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Major New Improvements Are Now Live

Justin McGill
Thursday, 14th Sep 2023
content at scale improvements

This week, we released a couple of game-changing features to help your content drive more traffic.

I’m also going to share a story about how one of these features actually helped us win back nearly 200,000 unique visitors per month! 🤯

Content Quality

First off – we’ve revamped the content creation process for every aspect and are now producing much higher quality content. You’ll see more robust introductions that hook the reader. Just look at this for such a boring keyword like “when to use a semicolon”:

content example 1 - when to use a semicolon

And of course, we didn’t lose focus on SEO within that introduction either.

Even cooler is the depth of the section content, with a focus on E-E-A-T signals now.

content example 2 - who uses semicolons

I mean, WHAT?!

Show me any writer (AI or human) that can produce at this level.

Now, the AI actually takes into account your readers’ level of understanding of the topic based on the target keyword.

Due to having a better grasp of the situation, it also means more targeted headings as well.

Overall, there’s less fluff, more fact-based checks and external linkage, more content variation (tables, lists, etc.), and better usage of SEO Keywords throughout.

Additionally, your exclusions (competitors, keywords, etc.) are much less likely to be referenced in the content now.

Oh… and it completely bypasses all AI detection. 😉

Keyword Insights

When you mouse over a keyword in the sidebar, you’ll now see full transparency into the why behind the keyword.

keyword insights

You’ll see our proprietary Keyword Value, which is dynamically scored based on your target keyword.

But in addition to this, you’ll see how often the top 10 articles use the keyword, if it is used in a Heading, and also where it first occurs within their article. All of this indicates how important the keyword phrase is to your article and where you should be placing it.

NLP Optimization

Ever wondered how Google views your content to determine priority?

This is precisely how we recovered nearly 200,000 unique visitors per month.

Not only do we integrate directly with Google’s NLP API to show you this, but you can also see a side-by-side comparison of the top 5 results as well.

nlp optimization

This helps you prioritize which keywords and entities are being viewed by Google AND in the order in which they’re being viewed.

Whenever you make changes to your content, you can run “Re-scan” and see the impact in terms of Salience. Ultimately, the keywords you want to rank for should appear higher in the list.

You will often see multiple instances of the same keyword. This is due to how it’s being associated (i.e., as a noun, an entity, etc.) in the eyes of Google.

Why does this matter, you ask?

Let me tell you a story of how we lost nearly 200,000 visits/mo…

Towards the end of May, I noticed our traffic dropping a bit.

Meh. Summertime.” I thought.

But in June, I started to see sharper declines.

content at scale traffic in june

I check traffic daily for this exact reason.

That is when things got interesting.

I realized it was actually just for one term (AI Detector). No other keywords were losing ground, just that one term.

I thought it was due to overoptimization of the phrase, so I took out some mentions, re-worded things, etc.

I checked backlink anchor text to make sure we weren’t overdoing it there, but that didn’t look like a problem.

That did nothing.

Then I put together a masterclass of SEO and fixed soooo many things. Headings, alt text, cut out half the content on the page, removed the image AI detector from the page and put it on its own page, and a slew of other updates.

NONE of it mattered.

Then, I decided to check Google’s NLP tool to see how the content was being perceived and realized the issue.

For some reason, Google started to associate the phrase with a separate entity. This could be because of a new Wikipedia page for it or for some other reason. I didn’t go deeper into the why on this as I discovered the issue and just went into “fix it” mode.

Little things, like changing one of our headers from “AI Detector Introduction” to “Introduction to Our AI Detector” made a MASSIVE difference.

Changing a line of text from “the AI Detector” to “our AI Detector” showed proper ownership and associated it to OUR entity in Google’s eyes.

And now? We’re back to top 5.

content at scale traffic in sept

This shows that NLP Optimization can be a big deal depending on the type of keywords you are targeting. And better yet – we make NLP Optimization super simple now!

In Case You Missed It: Keyword Research is LIVE

We recently rolled out Keyword Research right within the app. Give it a seed keyword and unlock 100’s more keywords.

You can also cluster those keywords, but we also go a step further and cluster those clusters into actual topic clusters so you know exactly what keywords belong together for individual posts.

keyword research in cas

Coming Soon…

Over the summer, we made a few acquisitions. And we’re about to start rolling out some of the features into Content at Scale.

Here’s a sneak peek at Topic Reports from our upcoming Content Intelligence suite:

topic reports sneak peek

That’s a UI mockup with filler text, but this is actively in development and will be rolling out soon.

Stay tuned!

Jump into Content at Scale and start using it today – the market leader for true, humanlike high-quality SEO content by AI.

Want in? Join us and start dramatically scaling your content marketing with ease!

Written by Justin McGill

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