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How Mickey Anderson Reduced 80% of Campaign Creation Time with Content at Scale [AI Content Case Study]

Julia McCoy
Wednesday, 12th Apr 2023
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Customer: Mickey Anderson, The Marketing Closer

Results: Reduced campaign creation time by 80% and cut down content team by two-thirds

Customer: Mickey Anderson, a.k.a. The Marketing Closer

Mickey Anderson, also known as The Marketing Closer, specializes in creating 90-day marketing campaigns that increase retention, generate consistent referrals, and maximize revenue — all without having to pay for ads.

As a campaign strategist and conversion optimization specialist, she helps clients convert more high-value leads who stay longer, spend more, and become advocates for a brand.

As a consultant for over 40 SMEs and enterprises, Mickey has generated over $7 million in revenue for her clients in 2022 alone.

I had the chance to sit down with her at DigitalMarketers’ Training Day in Austin, Texas, March 2023 and ask her to share her experience using Content at Scale. The results she shared were mindblowing! Listen in here:

Goal: Reduce The Amount of Time in Creating Marketing Campaigns

As any marketer knows, creating content that converts requires long hours of brainstorming ideas, creating a blog outline, researching topics, and actually writing the article.

And that’s just the text part.

You also have to find or draw images, embed videos, and add other interactive elements to make your post look good.

Content creation makes up the bulk of the work when running a marketing campaign, as seen in the graphic below.


Writing original content is a very manual process that takes a great deal of time, which is why Mickey had to maintain three writers on her team to do the job.

But here’s the biggest challenge: writers are hard to find, hard to train, and even harder to keep on project timelines.

For each client, Mickey creates a 90-day marketing campaign that includes done-for-you blogs every week. Her team would spend hours creating just the outline of blog posts!

Mickey needed a way to speed up the writing process to reduce the workload while also improving the writing quality.

Solution: Reduce Content Creation Time Through Automation

Writing content has three parts: creating an outline, writing the first draft, and editing the final output.

Mickey’s team understands the importance of creating a good blog post outline. The backbone of every piece of content, the blog outline enables you to organize your thoughts and make sure your headers and paragraphs flow in a logical sequence. It also helps keep you focused while you write so you don’t go off-topic.

But manually writing down ideas and researching what to put in each section can be time-consuming. When Mickey tried Content at Scale, her team was able to generate a complete blog outline within minutes — saving them up to 10 hours of work per week!

Here’s how the app works.

When you start a writing project on Content at Scale, the app will prompt you to input a target keyword, choose your preferred word count, and tell the AI how you want it to write your blog post.


Click the Customize button to see the blog post outline that the AI created for you based on your keyword. If you are not happy with the order, you can move sections up or down or even add a custom header by clicking the + icon.


If everything looks good, just click Create Content Now and the AI will start writing your first draft.

This is another step in the content writing process that takes hours when done manually — which Mickey’s team accomplished in just a few minutes!

When your article is ready, you can now proceed to the final step: editing and optimizing. The first draft is almost publish-ready but in case the AI missed anything or you want to add a personal touch to your blog posts, you can edit all the elements of your content including the title, meta description, body copy, and images.


Plus you’ll get an optimization guide where you can see related keywords, how many times you used them, and how many times they should appear to get a healthy ranking on Google. Green means good, yellow means could be improved, and orange means poor.

Another app feature that has truly helped Mickey’s team cut down their workload is the SEO checklist that displays all the elements you need to add to your page to improve its SEO score. Look for the red x marks to see which ones need more work and make changes accordingly.


Give your article a final run-through, choose Publish from the status dropdown, and your article automatically goes live on WordPress. Mickey’s team took around two hours to complete the entire process from creating a blog outline to publishing.

After generating a few blog posts with AI, Mickey was blown away by the speed and quality of Content at Scale. She was able to cut her campaign creation time by a whopping 80% while also reducing costs with less manpower.

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Content at Scale has been a real game-changer for Mickey’s consulting business. Since she started subscribing to the app:

  • She now has only 1 writer instead of 3 on her team, resulting in a reduction of over 60% in labor costs.
  • She is now saving 5-10 hours per week in creating blog outlines and writing first drafts.
  • Her writer now spends around 2 hours editing and optimizing each AI-generated blog post instead of 5+ hours writing from scratch.
  • She has reduced her overall workload by 30%.
  • She has increased her profit margins by over 30% — per project!

Content at Scale has not only made an impact on Mickey’s business but on her clients’ as well. They are blown away at how much faster Mickey and her team can deliver projects with the help of AI.

Cut Down Your Workload by 80% with Content at Scale

Generating high-quality content is a critical part of any marketing plan. By automating content creation and streamlining your workflow, you can save a lot of time brainstorming, writing, and editing content while still achieving great results.

This is how Mickey is able to serve her clients better. Thanks to Content at Scale, her productivity is now off the charts! Embracing technology has allowed her to generate top-notch content quickly — so she can help more businesses roll out campaigns that convert.

Written by Julia McCoy

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