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How Keith Bresee Cut Content Costs from $14,800 to under $5K

Julia McCoy
Tuesday, 27th Feb 2024
Keith Bresee case study


Customer: Keith Bresee, The Traffic Dojo

Results: Reduced monthly content production costs from $14,800 to under $5,000 with Content at Scale

Customer: Keith Bresee, CEO of The Traffic Dojo

Keith Bresee, an internationally recognized SEO expert, got his start in content marketing around 2012, with industry legends like Brian Dean and Noah Kagan.

After his first two online businesses flopped, he finally struck gold with a website in the health and wellness space in 2015.

Keith then created The Traffic Dojo to share the lessons he learned throughout his journey and provide his clients with actionable SEO advice that gets results.

Today, Keith consults for Dr. Axe, Dave Ramsey, Manscaped, Remax, Southwestern Consulting, and some of the biggest sites in the real estate, medical, and financial arenas — going after keywords with INSANE numbers like 5 million searches/month.

Goal: Produce Better Content Faster

In the early days, Keith relied on conventional strategies that involved manual research, keyword planning, and content creation by human writers. These practices were effective but time-consuming and costly.

As with many marketers and SEO writers, Keith’s introduction to AI started with Jarvis (now Jasper) back in 2021.

He used the app like crazy — pumping content after content for his clients. It was a great tool for creating simple, short-form marketing materials and other generalized writing tasks where SEO ranking was not a priority.

But the problem with Jarvis was you had to handhold it the whole way — input keywords, add context, and customize settings just to get one article. Plus, the output needed heavy human editing just to make it publishable.

As Keith’s business expanded and his strategies changed, Jarvis could not keep up. Surely there was a more efficient way to do this.

Solution: Switch from Generalized AI to Content at Scale

In January 2023, Keith discovered Content at Scale.

His first impression?

“Holy living f*&%$balls what is this magic?! How is this so good?”

Content at Scale was a total game-changer. Less handholding, better quality, and great for SEO.

He started with a few long-form articles and was truly impressed with the results.

After Google announced its 180-degree turnaround from an anti-AI stance to pro-AI, Keith went full steam ahead.

Keith also leaned heavily on Content at Scale’s AIO framework — “this is exactly how AI content should be produced!”

He put the tool in the hands of three to four writers (or did the editing himself) and started driving millions of unique searches per month for his clients. Most content required minimal editing and they were raking in huge traffic numbers with Content at Scale driving the engine.

Results: Increased Traffic by 9X While Reducing Costs from $14,800 to $5,000

In the brain fog space alone, Keith’s website which was only getting 2,200 visitors a month got a traffic boost of 18,000 — from content that was 100% written by Content at Scale. Now it’s holding steady at around 6,000 visitors monthly. #StraightOutofAI

A client in real estate also saw their monthly traffic numbers increase from 320,000 to roughly a million, and Content at Scale and the AIO approach were a big piece of that.

In the health sector, Keith helped a supplement brand reach $1.2 million in revenue from organic traffic — a 100% jump from the previous year.

Before signing up for Content at Scale, Keith was spending $14,800 per month on written content alone. Now his budget is down to less than $5,000 — getting more done for less.

This cost-saving didn’t come at the expense of quality or performance. On the contrary, his clients experienced significant upticks in both web traffic and income streams.

The secret sauce here isn’t just using any AI tool but finding the right one — Content at Scale — to maintain high-quality standards while producing more content than ever before. This approach helped Keith’s clients reach wider audiences faster than traditional methods would allow.

In our case study interview, Keith also shared his process for getting six-figure traffic numbers and revenues for his clients.

Keith combines insights from customer data with AI technology to precisely cater to what people desire. It’s not just about throwing content out there but making every piece answer real questions from customers.

The result? Content that resonates on a personal level with readers.

When you get this process right, you get to publish the kind of content that not only draws people in but keeps them coming back for more.

Want Millions of Views Per Month at a Reduced Cost?

Here’s Keith’s process:

  1. Know your clients intimately.
  2. Ask their customers all the burning questions to flesh out intent.
  3. Create a mind map of all these topics, subtopics, and shoulder topics.
  4. Feed your keywords into Content at Scale.

This can give you a year’s worth of content for any niche — and rank well on search engines.

Keith Bresee’s journey with Content at Scale proves one thing: integrating AI into your content strategy is a game-changer. Start scaling your business while keeping content quality top-notch and reducing cost.

Written by Julia McCoy

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