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Content Hacker Is Now Live! See What This Educational Resource Includes.

Chris Velasco
Monday, 6th Nov 2023
Julia McCoy
5 min read · Jan 11 2022

The content hacker brand has undergone a complete facelift and re-imagining. It is transitioning from being centered around a single person to becoming a community and resource for marketers who want to learn profitable content creation using AI tools and techniques.

The goal is to provide guidance and live support to marketers needing to re-skill as AI transforms the workforce. With 300 million jobs expected to be impacted by AI, 1.4 billion people will need to adapt. Content Hacker aims to help people navigate this new landscape.

The community will be industry-agnostic, bringing together anyone interested in using AI to develop high-quality, profitable content. It will offer a signature course, live events, weekly calls, and more.

The AO Blogger course teaches how to leverage AI to build an audience and business through blogging. It covers content strategy, monetization, hiring writers, and more. Members also get access to two free certifications on AI writing and agency management.

A major focus is on community support. There will be weekly orientations, expert sessions, masterminds with the founder, and opportunities to get feedback through “content shredding.” Wellness and mental health will also be addressed.

The first live event Content Hacker Live ’24 will happen in March 2024. It will inspire through speakers like Elena Cardone and provide tactical sessions on applying AI. The goal is to bring together people interested in using AI ethically to create content that matters.

Whether taking the course, joining the community, or attending the live event, Content Hacker aims to guide people in profitably creating content in the age of AI. The new offerings provide training, resources, and support to embrace the future without losing the human touch.


Written by Chris Velasco

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