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How Joe Added $10k Monthly and Earned $1M for 1 Client & 1 Keyword

Julia McCoy
Wednesday, 28th Jun 2023
joe crivello-sorensen case study


Customer: Joe Crivello-Sorensen, Top Click Joe

Service used: Agency plan

Results: Added $10,000 in revenue monthly selling Content at Scale AIO content to just 5% of his client base, and helped a client earn $1M from just 1 keyword

Customer: Joe Crivello-Sorensen, CEO of Top Click Joe

Joe Crivello-Sorensen has been a business owner since 1989. Together with his wife, he ran a restoration company in Colorado Springs for 27 years while doing all the marketing himself.

Having been in the industry for close to three decades, Joe is an OG in his niche. He has worked with carpet cleaners, plumbers, and just about everyone in the water/fire/mold restoration industry. He even teaches people all over the world how to remove odors from cigarette smoke, pet waste, cooking, mold/mildew, and even skunks using chlorine dioxide which he sells as well.

Building a huge network of clients turned out to be a big advantage when Joe decided to sell his restoration company in 2015 and pivot to online marketing.

As a consultant, Joe was able to share his experience turning his small company into a $10 million enterprise. He earns around $200,000 every time he trains a startup in the industry.

And as the founder of and Top Click Joe, he’s been instrumental in helping numerous businesses enhance their online presence. 

Now Joe Crivello-Sorensen is a digital marketing rockstar who adds $10,000 monthly to his revenue stream by selling Content at Scale AIO Content to just 5% of his client base.

Goal: Get Clients to Google Page One by Scaling Content

Joe loves helping people in his industry. He wants them to succeed just like he did, but unfortunately, some areas are just too competitive — especially a niche like water damage restoration.

To help, Joe began offering online marketing services such as:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook organic posts
  • Google business profile posts and optimization
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Web hosting
  • Web development
  • Web management and optimization
  • Complete website audit
  • Complete SEO audit
  • Complete Google Business Profile audit
  • Private consultation
  • White Label Program

What’s missing from this list?

Content marketing.

Yes, Joe has built websites. He knows what a great headline looks like because he’s a good marketer. But he can’t write long-form content. He admits it would take him a month to write one complete blog post.

So while he focused on on-page SEO, technical SEO, and other stuff, he did not do a lot of content… 

Until Content at Scale changed his whole strategy.

Solution: Build a Team and Strategy Around the Content at Scale AIO Model

Last November on Black Friday, Joe bought a year-long Jasper subscription to help him write his blog posts.

But then, a few months later in March, he discovered Content at Scale. At first, Joe was cautious because he was already paying for Jasper, so he signed up for a trial run of 5 blog posts. He was immediately blown away! Joe could not believe how much output — and how well — Content at Scale could deliver.

Three months in, Joe is now on the highest Content at Scale plan publishing 120 posts each month. He even asked our President, Julia McCoy, to consider offering something bigger than the Agency plan to meet the growing needs of Top Click Joe and

So how does Joe do it?

Simple: Just follow the Content at Scale AIO model.

aio model

How Joe’s Team Crafts Content with Content at Scale

Joe particularly emphasizes the importance of keyword research. Without the right keywords, you’ll just have random, irrelevant H2s in your content. You’ve got to know what people are searching for to get your content to rank well.

Joe’s SEO team was already good at that, and with the arrival of Content at Scale, the work just became much easier.

Building out his team, Joe got his first hire — a Google ad specialist — from a job platform in the Philippines that hosts over 3 million applicants. Now he just lets his team members do the hiring for him. They find people that they know and like to work with, which eliminates a lot of headaches down the line.

All of his AIO writers were trained by one AIO specialist using the CRAFT training videos. And they all love Alyssa! 

As Head of Content at Content at Scale, Alyssa has been creating one CRAFT tutorial video each week to help agencies learn not only how to use the app, but more importantly, how to make AI-generated content look good to readers and search engines alike.

Joe pays his writers $10 per blog post, which translates to $5 per hour with AIO taking roughly two hours to complete.

At the end of each month, Joe rewards them with a $200 bonus if they are able to publish 80 well-written blogs.

When creating content, Joe is big on originality. They don’t use stock photos but create original images on Canva instead.

He also loves pillar content. One of his AIO writers, who’s been with him for all of two weeks, was able to create pillar content with Content at Scale. This pillar page for the keyword “plumbers near me” has a total of 13,454 words and 30 H2s — which translates to 30 more blog posts with a total of 100,000 words.

It’s just impossible to do all that without AI software.

Now that client has climbed the SERPs from Page 50 all the way to Page One!

Here’s the client currently sitting at #4 in the “plumber for pipe burst” organic search results.

And at #5 for “emergency plumber.”

And #5 for “emergency plumbers near me” — one of the biggest search terms in this industry.

From an SEO perspective, Content at Scale is great at creating content that ranks pretty well even without backlinks.

