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Boost Amazon Sales: How to Optimize Product Descriptions

Chris Velasco
Tuesday, 18th Apr 2023
Julia McCoy
5 min read · Jan 11 2022
optimizing product descriptions to increase sales on Amazon

If you want to compete with the 1.9 million vendors on Amazon, you have to know how to write compelling product descriptions and learn the tricks of Amazon product listing optimization.

But with so much competition, is it still profitable to sell on Amazon?

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world with expected sales of $746 billion in 2023. It has become a lucrative business for solo entrepreneurs, with 89% of Amazon sellers creating good income from the site. Even during the COVID crisis, 37% of vendors said their profits increased throughout 2022.

So how do you stand out from the crowd?

In this blog post, you will learn about the importance of Amazon SEO — particularly writing great product titles and descriptions that incorporate relevant keywords to improve your products’ visibility on Amazon’s search results.

You’ll also discover how to effectively use enhanced brand content (EBC) to showcase key product features and benefits while adhering to Amazon’s guidelines.

By the end of this article, you’ll learn the secrets of optimizing your product description to increase sales on Amazon.

Let’s dive in!

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The Basics of Amazon Product Listings

Amazon product listings are essential for any business selling products on the platform. Product listings on Amazon provide customers with details regarding the item, such as its features, advantages, and cost.

Amazon’s search engine algorithm takes into account several factors when ranking products in search results. Product descriptions are one of those factors and can be the key to the success of your product listing.

An Amazon product listing should include comprehensive information regarding the item’s size, weight, materials used for construction, color options, and other relevant details that could influence a customer’s buying decision.

Adding keywords throughout your description ensures that potential buyers can find it easily through Amazon search results.

Beyond product specifications, your product description should describe how this item solves a problem for customers and why they should choose it over similar items from competitors. Explain what makes your item unique and provide examples of how this particular item has been helpful for other customers.

Why is My Product Description Important on Amazon?

Product descriptions are the foundation of any successful Amazon listing. Descriptions not only affect customers’ buying decisions but they can also give a boost to search engine visibility. A well-crafted description can make all the difference in getting your products seen and picked up by potential buyers.

For SEO purposes, product descriptions should include relevant keywords that accurately describe the item. This will help customers find your product more easily when searching for items in your category.

Keep in mind that keyword stuffing is a big no-no — instead, focus on placing keywords naturally throughout your description so that it reads smoothly and makes grammatical sense.

To stand out in your product category and persuade shoppers to click Add to Cart, your product descriptions should be informative and engaging. Creative storytelling can really bring out the unique qualities of each item you’re selling which sets them apart from competitors.

Featuring customer reviews on your product listing is another way to convince customers to buy and increase your sales. Reviews provide potential buyers with reassurance that others have already had a great experience with the product, which further encourages them into taking action.

Now that you know how to optimize your product description to increase sales on Amazon, let’s get down to work.

The Keys to Optimizing Your Product Description to Increase Sales on Amazon

The only way to stand out in a sea of homogenous products is to write an amazing product description. A well-crafted Amazon product description not only pushes customers to buy but also improves your search engine rankings so more buyers can find you.

Research Keywords

Keyword research is a crucial step when optimizing an Amazon product listing. Look for terms and expressions linked to your item that customers often use when searching for something on Google. Insert these phrases into your product title and description to make your product listing appear higher in search results, increasing visibility and driving more traffic to your Amazon store.

Write an Optimized Product Title

The product title is so important because its keywords tell Amazon’s A9 algorithm exactly what your product is and whether or not the item is what your buyers are looking for. Though there’s an ongoing debate regarding the optimal number of keywords and characters to include in a listing’s product title – with Amazon allowing up to 200 characters for most categories – our recommendation is to use as much of that real estate as possible.

optimizing your product description to increase sales on amazon - product title

By adding descriptive words related directly to your item, you can help rank higher in search results and draw customers to your listings page.

Furthermore, consider including extra details such as size options or color variations if applicable. This can help shoppers make faster decisions since they know what they’re getting when they click on the item.

Write an Optimized Bulleted List

After writing an optimized title, it is essential to focus on your bullet points, which are key product features located in the backend of your Amazon detail page. Amazon allows up to five bullet points for additional information about the item.

amazon product description with bullet points

Again, maximize all five spaces to list every detail of your product, including size, color, material (if applicable), battery life (if applicable), and warranty information. Don’t simply copy the title and paste it into this section — this provides no extra value for customers who are looking to buy from you.

