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The Story Behind Our New Look: Logo Relaunch for Content at Scale

Justin McGill
Tuesday, 14th Feb 2023
content at scale new logo unveil

Well, it was time.

At the rate we’re growing (incredibly fast for just a five-month-old startup baby)–we needed a new look to match the vision of where we’re going.

The first iteration of our branding was a simple, three-minute idea thrown together on a quick Friday. 

Today’s new branding took over a week, five thinking brains (internally), an outside branding firm, and multiple iterations to launch. Old (top) vs. new (bottom):

Our first logo was literally just a clip art level icon intended to get us to launch our minimum viable product (MVP). 

The original logo is reminiscent, if you will, of the 1994 Amazon logo: painted in giant runny blue ink on a banner in Jeff’s garage.

And just like Jeff’s creation, we’ve grown incredibly fast in a short period of time (months, not years).

We’re not a back-of-market product or brand. 

We’re leading the market when it comes to long-form blog content. And not through an amazing product alone.

We believe it’s just a matter of time until marketers adapt to our AIO methodology, as we develop new frameworks and ways to help them navigate this new world of AI-assisted content production successfully.

Our #1 goal? To help you save tremendous amounts of time, money, and energy. 

That’s what we as humans want, right? 


A better life.

(If you’re not adopting AI in your content process, that’s what you’re resisting.)

Well, it’s time to embrace the change and take the next step.

And our new look is a part of that beautiful, evolving direction into a better life for long-form SEO marketers everywhere.

The Story Behind the Logo

It’s a lot easier to do great marketing when you have two things:

  • A great product.
  • Equally great branding.

#1 has to be my personal focus. 

I’ve had no time to devote to the website or branding.

That’s why I hire the right people–to make sure we do have a firm handle on the steering wheel of this giant ship heading into the unforgiving ocean depths of the marketplace. 

One of the first things that Julia, our VP of Marketing, placed high up on the to-do list after joining us mid-January was to make sure we moved forward to the next level of our website and brand.

So, we did.

As we began the process of revamping our website and branding, we wanted to start with a whole new logo and have it set the table for us going forward. The new website is next (obviously, you’re still looking at the current one as of publishing this blog). But it’s coming.

Our goal was to showcase a spunky, hip, modern, bold, against the grain look.

Let’s talk colors. 

While we wanted to stay against the grain, we wanted to flip the primary color to purple from yellow, while maintaining yellow as a primary accent color.

Our product is not for people who don’t spend on content marketing. I wanted our product to be viewed as a high-end product with high expectations and that is why the shift to purple as the primary. Purple represents royalty, luxury, etc.

That said, we also wanted to introduce a new secondary accent color. We debated this, but decided to go with the bold decision of adding red to the mix. 

Does it make it a little more busy? Certainly. Will some people hate it? Most definitely. 

But we did it anyway as it’s a primary highlight color. As in, when you highlight things on physical papers (if you recall those days). 

Our new icon itself has several representations that are truly unique to the heart of what we’re doing at Content at Scale.

Here’s what our new visual icon reflects:

  • The processing of AI data
  • A text icon portraying what we do as a long-form content writing tool
  • The red and yellow dots add both an element of AI / neuron-like processing while also serving as something being highlighted. You will be seeing more highlights in our AI detector as well as in-app for different reasons.
  • The feel in this icon ties directly into our AIO editing framework that we’re pioneering, defining how to humanly perfect AI-generated content and when you see highlights it means there are things to do
  • The chat bubble tail at the bottom plays off the prompting that our users do with keyword and context (and future things yet to be announced will make this more relevant)

We’re keeping our name, Content at Scale, because we feel search is going to evolve and showcase domains as sources, which will lead to keyword-rich domains (or at least self-explanatory domains being back in play). We wanted to make it clear what we’re focused on.

Here’s an example of the futuristic possibilities of search, from – an NLP answer engine that uses large language models and search engines to deliver accurate answers to user questions.

For us, this is phase one of the rebrand. 

An all-new app design is in the works. We’re getting very close to revealing it for our users this spring. 

Plus, work has begun on a new website that will launch to replace the one you see.

It’s Just the Beginning for Content at Scale

Sometimes it’s hard to believe we are only less than six months from the launch of our beta.

We have huge goals.

And we hope you see the vision.

There’s no gimmicks. There’s no quick hack or short-term play here.

We’re building a real product that millions of marketers desperately need.

(Let’s face it: we’ve needed this for years. #WriterHerdingNoMore)

And we’re going to make it better every day.

That’s my job.

The experts in my team will lead the marketing. You’ll see great stuff. Follow along: Julia’s doing content. Jeff’s doing video. Luke’s finding opportunities for us to talk about based on keyword data, social conversations, and more. They’ve all been behind six, seven-figure marketing launches and websites. We’ve got the A-team.

But the most important metric to all of us here at Content at Scale?

We all believe in the vision.

Aka, in your success.

In making your life, the process of content creation, ten times easier.

Because–it’s possible. It’s 2023. Content at Scale is here.

And our next evolution is rolling out.

So… let’s go!

Written by Justin McGill

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