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Nancy Ruiz at Truth & Brand AIO Case Study: +$150,000/Year in Revenue By Automating Content Creation

Julia McCoy
Wednesday, 29th Mar 2023
nancy ruiz AIO case study


Client: Truth & Brand by Nancy Ruiz, founder | Marketing Agency

Service Used: Solo plan

Results: Truth & Brand will add $150,000 per year in annual revenue

Customer: Nancy Ruiz at Truth & Brand

Truth & Brand is a marketing agency that helps clients with SEO, branding, and content marketing. Summarizing its services as ‘digital marketing for the adventurous’, the marketing agency also audits websites and other marketing channels for clients.

AI content case study


Truth & Brand is a one-person agency run by Nancy Ruiz. Nancy worked in corporate communications for 10 years before she changed to digital marketing. Showing the depth of her experience, Nancy says Facebook wasn’t even around when she started in digital marketing.

Nancy sat down for a live AIO training and onboarding with the creator of the AIO model herself, Content at Scale’s President Julia McCoy. Watch now: 👇


The AIO approach uses the draft that the Content at Scale AI generates as the baseline. Then either Nancy or a writer she hires takes that draft and polishes and optimizes it using the CRAFT framework, again developed here at Content at Scale. 

Goal: Diversify Revenue Sources and Grow Income

Nancy Ruiz would like to optimize her business processes and leverage her wide experience to grow her income. Currently, Truth & Brand has 10 clients. So as a one-person operation, Nancy is doing well. The problem, or is it the opportunity, for Nancy is she could be doing a lot better.

The way Nancy operates her business is that she onboards clients and coaches them on how to do their digital marketing. She could be doing most of the work herself and charging for her time, but as a mother to a special needs child, she only has so much time to devote to her business.

One area of her business that Nancy would like to improve and squeeze more juice out of is content marketing. Currently, Truth & Brand does not offer content writing services. Nancy gives her clients a roadmap of what they should write based on the keywords she would have researched. 

The clients then go and write the content. Nancy will take that content, edit it, and polish it for publishing. So, right there is the problem/opportunity for Truth & Brand. Nancy is practically leaving money on the table by not doing the content creation and publishing and charging for it.

Nancy Ruiz admits that she even turns away potential clients because of fear she would be over-extending herself.

Solution: Automate Content Creation

What Nancy needed is a way to offer content creation services that would not take too much of her time. In other words, Nancy wants to add content creation to her suite of services but without the stress of managing a team of writers.

Essentially, Nancy needs to automate content creation. She has found a way of doing that with the Content at Scale AI writer. The long-form AI writer is designed for people just like Nancy Ruiz – marketing agency owners who would want to scale the content side of their businesses but without: 

  • The huge overhead professional writers come with.
  • The stress and logistical challenge of managing a team of writers.
  • The constant back-and-forth communication and the considerable expense of hiring a writing agency.

As a communications purist who values hardy, good-quality content, Nancy would only be happy offering content creation services if she knows that her content would be of the highest quality.

Set High Standards for AI Content Quality with the AIO Model

Nancy Ruiz has been in the communications and marketing fields for over 20 years. She is used to creating content the traditional way – keyword research, SERP analysis, manually writing the draft, editing, drafting headlines and A/B testing them…

All these steps are done separately and can take days depending on the complexity of the project.

At first, Nancy was a little hesitant about using AI to automate the writing part, in particular. She would have heard all about the quality issues that dog AI content created using tools like ChatGPT.

Thankfully, with the Content at Scale AI writer, Nancy can expect much better content quality – like whole, SEO-optimized blog posts complete with: 

  • Metadata
  • Table of contents
  • Click-to-tweet links
  • Key takeaway boxes


That blog post would be good to publish after a quick review. But ‘good enough’ does not quite cut it for people like Nancy who value good-quality, durable content. It’s for people like that we created the AIO model that establishes an AI-powered process for producing quality content at scale.

An Entire Package of AIO Resources to Get Writers Properly Set Up

Freelance writers, small business owners who blog, and agency owners like Nancy are literally pioneers of the AIO model that we see as the benchmark for the future of content creation. To help them quickly set up and start creating content quickly, we have developed an entire suite of free AIO training resources:

Free Resources to Train Your Writers into AIO

I’ve been personally training agency owners and teams and helping them convert to the AIO way. Want these? You’re in luck – we’re giving them away.

