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Content at Scale Announces Our Pivot and Focus on RankWell® and Deep Research

Justin McGill
Monday, 25th Mar 2024
rankwell by content at scale

Back in September 2022, I launched Content at Scale with a goal of building my dream solution.

The one I as a long-time SEO would have killed for – a way to produce Google-friendly, SEO content #StraightOuttaAI…

Without the need to find, train and hire an army of writers, or to have to prompt AI a million times to try and get the output right.

(We’ve had the #StraightOuttaAI t-shirt slogan from the beginning.)

In the months to follow, our undetectable AI SEO writer took off faster than anything I’d ever built.

Today, with thousands of users, 50M words produced per month, we lead the market with a history of being one of the first in existence to create and sell undetectable AI content.

And now, this is a pivotal month for us as we launch a critical piece of our ongoing commitment to standing head-and-shoulders above the rest as a best-in-class SEO AI writer.

We’ve repositioned the entire website and app to focus on our proprietary SEO AI writer (trademarked under the name RankWell®).

And today, we announce the launch of Deep Research.

Our Commitment to Best-In-Class Humanlike AI SEO Writer

In November of 2023, we launched our Gen AI platform: it featured a supertrained chatbot named AIMEE, a simple editor and interface for rewrites, strategy help and short-form content; AI Blueprints, a prompt library, and AI Agents.

We also acquired the trademark for RankWell®, but applied the RankWell name to our proprietary SEO software tools – keyword research, topic clustering, optimization audits, content reports and topic briefs. The long-form, undetectable writer was buried inside what was the Content Producer.

Content at Scale’s new site launched that November, and the core focus of the site became three technology suites.

We lost focus of our core product for a couple months.

Today, we’re getting back to the core of why our power users (SEO marketers, website owners, and sustainable traffic builders) choose Content at Scale:

The long-form, undetectable SEO AI writer that changed the game from the very beginning.

RankWell® is now the naming convention for the long-form writer and all the SEO bells and whistles that go alongside it.

It’s also our revamped focus on the Content at Scale homepage.

And we’re making Rankwell itself (our undetectable AI writer) 10x better, with a feature that doesn’t get a shiny new button but simply shows up in the higher quality output you’ll now receive after you prompt Content at Scale’s AI SEO writer with a single keyword, video URL, audio file, podcast URL, or raw document:

Deep Research.

StraightOuttaAI, this article named the add-on involved in the WordPress site builder backdoor scandal correctly; found, attributed, and added the apology from the correct developer; without ANY human editing! (Generated March 22, 2024 from RankWell®)

Here’s what our new feature, Deep Research, is all about.

  • We’ve cultivated the deepest research process you’ll find in any AI article writer: we’ve built a deeper real-time crawling process that goes into top ranking content, news articles, social content, and everything that surrounds a given topic – as a fundamental step that’s new to our process.
  • Deep Research builds a custom database for every blog post, before our AI begins to generate the content. That custom database can span hundreds if not thousands of pages. Then, we go deep to find the meat–the best statements, the best resources–to pull from. All this is now done for every single blog post being written on our platform, and it’s done in real-time.
  • In the next step, the writing generation processes, we’ve stacked multiple LLMs (this has always been true) to get the best output; our new launch includes a more deeply fine-tuning, tested, and advanced process to find the BEST purpose between LLMs to generate the most undetectable, humanlike, fluff-free writing.

Some of the benefits you can expect with RankWell®’s Deep Research process:

  • We tap into NLP and semantic analysis to know not only what keywords and how often to mention them, but WHERE in the articles they need to be.
  • We find actual citations and sources for linking of claims with natural anchor text that will link to that source.
  • We’ve set up processes that eliminate hallucinations and fluff in the text output.

Use Deep Research Today and Rank Well with RankWell®

See RankWell® and Deep Research in action in this walkthrough from our President, Julia McCoy:

Deep Research as a feature is available to all of our Content at Scale users – our AI Director, Jeff Joyce, and lead developer Kamran are currently fine-tuning the processes.

When you login and generate a post, you’ll see our deeper process at work in the output #StraightOuttaAI.

Building the Dream Continues: We’re Committed to Your Success

At the beginning of all of this, I had a simple wish.

Make content easy.

AI made the route to this dream possible–and we were the first to stack LLMs in a way that generated humanlike, undetectable content combined with a long-form writer all in one go.

Our long-form AI SEO writer, RankWell®, makes content easy. And it’s the kind of content that used to be anything but easy, till now.

Long-form, 2,000+ word, good SEO articles that used to take hours, weeks, months of work… where you’d have to go and find a writer, headhunt, hire and train them… then hope the deliverable was good. Or, prompt AI a bajillion times and try to rely on a single LLM or low-class API-call-branded-as-an-AI-writer to try to do the job.

We solved that, at Content at Scale.

And our AI Detector, with hundreds of thousands of visits every month, is one of the top ones in the market today used by marketers, professionals, writers, teachers and students.

It’s a great thing to be able to see a dream through.

And that’s what we’re doing, at Content at Scale. We’ve got the dream team, and we’re making it happen.

I’m thrilled to announce our release of Deep Research and all-in focus on RankWell®.

Ready to join the AI content revolution? Get started now with our 7-day trial for just $15.

Written by Justin McGill

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