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We Made It – Getting to #1 on ProductHunt today.

Justin McGill
Friday, 10th Mar 2023
producthunt content at scale

Today is a day for the books, my friends.

In the early hours of the morning (think 3 a.m.), we launched on ProductHunt.

By 8 a.m., we were #1 Product of the Day. By 2 p.m., we’d achieved over 500 upvotes.

producthunt product of the day

Today shows the power of what community around a really freakin’ good bootstrapped product built by entrepreneurs – can achieve together.

Because Content at Scale would never be here without you, so that’s my first order of business – to give you thanks for being here.

For getting in this wild, crazy rollercoaster and riding it right alongside me.

I’d never be here without you.

Our users, our community, our audience, our team makes this Content at Scale ship sail. And we’re going to rise to the top – because you’re here.

There’s no “I” in this mission. It’s all us.

The Story Behind Today’s #1 ProductHunt Spot

Alright, the story is short but good.

I’ve been in marketing since 2008, seeing SEO content marketing work like a killer to pull in real results for my clients and my own brands. Transparency. Authenticity. Real content – worked. It pulled in clients, investors, and partners for me. It worked better than anything else.

The bottleneck?

The actual content creation part.

(You know what I’m talking about, if you’ve blogged at all.)

It’s a bear.


Management of those writers. Deadlines. Long-form content, good content, taking hours and days and hours and days… to write.

Did I mention it’s a bear?

Well, I wanted to create the dream tool. The one I’d wanted all along. And the reason I wanted to create it… first, I’m an entrepreneur. I answer problems by building solutions that don’t exist. It’s innate.

Next, there really were NO solutions.

Because only six short months ago, there were a bunch of Jasper-like clones.

Decent, general-purpose AI content tools.

But nothing that focused on long-form SEO driven blog content.

Nothing that did what we’ve since built: an AI writer that generates 2,500+ words in four minutes, with table of contents, click to tweets, takeaways, meta title and description, on-page checklist… all coded right in. Generated, on-the-spot.

We launched Content at Scale and had amazing success right out of the gate as we were the first to focus on this very specific niche.

But the biggest objection I kept hearing – what if Google detects it?

This was a concern I had before we even launched, and we’d been working on making this undetectable. By avoiding certain patterns, sentence structures, and changing word choices in an intelligent way we were able to accomplish this.

We became the first to launch undetectable AI content.

As this quickly became a valuable differentiator, we new we needed to prove it.

So, we launched one of the first AI detectors piggy-backing on an available model for GPT-2, and refining it to make it better. To bring to life what we have now.

Several iterations later, and now supporting Chat GPT, GPT-3+, and other AI models…. our free AI detector continues to be a major SEO win for us, and now today it’s the #1 product on ProductHunt.

What a win.

Dreams do come true… if you put execution and strategy alongside that dream.

And we’re going to keep going. This is just the beginning for what you’ll see from Content at Scale.

The sky is the limit. You in? Let’s go!

Please spread the love by visiting and looking for the AI Detector by Content at Scale listing. Give it some love with a like and/or comment.

Written by Justin McGill

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