Free Guide

We put together a full guide for AIO’s – an AIO writer’s worksprint, a job template to hire and find yours, links to our best tutorials and training, and more.

Want this awesome resource? It’s called the AIO Writer’s Worksprint. Download now for free.

Free Step-by-Step AIO Training Course

Additionally, after months of putting AIO and C.R.A.F.T. into action (over 40M words are produced each month by our users at Content at Scale, and our Done-for-You client side is another 500,000 words/month! Talk about AIO at scale 🤯 ) – we put together a step-by-step AIO C.R.A.F.T. tutorial.

Ideal for you, your writers, and any content creator ready to adapt to the CRAFT methodology and the AIO way.


New to the idea of AIO and CRAFT? Read this to understand the innovation behind AIO. 

Want a written guide that has all the CRAFT steps from the YouTube video? Your wish is our content command. Step-by-step AIO writing tutorial, blog version. 

Whether it is her or a writer she hires, Nancy should spend no more than two hours optimizing and polishing her AI drafts using the CRAFT framework. This drops the cost of the content tremendously, as it does the time. A human writer would typically spend a whole working day on one piece of content.

The actual writing process – generating the draft – takes 4 minutes on average with Content at Scale. So you are layering the human writer on top of that, shaving as much as 6 hours from the process.

The AIO model brings down the cost of creating content by 4 times. But we figure that you can bring the cost down even further as you streamline your process and improve your knowledge of your subject matter.

Results: Truth & Brand Will Add $150,000 Per Year to its Revenue

The plan of action for Nancy is to hire an entry-level writer at $17/hr and then use Content at Scale’s free AIO training resources to get them up to speed with the AI writing software and AIO writing process.

At the baseline of 3 hours per article, the cost for the writer would be $51 per article. With that worked out, Nancy would design a content marketing package of 12 articles per month (three articles published per week). The cost for the writer will total $612 per month.

If Nancy signs up for the Solo plan, the 50 articles it comes with would allow Truth & Brand to serve the content marketing package to 4 clients per month. 

The cost per blog post on the Solo plan works out to $20. With that, the writing software’s cost for the content marketing package would be $240 ($20 multiplied by 12 articles). Let’s see how that works out per package:

  • AI writing software cost – $240
  • AIO writer cost – $612
Total cost of the content marketing package – $852

So how much would Nancy sell this package for?

To her charge for content creation, Nancy should also add keyword research, Google Search Console tracking, and analysis. These are services she already offers that would sweeten the offer.

Truth & Brand could realistically sell the content marketing package for $2,500. Multiply that by the 4 clients she could create content for under the Solo plan with Content at Scale and Nancy will be looking at monthly revenue of $12,500.

$2,500 (price for the package) X 4 clients = $12,500 in revenue per month. 

That’s $150,000 per year added to Truth & Brand’s revenue.

Taking out the cost of her own time and other costs, Nancy should be guaranteed at least a 50% net margin.

The Joys of Using Content at Scale to – Well, Scale Without Breaking

Nancy Ruiz can add $150,000 to her business income per year literally without breaking a sweat. This plan is totally scalable too, without even adding another writer. 

At 12 articles per month, Nancy’s AIO writer would only need 36 hours of work, which is just 9 hours a week. If the writer worked full-time hours and Nancy upgraded her plan with Content At Scale to 100 blog posts per month, Truth & Brand would be able to add 4 more clients, doubling her yearly income in the process.

What adding content creation services and automating that part of her business does to Nancy is assigning low-level work to AI leaving her the time to focus on high-level tasks like strategy and finding clients (if she needs to). 

And it’s that grunt work that will bump her revenue, seeing that she will not be doing much else than she already doing. It’s the AI that will be doing the actual heavy lifting

Nancy has the intellectual capital and experience to wildly scale her revenue without over-extending herself. What she needs and will now have are the tools – the Content at Scale AI writer and the AIO model. And by connecting with Julia and our amazing team, she’s got both. Win, win! ❤️

Written by Julia McCoy

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