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Q1 in Review – Content at Scale (12x Increase in SEO Keywords)

Julia McCoy
Monday, 17th Apr 2023
q1 in review - content at scale

Inbound marketing is the reason behind more than 90% of all clicks online.

And we all know that inbound marketing is a long-term game. Investing in a quality inbound advertising strategy has proven to save up to 80% of lead generation costs for businesses when implemented with consistency over a long period of time.

Here at Content at Scale, the amount of content we publish and the quality of these posts are one of the biggest factors behind our incredible growth in the first quarter of 2023.

Our company started in September of 2022, and it’s been a wild ride since I joined in January of 2023. (See our full story here.)

I’m in awe at the collective power of our team, and it’s been easy to lend vision, support, leadership, and action towards our big goals.

In short – we get it done.

That’s why I’m delighted to present to you our very first report.

drumroll please…

Here’s our Q1 2023 in review. 💥

Q1 in Review: Summary

We did some serious work improving our pipeline, processes, and people.

When I came in, there was no content team. Josh (now COO) and Justin (founder, CEO) were somehow both wearing those hats. I don’t think they slept. But the blog also suffered – there were only 20 published posts. 😅

So my first order of business in January was to significantly accelerate our content production. I am, after all, a content marketer. When Justin shared with me his plan of reaching 100 published blogs per month on our small writing team of a mere two people, I saw the possibility only because of how much I believed in the software.

Content at Scale eliminates hours from the writing process. Hours. Because in minutes, you have a blog that looks this good. #StraightOuttaAI

We’re in crazy times. This strategy would have taken countless humans and hours of hair-pulling struggle to get them to acknowledge deadlines–but now, we can publish a crazy amount of good blogs per month to grow our domain authority, because of AI and Content at Scale.

So, because of our technology, this entire quarter with content was possible. 🤯

From day one, knowing this was our goal, I doubled-down on a strategy and execution to get there. Along the way, we found the right people for the processes I built – including Alyssa from Content Hacker, now Head of Content and helping me in the content trenches.

12x’ing Our Keyword Rankings at Content at Scale in ONE Quarter (Along with New Website and New App) 🤯

Well, we did it.

From January to March, we accomplished these remarkable feats:

  • From 20 to 110 published blogs (and 250 researched keywords in an Airtable queue)
  • Our AI detector reached a collective ranking of more than 478 keywords
  • Our site went from 165 to 1,951 keywords indexed in Google
  • Content at Scale 2.0 product and app went live
  • We went from a barebones logo and website to a fully new, rebranded look
  • Overall organic impressions grew from 600k/month to over 3M/month

In Q1, we witnessed a remarkable 12x increase in SEO keywords.

Need any other proof to say content works? 😜

SEO-geared blogging is absolutely the number one method to draw consistent traffic and bring in leads that will turn into buyers.

More than just a vehicle to express thoughts and opinions, blogging is a massive opportunity to connect with your audience and build and grow a solid following.

And–we proved that!

Thanks to a robust blogging strategy, we had over 300,000 users visit our website in March alone!

Since we ramped up our inbound marketing efforts at the start of the year, we have reached a whopping 5 million impressions.

Here’s how we did it month to month:

  • January: 116,000 clicks and 691,000 impressions
  • February: 132,000 clicks and 1.35 million impressions
  • March: 299,000 clicks and 3.02 million impressions

And we’re not done yet.

We’ve got over 100 AI-generated first drafts currently in editing and 200 keywords in the pipeline which should continue to boost our inbound traffic.

Of course, THE biggest factor contributing to our growth is the product itself.

Justin and team backed up this marketing by releasing the 2.0 version of the CaS app, and it’s packed with a combination of features that you won’t find in any AI writing software.

Content at Scale 1.0 was already the most sophisticated AI writing tool out there, with clients raving about its speed and quality writing.

But then our app development team decided to kick it up a notch and totally leave the competition in the dust.

The brand-new, cleaner, more intuitive UI is just the beginning. Clients now have more options for repurposing content, populating backlinks, beating AI detectors, and improving SEO scores.

Making Content at Scale a Living Content Case Study

Our in-house content production is in itself a living case study of how the Content at Scale app can help businesses scale their marketing efforts, with 99% of all content written exclusively by AI.

Thanks to our C.R.A.F.T. framework, we’ve written case studies, thought leadership pieces, training courses, and a complete content marketing playbook — complex content that no one ever thought was possible with AI.

I’m also hard at work with our video production team, pairing up all this written content with some serious YouTube goodness that Jeff, our Senior Producer, produces.

Every single Monday I sit down, outline, research, and film for hours.

This gets turned into supporting content for the blog as well.

Don’t miss any of our video content. Subscribe here.

content at scale youtube

Watch this recent ChatGPT vs. Content at Scale video to see just how indepth our video content gets:

Currently, even as President of Content at Scale, at least 60% of my week goes to content creation.

40% of my week is in meetings, leading trainings or guest speaking at events, and admin tasks (like answering emails and Slack). I try to keep the last one as minimal as possible and tucked within dedicated times, especially now more than ever since we have two producers and I’m going to keep them as busy as possible.

The trainings I lead are usually AIO adaption trainings, where I help agencies and marketers adapt to our new AIO process. And I love speaking on all things AI content. We’ll have a page coming soon where you can contact me for dedicated talks or podcast

This is how important I view it to remain a thought leader in this space, position our brand as not only a software and tool, but a real resource and educational destination for marketers and agencies wanting the best path forward in AI-assisted content production at scale.

Want to join the revolution?

Jump right in and watch your numbers grow through steady, consistent, HQ content production. True content at scale! 😉

Written by Julia McCoy

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