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How Marcus Campbell Uses Content at Scale to Super-Power His Affiliate Sites

Julia McCoy
Friday, 8th Sep 2023
marcus campbell case study


Customer: Marcus Campbell, Affiliate Marketing Dude


  • Decreased content costs to just $15 per article.
  • Shrank content production timeline from 1.5 months to only 4 days.
  • Published Content at Scale-generated content with little-to-no human editing, and started earning rankings and traffic within just 10 days.

Customer: Marcus Campbell, Creator of Affiliate Marketing Dude

Marcus Campbell has been doing SEO since 2000. In April of that year, he put up his first successful website for a cigar company.

Back in the old days, marketers would just scrape online content, paste it to a client’s website, and watch it rank.

And these tactics worked! They made a lot of money.

Until they didn’t.

Because what they were producing was skimpy content that wasn’t focused on the end user.

Around three years ago, Marcus started an agency where they built websites for clients and offered human-written content that targeted niche-specific keywords.

Marcus would typically spend $100,000 to $150,000 to produce 1,000-word articles with mediocre quality.

That’s a pretty big investment. But he didn’t care — as long as he bought profitable domains and targeted the right keywords, the content ranked.

For Marcus, the content doesn’t necessarily have to be great; it just needs to be focused for it to rank and bring in money.

This strategy was working well, so when he heard about Content at Scale, Marcus was reluctant at first.

Just like me, Marcus was anti-AI. He saw the movie Terminator and hated the idea of a machine takeover. 😬

But eventually, he did decide to give the robot a try.

Goal: Produce More Content Faster and at a Reduced Cost

Marcus Campbell, the Affiliate Marketing Dude, has invested a staggering $150K in content over the past three years. And it takes him 1.5 months to complete the entire process of buying a domain, building a website, hiring writers, uploading content, and getting the site to rank — all for one client.

What if there was a way to significantly reduce this cost and produce content faster?

Spoiler: There was definitely a way.

This was a job for the power of artificial intelligence.

Backed by 3 AI engines, natural language processing, and semantic analysis algorithms, Content at Scale has the ability to crawl and analyze top-ranking search engine data and generate a complete blog post within minutes!

Solution: Buy a Profitable Domain and Write Content with AI

Before he discovered Content at Scale, Marcus Campbell paid $20 per 1,000-word article at freelance marketplaces like or 8 cents per word at

Immediately after signing up for Content at Scale, the app generated a 4,000-word article at a fraction of the cost!

And although Marcus had not been bothered with quality in the past, he was incredibly impressed with the output quality of Content at Scale. The first draft had good structure, the writing was fantastic, and best of all, the app was able to expand topics that a human writer couldn’t.

With a powerful AI tool now at his disposal, Marcus crafted a new 5-step strategy to dominate any niche:

  1. Find expired/auction domains related to your target niche.
  2. Check existing rankings and create AI content around those keywords.
  3. Use the same URLs to tap into any existing authority and get fast rankings.
  4. Prompt an AI writer to produce optimized, long-form articles in minutes.
  5. Add monetization like affiliate offers to profit from the traffic.

Expired domains carry a rich history with them, so they can be a gold mine for SEO. But you need the right tools to unearth that treasure. 

How does Marcus do it?

The first step is to go to Spamzilla and look for GoDaddy Auctions. Here you’ll find websites that have ranked well and are now being sold super cheap.

You can buy websites for $12, $50, or $100. The most expensive website Marcus bought was which cost around $700.

In 2021 alone, Marcus acquired $100,000+ worth of domain names.

The next step is to find keywords that the website is already ranking for and build content around them — using Content at Scale, of course.

As I mentioned earlier, Marcus was spending over $100K for human writers to produce content for his affiliate sites. With Content at Scale, this cost has dramatically dropped to just $15 per article.

The number one thing to know when creating content is what keyword to put in the prompt box.

As an affiliate marketer, Marcus says you don’t have to choose a niche that you’re passionate about. Marcus goes after any keyword that has commercial intent, as long as he’s ethically comfortable with it.

If you filter your keywords with a keyword difficulty (KD) of 1, you’re going to find millions of keywords with zero competition that you can write about — and make money from.

And with Content at Scale, you can effectively target a keyword and create a long-form blog focused on what the consumer wants.

Results: Decreased Costs to $15 Per Article, Shortened Lead Time from 1.5 Months to 4 Days, and Produced Ranking Content #StraightOuttaAI

One of the first projects Marcus did with Content at Scale was an SUV site called Here’s one of the articles that Content at Scale wrote for this niche:

This website ranked for some pretty competitive keywords in the SUV market:

And it only took 2 days between the time Marcus published the content to the time it actually ranked!

Marcus simply entered the keyword “worst SUVs to buy” and Content at Scale did the rest. The app generated a title, table of contents, and an entire blog post from start to finish — although Marcus did ask a human to insert images of the SUVs in the article.

The speed of Content at Scale has definitely transformed his business. Instead of the usual lead time of 1.5 months for delivering websites and content, now it only takes 4 days from the time he gets the domain to the time the content goes live.

And it only takes that long because Marcus spends a long time doing the human part. 😂

Clients are way happier, they’re getting a much better product, and they’re ranking in the search engines.

One of the most successful websites Marcus had built — and made a lot of money from — is

After Marcus bid on it and took over the site, started ranking with AI-generated content. All he did was take the keywords the site already ranked for and had Content at Scale create fresh content.

Marcus currently has an AIO writer who can do 5 blog posts a day — way more than their typical target of 2 articles per week. And she’s publishing Content at Scale output with almost zero human editing! now has 20 articles which, at $15 per article, cost Marcus $300. He used to pay $100 per article for human-written content that wasn’t even hitting the mark!

For most marketers, this is hard to compete with, especially with human-only skilled labor. This means you might find yourself out of the game if you don’t embrace AI. Because if Marcus can go out there and spend more on content, there’s no way the little guy can get ahead.

But now, with a tool like Content at Scale, you CAN get ahead.

Just look at the traffic at

Marcus bought the domain around July and took content #StraightOuttaAI and into the rankings in just 10 days!

Leverage AI to Build Affiliate Sites and Generate Rankings Fast!

Marcus now has a hands-off, automated approach with AI content – which has transformed his affiliate business and allowed him to scale while saving huge amounts on writers!

We’re talking rankings with 30,000+ searches/month. He’s also earning #1 placements through Content at Scale-generated content with as little as 5% human editing.

Did you read that? 🤯  CRAZY!

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Written by Julia McCoy

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