Write Optimized Product Descriptions

With up to 2,000 characters allowed in the product description, you can add more details about your product or brand in this section.

Be sure to use simple language when writing product descriptions – avoid long sentences or complicated words that can be difficult to read.

Try not to repeat yourself too often. Focus instead on providing unique information about each individual item to keep things interesting for potential buyers.

Write phrases that accurately describe the product instead of generic terms such as “great deal” or “amazing quality” which don’t provide any useful information to buyers. They also don’t have any benefits SEO-wise.

Avoid using HTML tags such as bold text or bullet points since these are no longer allowed by Amazon on its platform. However, they do offer a Brand Registry program where you can create an A+ Content Description which replaces the current section with customized templates and large images.

Add Stunning Images to Your Amazon Listings

It’s easier to sell a product with a photo than just writing text describing it. Images not only boost the visibility of your products but attract more attention as well.

Here are some tips on how to optimize your images for your Amazon product listings.

Choose Quality Photos

When it comes to selecting photos for your Amazon product listing, quality matters. Make sure that all photos are high-resolution and accurately represent the item being sold.

If possible, use professional photography services or hire a photographer who specializes in taking pictures specifically for e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Include Multiple Angles

Customers want to be able to see all sides and angles of a product before making their purchase decision. Include multiple views so that customers can get an accurate representation of what they are buying, including scale. This will also reduce complaints about items not matching product descriptions or expectations after delivery has been made.

Create Infographics and Diagrams

For complex products, infographics and diagrams can be helpful in illustrating how pieces fit together or how something works without having to write out long explanations in text form. These visuals should supplement rather than replace written descriptions.

Optimize Image File Names and Alt Text

Don’t forget about image file names and alt text! Both should contain keywords that are related to the item so that search engines can index them correctly within search results pages.

This will help increase organic traffic coming into your listings which may lead directly to sales.

Add Videos

Optimizing your product description to increase sales on Amazon is much easier if you include product videos.

Videos are a great way to demonstrate how a product works. They engage potential buyers by giving them an even better look at what they’re getting before committing to purchase the item.

optimizing your product description to increase sales on amazon - add multiple videos

Again, these videos are supplementary. They should not take too much attention away from other elements such as product descriptions and reviews.

Adding high-quality images can make all the difference when it comes to making a sale on Amazon. Studies show that listings with multiple photos can increase conversion rates more than those without any visuals.

Amazon allows you to insert up to seven images so take advantage of it — take photos of the front, back, packaging, and accessories where applicable. 

Lifestyle images can also help boost conversion rates. If you are selling farm items, why not take a photo of a rancher carrying your tools?

Lastly, incorporate video content into your listings to give customers a sneak peek into how awesome your product is. This is key to optimizing your product description to increase sales on Amazon.

FAQs – Optimizing Your Product Description to Increase Sales on Amazon

How do I improve my Amazon product description?

In order to improve your Amazon product description, start by optimizing the content for SEO. Incorporate appropriate keywords, and finish each section with a persuasive pitch.

Make sure that you are using an active voice when writing descriptions and focus on highlighting unique features or benefits associated with your product.

Before submitting any changes, double-check grammar and spelling to ensure accuracy.

Is Amazon listing optimization worth it?

Yes, Amazon listing optimization is worth it. Optimizing your listings with relevant keywords and presenting a professional image through product descriptions and images can increase the visibility of your product on the platform, thus driving more sales and higher profits.

How do I optimize my Amazon product title?

Start by researching popular keywords related to your product, then incorporate them into a concise, descriptive title that accurately reflects its features. Consider using long-tail keywords with low competition to increase relevance and attract more customers.

Additionally, make sure the title follows Amazon’s guidelines in terms of character count and punctuation so it can be indexed correctly by their search engine algorithms.


By optimizing your product description to increase sales on Amazon, you can take advantage of the platform’s immense reach and potential customer base.

With proper research, creativity, and attention to detail in crafting a compelling product listing, you can maximize visibility for your products while also driving conversions. Taking the time now will pay off in increased sales later.

Written by Chris Velasco

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