Following the Content at Scale Agency model, Joe offers a $2,500 package where the client gets 12 blog posts a month. But then he throws in more goodies — Google ads, Facebook ads, and a Google business profile. There aren’t a lot of agencies doing all that for that price!

It’s just unbelievable how Content at Scale makes this all easy. You can enter a specific long-tail keyword or go to Google, find the highest-ranking content, put that URL into the system, and wait 10 minutes for a fresh, well-written blog post.

Joe’s team of writers goes through each AI-generated blog post to make sure they have a high SEO score, they read well, and they include a personal touch before they go live. And they learned all that from Julia McCoy’s CRAFT framework.

aio craft

Want to learn every step involved in our C.R.A.F.T. framework? You’re in the right place. To learn more about AIO and C.R.A.F.T, read our individual guides:

Additionally, subscribe to our blog, watch our C.R.A.F.T. and AIO tutorials on our YouTube channel, and read this blog to understand the AIO model.

The beauty of using Content at Scale is that everything is laid out for you. Joe makes it mandatory for his writers to watch all of the videos at Content at Scale so he doesn’t have to train them anymore.

Although he still uses Jasper for small writing jobs, Joe canceled his Surfer SEO subscription since Content at Scale added the same functionality when it launched Content at Scale 2.0. There’s no point paying for two things when you’ve already got one that does both.

Everything is in one place and that’s saving Joe money every month. It also makes things simpler.

Joe schedules his blog posts ahead of time so even if a writer gets sick or needs a vacation, they’re always a week or two ahead with their blog posts.

Results: Added $10,200 in Monthly Revenue While Helping a Client Close a $1M Deal in Two Weeks

Since using Content at Scale, Joe Crivello-Sorensen has increased his company revenue by $10,200 per month. And this is just from 15 of his 237 clients! The rest are still in the pipeline — which is why he signed up for more Content at Scale plans.

One of Joe’s biggest success stories is that of his good friend Greg Lewis.

By creating pillar content with Content at Scale, Joe was able to help Greg bring in $1M in under two weeks!

Here is Tier Restoration’s amazing story:

Greg has been Joe’s client for five years. When Joe discovered Content at Scale, he immediately sold Greg the idea of ramping up his online content marketing. They set up a new pillar page and published several Content at Scale blogs around the keyword “Water Damage Restoration Nashville.”

tier restoration pillar page

Here are some of the blog posts created by Content at Scale to help rank the Water Damage Restoration Nashville pillar page:

Around December, a huge freeze swept through the US and, as expected, pipes were bursting all over town.

Tennessee was caught totally unprepared for those two sub-zero days after Christmas.

The next day, Greg started getting calls. Some jobs were referred by plumbers from his network, while others came from as far as New York where a property manager called about a 16-unit apartment complex in Tennessee that had frozen over.

Greg scored half a million dollars in flood jobs from those calls, all thanks to the optimization of his website.

Half a million bucks in one week!

And now Greg is getting invites from business groups where companies do hundred-million-dollar jobs a year. These are big restoration companies that travel around the country to deal with the aftermath of hurricanes.

That Content at Scale optimization project that Joe did for Greg back in December? It has opened doors way beyond those initial calls and could be worth $100 million.

With such a huge return on investment, Joe doesn’t even have to sell his services. His $2,500 AIO package is just small change to commercial restoration companies that take on multi-million-dollar jobs.

Bring in More Revenue While Helping Clients in Your Industry 

Joe Crivello-Sorensen, a high school dropout who types with one finger, is killing it and getting clients to pay him the kind of money they’re paying because he has the right tool and the right team.

Want to add $10k monthly to your revenue? Joe did it by scaling and selling content to just 5% of his client base – and you can too! Find out how to get started with Content at Scale, and check out our free resources for training your writing team to become AIO-ers — artificial intelligence optimizers:

Free Resources to Train Your Writers into AIO

I’ve been personally training agency owners and teams and helping them convert to the AIO way. Want these? You’re in luck – we’re giving them away.

Free Guide

First, I wrote a full guide – a writer’s worksprint, links to our best tutorials and training, and even a job description template if you want to find an AIO writer.

Want this incredible resource? It’s called the AIO Writer’s Worksprint. Download now for free.

Free Step-by-Step AIO CRAFT Writer’s Training Course

Additionally, after months of putting AIO and C.R.A.F.T. into action (over 40M words are produced each month by our users at Content at Scale, and our Done-for-You client side is another 500,000 words/month! Talk about AIO at scale 🤯 ) – we put together a step-by-step AIO C.R.A.F.T. tutorial.

Ideal for you, your writers, and any content creator ready to adapt to the CRAFT methodology and the AIO way.


New to the idea of AIO and CRAFT? Read this to understand the innovation behind AIO. 

Want a written guide that has all the CRAFT steps from the YouTube video? Your wish is our content command. Step-by-step AIO writing tutorial, blog version.

Written by Julia McCoy

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