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How Rhino Rank Executes 6 Months Worth of Content in 1/4 The Time

Julia McCoy
Thursday, 27th Jun 2024
RhinoRank customer success story with content at scale


Customer: Rhino Rank

Results: Executed 6 months’ worth of content in just a quarter of the time with Content at Scale

Customer: Rhino Rank, a Global Link-Building Agency

The fastest-growing link-building agency in the UK and US, Rhino Rank specializes solely in link building so clients gain access to experts fluent in this particular field of SEO.

Based in Shrewsbury, England, the 42-strong Rhino Rank team builds a whopping 120,000+ curated links every year for more than 2,500 businesses and SEOs worldwide.

The beauty of being in the SEO link-building business is that it’s for everybody. Rhino Rank has probably worked in every industry in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Mexico, and any country you’re from.

Rhino Rank serves agencies, freelancers, and businesses in the travel, insurance, finance, health, beauty, and lifestyle niches just to name a few. They even cater to some of the more obscure ones like the CBD/cannabis industry, the gambling industry, the adult industry, and other areas that most SEOs are afraid to touch.

Rhino Rank excels at offering white-label solutions — and has made its mark as the most cost-efficient vendor for businesses.

Although link-building is a manual process, Rhino Rank manages to build 120,000 links a year–that’s 300 a day!

The team carefully vets potential referring domains, ensuring that each link is a quality link from a good source. This focus on detail is crucial in today’s SEO landscape because one wrong link can be detrimental to months of hard work.

Goal: Take The Rhino Rank Brand to New Heights With Content Marketing

For the first six years, Rhino Rank grew just from word-of-mouth recommendations without doing any marketing. But now they’re ready to go full swing and take their brand to new heights.

Rhino Rank is not your typical jack-of-all-trades agency. They simply focus on one thing — link-building — and they do it very well, which is why they have a high client retention rate.

From a marketing perspective, this is what they want to build their brand around. They want to be able to tell business owners and agencies that people who come work with them do stick around for a very long time.

Some of Rhino Rank’s clients have been with them since day pne and are still relying on their services going into seven years later. That is how well their links work.

Solution: Ramp Up Content with AI

Rhino Rank is now using AI tools, including Content at Scale, for:

  • Structuring its internal content plans
  • Researching ranking data in real time
  • Researching keywords in real time
  • Publishing content on their own website

All these tasks are time-consuming and are almost impossible to cram in a day’s work.

Thanks to AI, Rhino Rank now has a foundation it can build on to produce more high-quality content that resonates with users’ needs and interests — without taking hours and hours every single week.

What does Rhino Rank’s content marketing process look like?

  1. Do initial keyword research.
  2. Pick a seed keyword with low difficulty or in an untapped market.
  3. Build content around that keyword.
  4. Use AI-generated content as a starting point.

From there, Rhino Rank adds its branding, promotes its link-building service, and integrates its unique perspective — essentially making AI content its own.

That’s how you get those rankings.

Because if everybody uses the same AI tool, and doesn’t add any personal involvement in the output, they will sound like everyone else.

AI is amazing but it needs that personal touch to be able to resonate with real people.

Content at Scale’s output is already very good straight out of AI but that extra human touch is what makes it special.

It’s important to note that Rhino Rank always edits its AI content. These edits may include some format changes or nuance tweaks as different brands have different ways of articulating themselves.

And since AI is not perfect, fact-checking is important as well. Rhino Rank will never publish an article that’s not worth of putting its name to it.

Results: Execute 6 Months’ Worth of Content in Just a Quarter of The Time, While Ranking at the Top of Google

What Content at Scale RankWell® suite has done for Rhino Rank long-term is save a substantial amount of time.

While they still do manual research, SERP analysis, competitive analysis, and keyword gap analysis, they combine all that with Content at Scale’s AI-powered keyword research tool — which has become a huge time saver!

As wonderful as the human brain is, it cannot match the processing power of AI.

Content at Scale has also helped Rhino Rank produce more content, specifically creating a content schedule for the next six months.

Instead of having to sit down one day a week, sucking a lot of time and resources, just to fully concentrate on content, Rhino Rank was able to plan and execute six full months’ worth of content in just a quarter of the time.

Best of all, Content at Scale has pushed Rhino Rank to the top of Google. It has a perfect index rate, it can reach different target markets, and it continues to rank well for its chosen keywords.

Rhino Rank also uses Content at Scale’s output to build internal links to its services and product pages, which further boosts its ranking.

Produce More Content in Less Time with Content at Scale

Rhino Rank is currently using Content at Scale to produce content for its company blog but plans to expand that to product promotion, social media posts, and repurposing long-form content into shorter, bite-size pieces.

A final word from Rhino Rank’s Jack Johnson:

“If you’re going to use AI tools like Content at Scale, make sure there’s a human element in your output. Instead of looking at AI as some shiny new tool that will save you a whole lot of time — and money — consider if it’s going to actually help your brand, improve what your human team is already putting out there, and develop and grow your business.”

Written by Julia McCoy

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