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Major New Release: Higher Quality Undetectable AI Content

Justin McGill
Saturday, 3rd Dec 2022

The thought of a Google update rolling out that punished AI content made me nervous.

I always felt this was the biggest threat to the business and I wanted our content output to be so human-like that it didn’t leave traces of AI to be detected. EVERY single AI writing tool on the market leaves these traces.

Seriously, run any content produced by other tools through our new free AI content detection tool and see for yourself. This tool can detect when content comes from GPT-3 or any other AI model.

From the beginning, I knew we had to advance our AI to a point that it could overcome these limitations from GPT-3 and other AI models.

And today, I am happy to announce our new AI update generates content so human-like that it bypasses AI content detection!

This is HUGE news. It is currently the only AI writing solution on the market that has this capability.

Why is this such a big deal? It means you are protected against future potential Google updates that try to punish sites with AI-generated content. It is the risk you run using any other AI writing solution.

Amazingly (timing-wise), just this week Google confirmed it CAN detect and demote sites with AI content (ie, content through tools like Jasper and other AI writing assistants).

We are able to bypass this through the use of multiple finely-tuned AI engines, natural language processing and semantic analysis algorithms, and more to produce the content we produce.

We originally planned to release this all before Thanksgiving, but I think you’ll appreciate the effort that went into this and the quality of the output now.


Check out a few new samples of content #StraightOuttaAI. I just came up with that and think I’m seeing a shirt in our future with this on it.😂

While you’re at it – go ahead and run those posts through the AI content detection tool!

Content Quality Improvements

This update isn’t just about AI detection. With this update, we have incorporated all the latest AI advancements so you’ll notice a major improvement in post quality as well!

  • Improved Introductions: Introductions are now more appealing and lead into the content in a more appealing way. There are also fewer issues with either explaining things too in-depth or hardly at all before going into the actual post. 
  • Longer Content: Posts are now averaging over 2,600+ words per post out of the box! Literally, double our previous version. And brings the cost per word down dramatically (as low as $0.005 on the Agency plan). You can always customize a post before it’s run by adding or removing headers/sections that the AI covers in the post, or simply adding/removing sections after the fact. But as a reminder, longer-form posts are the ones that drive the most traffic (it allows you to target more keywords after all).
  • Less Repetitiveness: Repetitiveness is cut down dramatically. The AI has more of an understanding of what is written and what will be written in the future of the post as it’s going.
  • Better Formatting: No more wonky formatting with lists. It made for strangely bolded lines, out of order lists, etc. We have cut back on the conditionals and logic being used. You’ll see fewer lists overall, but this is a better impression and requires less work than having lists out of whack. Going forward, we’ll continue to tweak our formatting logic to improve things further (ie, shorter paragraphs, more h3 subheadings, etc).
  • Stronger FAQ Answers: There are now more definitive answers to the FAQs. As a reminder – we previously rolled out an update that turns the FAQs (which are pulled from related questions in Google) into QA schema markup for better ranking.
  • Transitions: You’ll also notice something that makes me oddly excited – really smooth transitions between sections of content! When I see our AI produce content that is this human-like, it just gets me jazzed. 😄

As the only solution on the market to offer this level of content quality, especially for informational keywords, we think you’ll like what this can do for your content marketing efforts.

More to Come

We are likely going to experience a large rush of content orders, but hopefully, by launching so late on a Friday it will curtail that a bit. 😬

In any case, expect some delays in the content output due to this. But this brings me to a point of emphasis. We are going to be heavily focusing on speed in the coming days and weeks to dramatically cut down the wait times for the content to be produced.

We’ll continue monitoring content outputs closely.

Aside from that, we are going to be releasing a massive update to the WordPress plugin next week and will be giving this to ALL customers. Lots of fixes and added features.

Written by Justin McGill

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