on that pre-existing authority.

Staying Safe: Ensuring Your Site Remains Unaffected

As with any Google update, it’s critical to understand and abide by their spam policies. However, simply complying with policies may not lead to instant improvement. Because Google’s systems reassess website compliance over a period of months, recovering from penalties can be a waiting game. Remember, once Google identifies and removes those links, whatever benefits they gave are gone. This means it’s more crucial than ever to adopt a proactive strategy and avoid even borderline practices.

Practical Steps: Proactive Actions for Website Owners

The best course of action for navigating any Google update, including this June 2024 Spam Update, is to always stay focused on genuine, high-quality content and responsible SEO tactics.

1. Review and Improve Your Content

Focus on content that’s original, insightful, well-written, and provides genuine value to your readers. Avoid fluff and empty filler, focusing instead on content that’s both comprehensive and engaging. Make sure it directly addresses your target audience’s needs, answering their questions or helping them solve a specific problem. This could be creating step-by-step guides, conducting product comparisons, or sharing original research. Regularly update your existing content for accuracy and relevance.

Conduct a backlink audit to analyze your backlink profile. Look for unnatural linking patterns (too many links from low-quality sites, spammy anchor text, link exchanges), and remove them or disavow them through Google Search Console. This update, coming right after the site reputation crackdown, reinforces Google’s focus on high-quality, natural links, emphasizing real-world relationships over shortcuts.

3. Pay Attention to Google’s Recommendations

Review Google’s spam policy documentation and ensure you understand how they assess content. Google says you should create helpful content for humans rather than just for search engines. Remember their emphasis on people-first content. Google emphasizes the need for authentic links generated through organic relationships. Don’t just chase ranking, pursue audience engagement through great content.

4. Diversify Your Marketing Efforts

While organic search is vital, overreliance on Google alone leaves you vulnerable. Diversifying your efforts helps cushion the blow. Think social media, paid campaigns, and even old-school stuff like email marketing.

5. Don’t Panic

Unless you have blatant violations, this spam update probably won’t send your website into oblivion. Take a deep breath and keep an eye on things.

Remember that algorithms constantly evolve. What works today might be penalized tomorrow. Stay nimble and adaptive, always ready to tweak strategies. Google loves originality. Focus on content no one else is producing rather than following trends.


Although details about the June 2024 spam update are somewhat shrouded in mystery, it serves as a potent reminder that the digital landscape is ever-changing. The days of gaming Google with black-hat tactics and churned-out AI content are, thankfully, over. Instead, long-term success comes from delivering genuine value to users with insightful, engaging, and truly helpful content.

Written by Julia McCoy

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