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How NextCare 16x’ed Content Production & Doubled Traffic

Julia McCoy
Tuesday, 27th Feb 2024
NextCare case study


Customer: NextCare

Results: 16x’ed content production and doubled traffic in just 7 months with Content at Scale

Customer: Richard Keech, Senior Digital Marketing Manager of NextCare

Richard Keech started working for a small marketing agency right out of college, doing SEO for service websites like local plumbers.

After completing his internship, Richard was offered to come on full-time where he was able to learn all aspects of content marketing for different types of businesses.

A unique opportunity came when he joined the Harlem Globetrotters as their digital marketing manager. With this gig, Richard was able to expand his repertoire into email marketing, live entertainment promotion, and paid advertising.

When the team moved its headquarters to Atlanta, Richard — who hates the cold — decided to remain in Arizona where he has been running the digital marketing operations of NextCare for the past seven years.

NextCare is a leading provider of urgent care and occupational medical services nationwide. Spanning over 170 clinics across 12 states, NextCare is composed of one primary care and three distinct urgent care brands.

Goal: Produce More Quality Content to Improve ROI

At the time Richard joined NextCare, the company was outsourcing its content to an agency that produced one to two general health articles and blog posts per week.

The majority of that process was getting ideas to the agency writers, brainstorming what blog topics to write about, and getting those approved for medical thought leadership.

It was a long, arduous process that wasn’t producing enough ROI for what the company was spending.

When Richard came on board, one of the immediate changes he implemented was to ditch the agency and turn over the content production duties to their marketing department. With the team already spread too thin, the pace of creating content continued to slow down.

Now they were facing more challenges due to the longer process — brainstorming topics, creating outlines, getting the article written and approved, and putting it in the best digital format that would get these keywords to start ranking well on Google.

Solution: Transition from Human-Only Content to AI-Generated Content

NexCare was stuck in a rut, with their organic traffic flatlining for about two years. They needed a game-changer.

Then came AI. With an AI writer having the ability to crawl the Internet for information and generate a full article within minutes, it was the perfect solution for ramping up content production.

But here’s where it gets tricky. AI writing may not be beneficial to every industry.

The biggest challenge to using AI to write YMYL (your money, your life) content is accuracy — making sure the machine is not spitting information that would endanger the health and life of a person.

So while Richard was excited at the potential of AI to 10X content production, output quality was the most important factor in choosing an AI writer. He wanted to make sure the tool they signed up for wouldn’t cost their medical review team hours and hours of editing and updating each piece — negating the benefits of automation.

Fortunately, Richard discovered Content at Scale — the most humanlike SEO AI writer that passes all AI detectors — and the AIO framework which ensures that all AI content is fact-checked before going live.

Want to learn every step involved in our C.R.A.F.T. framework? You’re in the right place. To learn more about AIO and C.R.A.F.T, read our individual guides:

Richard’s process starts with content analysis, finding topics that NextCare’s biggest competitors may have missed, what type of content they are producing, and what they are doing well.

All of these keywords are fed directly to the Content at Scale AI writer, with a notification sent to the review team when the articles are ready. The medical leadership team has 24-48 hours to send feedback to the marketing team and if there are no issues, the blog posts are scheduled for the upcoming week or month.

Results: 16X’ed Content Production and Doubled Traffic in 7 Months

After two years of being STUCK with one article per month that had barely 1,000 words, NextCare is now publishing two to four articles PER WEEK on its website, thanks to Content at Scale.

Richard has integrated Content at Scale into their system so all that needs to be done is review and publish. The review is done by their medical professionals who have bylines attached to the AI-generated content (none of it is labeled as AI since they’ve been CRAFT-ed by a human).

With a gold mine of keywords in the medical domain and Content at Scale running its content marketing strategy, NextCare has doubled its organic traffic in just 7 months primarily with Content at Scale and minimal editing.

From just 4,000 keywords, it is now ranking for 12,000 active keywords just from its Health Resource blog section.

With the massive increase in content output, NextCare is now able to rank in the Top 10 SERP listings and answer questions from their potential clients before they even come in for urgent care. This has helped establish NextCare as a pillar in the health community.

And here’s another bonus: since their medical professionals are spending less time writing/editing, they have moved over to help with topic research so that the blog topics they feed to the AI are even more on point.

With more topic avenues and keywords to explore, Richard is planning to publish more articles not just weekly but daily!

Amplify Content Production and Climb Up The SERPs with Content at Scale

Embracing innovation, NextCare took a bold step. They introduced an AI writer and transformed their content creation process.

The result? Content creation experienced a remarkable surge, going from one a month to four a week.

Climbing up the search engine ranks became more than achievable — it turned into reality. NextCare is now listed in the top three and top 10 for key medical phrases related to urgent care, thanks to targeted, quality content powered by AI.

If you want daily content production and Page One rankings to become the new norm in your own business (or your clients’), it’s time to embrace AI.

Written by Julia McCoy

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